On November 14, 1998 I was able to see the Goo Goo Dolls at Avalon, located in Boston, MA, courtesy of a friend of mine who is a label rep from Warner Brothers who was able to give me tickets to the show.

I got all dolled up and went to the show with a friend of mine. I have to say that it was one awsome show and Johnny has the greatest sense of humor. Plus it was the first time I had seen the guys live so it was an extra treat for me to see them in such a great place.

Once we got to the club my friend and I ordered our drinks and proceeded to the front. As we were standing there during the intermission, a photographer from a local newspaper came up to us and asked us if he could take a picture of us for the friday edition of the paper(unfortunately the picture never made the paper...) When we left the show, I headed over to a club in Cambridge, MA to see a local band play. Towards the end of the night I'm standing near the front of the stage when I notice this guy standing in front of who looked very familiar. The guy was none other than Johnny Rzeznik dressed in a black t-shirt, green cargo shorts, and wearing an elmo hat. I couldn't believe that it was him but after I lost track of him. As I am leaving the club to go meet a friend in the front part of the club/restaurant and talking to a friend who was behind me, I bump into Johnny without =knowing it was him until I turned around. I couldn't believe my luck! I smiled and said hello and afterwards we starting talking, neither of us mentioning who he was. As the night continued we proceed to talking and drink and hanging out. Johnny was with Dave, who was wearing a very cool cowboy hat. When the night ended, which is when the club/restaurant started kicking everybody out, Johnny gave me a hug and said that he had a great time hanging out with me and to come to the next show.

I have to say that it was one of the best times I had because I never expected to run into him that night, after I said to my friend at the club that it would be cool if they showed up at the other show. The whole day was incredible and I just want to thank Johnny and Dave(and also Tim from the Bosstones, who was there also) for being so cool and hanging out with my friends and I.