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Amber and Laura
San Diego, CA

my name is amber. i live in san diego. i'm only 15 years old. i've been a big fan of the dolls since a boy named goo. i was lucky enough to sing "name" with them at the first goo concert i went to. and i've also met nathan and robby. (who are the coolest guys). i have a lot of fav goo songs but i guess it's "2 days in feb" cause it relates to my life right now. but i really love ever song and cd. especially sscw.


My name is Brandon Rivers. I am a 21 student at Eastern Michigan Unversity in, well i think you can figure this out, MICHIGAN!!! This is a recent picture of myself and the BACK2BACK Stanley Cup Champion goaltender CHRIS OSGOOD. When i am not playing hockey i am listening to the GooGooDolls (they rox)! I would have to say that my favorite song comes off the ABNG cd with the song "Burnin' Up" a very well written and well sung piece by my man ROBBY! ta-ta for now


Hello! My name is Brook and I am one of the many Goo Goo Doll fans out there who just can't get enough! I've been a fan for a pretty long time, since SSCW. I'm on the mailing list and have my own Goo web page at go and visit it when you are done at World Of Goo! Email me if you ever want to talk Goo :) [email protected] .

South Africa

My name is Cindy Fillis, I am 21 live in Gauteng South Africa, I have been a goo fan for about almost a year now. i have the lst 4 of thier 6 cd's and think they are all great...i want other goo fans to e-mail me and tell me about themselves and make some friends. I would love to go over to the USA and see the goo's live..or better yet they come and do a gig in my country. Anyway i love Alex's site its great..if it was not for this site i would be pretty much in the dark now!! Anyone interested in letting me stay as a guest for a goo's concert let me know (kinda joking..but if anyones willing, i all for it!!!) Thanks Alex once again Cindy [email protected] p.s sorry about the photo it the onlyone i had of a recent pic of me...its a passport pic so i actually do smile!!


Hey, My name is Drew. I am 19 and I have been a Goo fan since I heard "Name". I feel as if I'm not a true fan because I only started liking them once they started getting airplay from "Name". But, I ended up buying all their older stuff, and began to like it better than most of the new stuff. My favorite songs are "Black Balloon", "Name", "Iris", and "Nothing can change you". I saw them live once when they toured with Bush and No Doubt on the "Boy named goo" tour. But from what I have heard from the rest of you guys and what I've seen on TV, they are even better now. Well that's it, you can mail me if you [email protected]

Sudbury, ONT, Canada

hi, my name's Erin, I'm 16 and I live in Sudbury, Ont. Canada. I've been a Goo fan since Iris. I know I should feel ashamed...I have all they're other CDs and more and I'm planning on sticking to the Goos forever! I love them soo much (well, not sexually!) Johnny is soo Hot!! They are soo talented!! Okay that's enough now...LONG LIVE THE GOO!!

Storrs, CT

Hi! My name is Karen and I am 21 years old. I love the Goo Goo Dolls and their music. I especially like their older songs from Jed and Hold Me Up. I have never met the guys or been to a concert, but I hope to some day. If they ever read this, I would like to say "Hi" to Nathan and Robby. Please visit my web page sometime at!

Chicago, IL

Hi, I'm Katie from Chicago and just wanted to say that the Goo Goo Dolls rock!! "Iris" is by far my favorite song. I have three of their albums and "Dizzy Up the Girl" is the best. I saw the Goo Goo Dolls in concert at the Riv. and it was a great show guys! Email me if you'd like at [email protected]

Ft. Smith, AR

Hi, my name is Kristi. I'm 26 and I live in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I'm a huge fan of the Goos, and recently went to my first concert, where I got to sing "Name" with Johnny and the boys. (read my review on Alex's site!!!) My fave songs are "All Eyes On Me", "Only One", "Impersonality", "Two Days In February", and "Slide". This pic was actually taken by the security guys at the show in OKC.

Long Island, NY

My name is Kristen. My b-day is Jan 25, 1981 and I live on Long Island in NY. I've been a fan of the Goo Goo Dolls since I heard "Name" a few years ago. I've been to 2 Goo concerts and they were both awesome. I have my own goo website at if you wanna take a looksie=)


My name is Margarita. I have been a fan only recently when I heard, 'Name'. I loved the song right away because it was different and moved me. I am impressed with their new release 'Dizzy Up The Girl'. I love their music and words, especially 'Iris" which is the most beautiful song ever (personal opinion) used in a soundtrack. My friend Freedom kept telling me that I had to hear 'Iris' but I didn't hear it on the radio till one day I heard this song that sent shivers up my spine because I felt so much emotion from the words. I told him that I heard this song and he said that that was 'Iris' (4 months after he first told me to find it) Since then a day does not go by that I don't listen to it at least once.It was perfect for 'City of Angels' and it was in the most perfect scene. I think that they are wonderful and would love to see them in concert. As of yet they seem to have no dates in the future for Canada, which is where I live. I am looking foward to someday attending a concert (I'll cross my fingers). Till then I'll be listening to them often and enjoying their music.

Edmonton, ALB

Hello Fellow Goo Fans. I'm a 20 year old fan from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I've been a Goo fan since SuperstarCarwash. My favorite songs are "Flat Top", "Eyes Wide Open", and "Broadway". I've never seen the Goo's live, but hopefully, with the assistance of a local radio DJ, I still retain the hope of an Edmonton date. If not, I guess I'll have to travel the globe in search of them and a prospective venue. If any fellow Goo's want to chat about the Goo or anything else, email me at "[email protected]". Long Live The World Of Goo!!

New York

Hi Goo Fans! My name is Michele and I'm from New York. I'm 15 and I am a huge goo fan, so I'm told. I've liked the Goo's ever since A Boy Named Goo. I love their older material from SuperStar CarWash and Hold Me Up! I have gone to two Goo Concerts (In November and May) and they kicked @$$! I'm also going to see them in August (twice)...I can't wait! Unfortunately, I never got a chance to meet them at either concerts, but hey, there's always next time to try! If there are any other goo fans from NY feel free to e mail me at [email protected]!

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