Mike Reviews Pantera

Pantera Official Live -- 101 Proof (EastWest/Elektra)

"I'm Broken"

The fifth major-label release from this Arlington, Texas metal band captures them doing what they do best -- playinglive. These songs are culled from all four studio releases, and the band has also included two new studio tracks ("Where You Come From" and "I Can't Hide"), both of which demonstrate that Pantera has no intention of diluting their sound anytime soon. In fact, on each record, the singing -- courtesy of Philip Anselmo, he of the scariest vocal howl this side of some bad Friday the 13th-ish horror film -- has become more scarce as the screams and growls have increasingly taken control. (Then again, that could be attributable to the live element here.) Of the live tracks the two standouts are the always- charged "I'm Broken" and the brutal crowd pleaser "Fuckin' Hostile."Although this album offers little in the artistic development department, it does reinforce the fact that Pantera is the metal- band antidote for listeners who think Metallica is wimpy and Slayer just plain silly.

-Mike Malinin

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