Emory University



As i arrived after a hectic morning,I walked into the field where the concert was held.I watched the New Radicals play for a few minutes, then I saw Robby talking to a few people by his tour bus.I went up to him and said hi.I told him I saw them in London.He asked me if I went to the first gig or the second.I said the second and he told me that was a brilliant show.I also told him my favourite songs that he sings, Second Time Around and Out Of The Red.He then got talking about some of the old albums and how they never got paid much.I also got him to sign all my albums.That really broke the ice!!When I got my photo taken with him he said "Wow,your way taller than me",he asked me how old I was and I said I was 12.He turned round to me and said I'm 34!! I just laughed at the way he said it.

As soon as the New Radicals had finished the goo's came back out of their bus.I ran back onto the field and got right to the very front. Robby kept acting his same old self,funny.The concert was REALLY COOL!!!! I left about 10 minutes early so I could buy my t-shirts and try and meet Gregg of the NR.He and one of his band members were taking food onto their bus.John and Robby stayed on stage to play Two Days In February,I saw Mike and asked him if I could have a photo with him too.He said to me,"Your the girl from England aren't you".I was like yes.I said,"How did you know that",and he said "Robby told me". I couldn't belive it,Robby must have gone on the bus and told John and Mike about me!!! Mike said to me that they were coming back to the U.K in June to do 3 shows,Robby also told me.

When the goo's had finished Mike and John went back on the bus while Robby stayed outside and singed autographs and took pictures. He is such a nice guy,HONESTLY!! Mike is sweet as well.Robby came out just before they left because he felt like spraying people with his water gun.Lucky me,I was standing right in front of the door,so I got soaking.BEWARE ROBBY,I WILL GET YOU BACK FOR THAT AT LONDON!!! Well you know how I said Robby was a nice guy,he also escorted some people who didn't have tickets into the concert.How nice can one guy be!!

John wore some black cargo pants and a white tank top,Robby wore a black t-shirt and some black pants,bare-footed as usual,and last but not least Mike wore a blue tank top and some tight brown denim shorts.

I know on a fan encounter you don't really write this,but,I want to thank Robby and Mike for being soooooo nice and I want to thank the staff and organisers of Emory University,they were really helpful.It was a brilliant day and I just can't wait for June!!