APRIL 6, 1998
Goo Goo Dolls perform their hit "Iris"
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CARSON: You've brought a string section with you today. How does the string section make the music different for you?

GOO GOO DOLLS: It's always sad and makes things appear larger than life.
CARSON: What's your take on the organized concerts like Lollapalooza?

GOO GOO DOLLS: They haven't reflected what is currently going on. There's a lot of hassle involved because your set gets cut short. The organized tours don't give the artists full control of what they want to do.
CARSON: How did you get involved with the City of Angels soundtrack?

GOO GOO DOLLS: Our manager, Pat, asked us to write a song. I picked up a guitar and it flowed out easily, which was surprising because it usually takes forever to write. There's a different version of the song "Iris" in the movie. The director felt our version was too aggressive.
CARSON: What will your new stuff sound like?

GOO GOO DOLLS: We want to push the walls out with what we're doing. It just happens and you don't know why but then you can make up really elaborate explanations about it once it is done.

[2.4MB QuickTime]