Since having a worldwide Number 1 hit with "Iris", the Goo Goo Dolls spend their
 lives in fancy-schmancy hotels and stretch limos, we guess. They were in just 
this circumstance when they took on the Pick A Card challenge, where they were 
actually asked questions other than "How rich are you?"

Instead vocalist John Rzeznik, bass player Robby Takac, and drummer Mike Malinin 
faced the tough questions like - "Have you ever worn your pajamas up the 
road to buy milk?"

Have you ever been arrested?

John: Yeah, so has he. Just for stupid [email protected]#t y'know?

Robby: Vagrancy, stuff like that. If you don't have $18 to your name, they can 
give you a ticket that you can't pay.

Mike: I spent about five hours at the poke [crazy American talk for police 
station] and that was enough for me, man. I was arrested for being drunk in a 
public kinda thing. They slapped me around a little bit, sobered me up, sent 
me home. That was enough. I was scared straight.

Have you ever been booed off stage?

Robby: [Laughs] Yes.

Mike: No we haven't!

Robby: Oh yes we did, and I'll tell you when it was - Extreme.

John: [Explaining] Because ah, we didn't have any money and we needed to get on
to the next show that we were doing, so we called our booking agent and said..

Robby: "Get us a gig or we won't be playing anywhere, dude. We're stuck here, 
we got no money." They said "OK, if you can get to this town, you can do this gig 
opening for Extreme," and were like "What? Now way man! Alright, we're starving, 
we'll do it." So we went and did it and they booed us right off.

Mike: But it was a happy ending.

John: We were supposed to do two shows with them, so the next day we pulled up 
in our van next to their nine tour buses, and they gave us $100 to leave.

Robby: So we got a hotel room and a case of beer and had probably one of the 
greatest nights on that whole trip.

John: Exactly.

Have you ever worn pajamas up the street to buy milk?

John: [Laughs] Ahhh, no.

Mike: Sometimes I sleep in my clothes, so I guess.

Robby: I wore pajamas at a gig once. In Buffalo. It was like 10 o'clocok in the 
morning and we showed up to do this college lunchtime concert in our bathrobes. 
There were two people sitting behind the stage making pancakes and shooting them
 over our heads into the crowd while we were playing.

Have you ever bought your own CD?

John: Yeah, we just did. It was last week.

Robby: We all just went and bought it.

John: Yeah, absolutely. You have to. It's like the President voting for 
himself, y'know, it's good luck. We all walked into the Virgin Megastore 
in Times Square on the morning it came out and bought one. 

Robby: And the three of us were standing there in a line going, "Wow, I'm 
buying my own record."

Robby: Y'know It's funny. You buy one and you have to sell 100 to make 
the money back. [Laughs]

What's the worst album you own?

John: The soundtrack to Fame.

Mike: Yipes

Have you ever stolen anything?

Robby: Just riffs. Riffs from other bands.

What did your Careers Adviser at school suggest you be when you grew up?

Mike: That I should join the army.

Robby: The career adviser told me to go to college. She told me that being 
a musician was a stupid idea, I would never make it and that it wasn't 
realistic. Which is fairly good advice but if you take it you're a fool.

Who or what would you be reincarnated as?

Robby: If I could be anybody? I'd wanna be a house cat. Because then you 
can hang out and nobody bothers you.

John: I think I'd like to be a tree. A really big tree, that would be cool.

Mike: A badass baseball player.

Describe your worst fashion mistake:

John: Dressing like a rodeo clown for our band for the past 10 years. I never 
had any money for clothes, I just recently got into like, "This is cool, I 
think I'll buy some cool clothes." I never really paid much attention to fashion.

Robby: we're once of those bands where our style is directly related to our 
financial crisis at the time.

John: Now we got some nice clothes to play in. It's kinda cool. It's fun to dress up.

Mike: Mickey Mouse T-shirts.

What are all your tattoos about?

John: This guy who did this [points to a stylized cartoon figure carrying 
a gigantic question mark on his right calf], he's a guy named Sol Stynberg. 
He created this character and it was just something that I saw and wanted 
tattooed on me if I ever got a tattoo. Then finally I had enough money 
and I had it done. [He points to symbol on his forearm] The Kanji represents 
love, dreams, control - like self control, trust faith and greatness.

Who do you think should be the next American President?

Robby: Bill Clinton.

John: Probably Al Gore, who's Vice President, because I think He's like 
Bill Clinton but He's a bit more sensitive to environmental issues - 
water conservation, all that kind of stuff. Pollution and how to keep 
everything moving is going to be the biggest issue of the 21st Century. 
It's becoming really obvious that the extinction of mankind is going 
to come to the forefront of politics and industry. They're not able to 
ignore it anymore. I think the oil companies and the politicians have 
a big responsibility because they're going to cause the extinction of 
beings on this planet.

What's the worst thing you've ever done for money?

John: Next.

Robby: Next.

Mike: Next.

What would you take with you if your house was burning down?

Robby: My brand new Kiss box set, man. that's it. I don't need anything else.

John: I would take my dog Chloe for sure. But ah dude, I don't want 
a house, but if everything in the apartment I live in was burning, 
I'd be like, "Yeah, cool. Go man. Burn man, burn."

Mike: In a weird sort of way, that would be like a relief. It would be 
so liberating.

Mike: I'd probably take my bicycle.

Robby: you're bicycle? Your bicycle wouldn't burn down though.

Mike: Well if all my stuff burned down, I'd need my bicycle so I could 
ride somewhere and start over.

What's your favourite one-liner joke?

John: My favourite joke? I went to a wedding at a nudist colony - it was easy to
 see who the best man was.

Mike: The funniest joke every told is : What do a bunch of grapes and 
an elephant have in common? They both have trunks. Except for the grapes.

John: Please politely laugh.

Robby: It's not funny.

Mike: that's the funniest joke ever told. You guys just don't get it.