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Greenbelt, MD

Hi, My name is Salma, I was born Dec.20, 1981, and I'm from Greenbelt MD. I always loved the song "Name" although I had no idea who actually sang it. I was very young, but at the same time, very moved by the song. Right before Iris came out, I had finally decided to look up the song on the internet and find out who sang it. When i found out it was The Goo Goo Dolls, I was shocked , but pleasantly surprised, even though I'd always thought it was a silly name for a rock band. Then, the first time I heard "Iris", it was beautiful, I just had to go and buy the soundtrack for City of Angels. Now I know that all of their work is equally as moving. My all time favorites are Iris, Name, Eyes Wide Open, Broadway, and Black Balloon. Oh did I mention I've had the biggest crush on John Rzeznick ever since I'd seen him on some award show a couple years back even before I knew that he was the guy singing that beautiful song I heard almost every night. I just want to thank them for providing us with their awesome music. It's a blessing in a way.

Albany, NY

i am 13 and from near albany new york. i am sort of a new goo fan but i love their musin (oh and johnny =) ). i have recently gone to my first goo consert on may 11th in albany. i hope to go to the consert in the finger lakes for my birthday! i love to talk to other goo fans my e-mail is [email protected] and my aol sn is Amigone77.


Hey! My name is Sara and I'm from a suburb of Philadelphia, PA. This pic is of me (in the black shirt),my friend Gina (in the white tank top), my friend Sarah (in the white shirt behind me), and Rodney from Sugar Ray. This pic was taken after the Goo show on August 25,1999. I didnt get to meet the Goo's :( But i did chase the tour bus down the street all by myself, and John was looking at me through the front window...hehe. Anyways, I'm a huge Goo fan and I love their music!!! I'm going to try and get tickets for Oct. 27 @ The Apollo, they put on a great concert...I had so much fun!!!

Erie, PA

Hallo Goobies.. My Name Is Sarah. I'm from Erie, PA and am a huge Goo fan! They have the best music, and have worked so hard to get where they are today. These guys are my angel's because they helped me remember what its like to smile, and how to have fun and forget about your problems. If you would like to check out my page go to and check things out. Not as good as Alex's but who can beat the master?? hehe..


hi my name is sarah i am 14 and i've been a goo goo dolls fan since i was 11 i just went to theyre concert here in Miami FL on december 21st {my first goo concert of 3 years}and i've loved them since i heard name on 94.9 zeta.

Chatham, ONT

My name is Sarah, i'm 17 from Chatham, Ontario Canada. I've been in love with the Goo Goo Dolls (also Johnny) ever since the first time I heard Name. I declared it my all time favourite song from that point forward, and it hasn't been anything less. I absolutly adore 'Dizzy Up the Girl' and ran out to get it the very first day it was out, it makes a great accessory to my 'A Boy Named Goo' album which I also adore. I've been on the hunt for all their other albums but they're impossible to find in my small town. I've never had the extreme pleasure of going to a concert or meeting any of the members (unfortunatly) but someday I promised myself I would go and see them (even though I would probably be in shock and just cry the entire time). Around here whenever someone hears or thinks of Goo Goo Dolls my name instantly comes to mind, everyone who knows me knows that I adore all their music and them!

Houston, TX

Ok,I love the Goo Goo Dolls Im 17 from Houston Texas. I'm unreliable irresponsible immature undisciplined infficient disorganized inconsistent and unmotivated but I'm fun..My email is [email protected] .The reason way I love the Goo Goo Dolls so much is because the write their songs on pure emotion and not to amny bands do that or can. They have such a understanding of them self's and they fit it in to words and music.And to me that is what music is all about.You can feel all his pain in name.And all there other music rocks to.God bless Goo Goo Dolls


Hi everyone! my name is shelley and I am absolutly in love with the goo!! I saw them in concert a few months ago and I was probibly the loudest person there!! I have been a fan sense a boy named goo and sense then I have bought every one of there albums! My favorite song is Black Balloon, Slave Girl, Long way down and name! This picture was takin about a year ago at a dance and Im the one on the right! you can mail me at [email protected] if you would like to!


this is the photo of me and John I'm 15 years old.

New Jersey

Hi my name is Sonya and I am from Clifton, NJ. I have liked the Goos for a while now and I am a HUGE fan. I have seen them quite a few times in concert and I would have to say they put on a WONDERFUL show! They are such wonderful guys and they deserve all the success they have gotten and more. If anyone ever wants to chat about the Goos feel free to IM or E-mail me at [email protected]


My name's Stacey, I'm 16 and from Chicago. I first got into the Goo's when Iris came out. I thought it was the greatest song! And the video for it was awesome! So, yeah Johnny had something to do w/that too! Anyway, now I have ALL 6 of their albums and absolutely adore each and every one of them. My favorite songs are Iris, Bulletproof, Kevin's song, Eyes Wide Open, and Fallin' Down. So, don't diss Iris because it's slow and sappy...hey, if they never would have wrote it, I would not be anywhere NEAR the person I am today! I mean it! I wouldn't necessarily be listening to the Nsync(so help me God!), but I would be different! No guitar playing, no silver nailpolish, no 3 video tapes completely full of Goo, and most importantly, no music to absolutely LOVE!!! And the picture here was taken in July. I was at a softball tourney in Rockford during my sweet 16th birthday, and for my b-day apparel, you got it...none other than my Goo shirt!


Hey there!! My name is Stacey and I'm 28 years old. I've liked the Goo's for awhile now, but still haven't seen them in concert. Guess that will all change when they play in my bro's backyard on Labor Day!!! That's right!! My first concert with the Goo's will be a doozy! Up close and personal. I will be getting some good pics. If you guys want copies give me an email after the event (give me some time for developing though). Seeya!!

St. Louis, MO

Hey Goobers. My name is Steve Wright and i live in St. Louis, MO. I am 30(and holding), a Leo, my favorite color is blue, and i have a hand fetish (haha). I have been a Goo fan since Jed. My favs are Cuz You're Gone, Fallin Down, and There You Are. I have seen the Goo's five times and counting. I collect a lot of Goo stuff so if ya interested email and we can talk trades. [email protected]


Hi my name is Stuart and I'm what you call "obsessed." I'm tuning 15 on March 15th and I LOVE the Goo Goo Dolls....they just simply rock. I haven't gone a day where i haven't listened to at least one of their cd's all the way through. It all started when my sis gave me "A Boy Named GOo" (THANK YOU SIS) basically sat around and i never listened to it. Eventually I heard Iris and fell in love immediatly and bought the new cd and my friend took me the Charlotte gig at the Tremont Music Hall. I fell in love and went home and listening to ABNG cd and again fell in love. OH yeah, at the show i got to meet Johnny and Robby and they signed my cd for me. I play guitar and i can play about 9 or 10 goo songs (Long way down, Iris, slide, Disconnected, Only One, Acoustic #3, etc.)


I'm Swann from Georgia, a fan of the group almost forever now... or so it feels... and they keep getting better and better... no surprise to me... all ways fresh... all ways looking great... all ways rockin'. I love 'em love 'em love 'em. What else can I say, I'm a boreing sort of weirdo ya know -- probly a disgrace to all fanndom -- but I can't help my self, the boys got it goin' on so good. So hang tight and keep rockin'. ::poof::

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