A thank you card is being created for the Goos from the fans to show our appreciation for everything they do for us�The Daily Goo, their concerts, signing autographs & photos taken, etc, etc!!We need your thank you messages for the card!!Here�s how to get your thank you to the Goos included on the card:

��������� *Give your thank you in 30 words or less

��������� *E-mail your thank you to one of the following e-mail addresses

with �Thank you� as the subject:

��������� ��������� [email protected] OR [email protected]

��������� *Your message MUST BE sent by 11/15/00!!


The thank you messages will be put together in a collage on a big thank you card which will be sent directly to the Goos.So, c�mon, start typing and hit your �send� button!!���

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