Since Launch is an Interactive thing there are really no questions asked..there are categories you click on and then see the guys Responses. :) So some of this may not make a lot of sense..or maybe hard..but Im just telling it like it is!!!

At the begining Johhny says that he hates people that are "into you because of what you are" "you know I'm a guy I just do what I do, and being compared to the Replacements is fine because its better then being compared to someone like Winger or something..." *giggles*

~Slide Performance~ (From the Phoenix show)..only thing really interesting is in the middle at that pause he says ...."ooooooh fuck it!!!!!!"

*JOHN* "When I have to tell someone the name of my band...Im generally pretty embaressed I think its the stupidest name Ive ever heard in my life I dunno how it happened i dunno why it happened..its the bain? of my existence...
*ROBBY* "What does it mean?? I dunno Where did it come from ?? I dunno..We have said everything... from it being a Viet Kong mine that blew your nuts off...Like that was the name for it.. like we have said eveyrthing we could possibly think of...It was a toy..when we were basically a speed metal punk band you know we thought was funny then he makes this werid noise like *deh deh deh*...I mean it was funny...but it gets to a point just doesnt fit anymore.."
*MIKE* (yes he actually talks here..and hes "I think names of band sorta become okay once people know the band..i mean theres all sorts of silly names you dont think are that silly..I mean what do people think of the Beatles? thats a pretty silly name if you think about it..."

*Mike * " I think slide turned out...really great..I was really happy..there were a lot of little things that went on in the bacground when we were mixing that one..It was weeding through that ..till it sounded right...That was kind alike a pleasant surprise...because we were really tentative about how its gonna come out"
*John* " I never aimed for any big commercial sucess know how hard it is to write a hit song?I mean its like If i knew the formula.i would do it...and be incrediblly rich right now.."
*Robby* "John pushes himself, a lot harder than I do at everything in life and hes a really driven guy you know? and I have always sorta been just about the Pop song you know??"

*John*.."I always wish I was a better singer..I wanted to be a better singer...I wish i was a better guitar an actual guy that knows how to play, I mean I do my own thing but as far as techinically. like my Guitar tech blows me away I'll come in at soundcheck and it just blows me stop making me look bad man.."
*Robby* "You know who we are??? Getta outta here man!! I dont think we have that thangl..that a band that gets a deal has.. writes a hit and you know the next day they have girls pounding on their limosine windows..I mean we had cops banging on our van because we were sleeping at a dead end street"
*Mike* " Most of the bands I have played in were pretty straight ahead. Ironically..the band that I played in covered Goo Goo Dolls song, and I think its great that I ended up in a situation, where thats the kind of stuff I like to do"

THE ARTISTRY *showing their tatoos..*
*John* " My tattoo was done by a guy named Randy Howell and its a Picasso painting called the dream,,,and I like it because she looks like shes "enjoying herself" *Laugh*
*Robby* Thats some angesl *points to leg* and thats a bug..I get these when important things happen to me..and thats a space age version of my chickee!
*Mike* "No tattoos *laughs* Im lame"

*Mike* "Robby's stuff is more sortive manic...Basically you have to push it harder..I think of them in two different ways when we do Robby's stuff I kinda play along and bring everyone with me ..where with Johnnys stuff..I kinda sit back and let one in the pocket and get a groove thing going on"
*John* " People dont realize that we have always had slow songs or ballads..or whatever on everyone of our records and thats only one component of what we do as aband and most of the other things we do are kinda hard rock and roll songs"
*Robby* " I think the guys in the Ramones tshirts with their red suspenders and boots on from 1978 think our first record was a masterpiece and everything since has been dowhill and thats an opinion..and I dunno once again you have to be happy with the records that you make....I mean Im sorry if we lost them..we didnt mean to"