A Day In The City
November 29, 1999

New York City in the morning, don't you just love that? I do, especially when the Goo Goo Dolls are in town. Although not when it's freezing out, but all in all the cold weather didn't bother me that much considering our day was quite out of this world. My friend Diane and I decided to meet up in the city for the taping of Regis and Kathie Lee the morning of the 29th. When we both arrived we took our spots in line as the 5th and 6th people. When the time was getting closer until the Goo Goo Dolls would be coming we decided to head on over to the side of the building (Thank you so much Toni for saving our spots even though we had a little fiasco). Their crew had come earlier then them to set up the stage for their performance of Black Balloon. We spoke with them for a couple of minutes, but then they had to go inside. Finally, the Goos were coming. The vehicle they were in pulled into a garage type thing so we really could not see them, but we did manage to catch a glimpse of them. A man yelled to them that he wanted an autograph and John said he would sign some stuff later. So then we decided to go around to the front again to start getting ready for stand by. Unfortunately they did not let any standby's in and made us wait in the cold for the whole time. We weren't that upset though, because we knew we still had TRL and the Daily Show to try and finagle something. So, after we found out that we were not going in we went around to the side again where they had a little TV where we could watch the show. We saw the Goos perform and as you should know they were great! After that Regis came outside to where we were (by that race car) and we took a few pictures of him. Suddenly, Diane pulls me and starts running because she saw the Goos getting into a vehicle from the front entrance. By the time we got to the van they were in already, but we waved and said hello. John was looking at the CD Regis had given him and was quite intrigued. We walked along and saw the van drive away. Of course we did not want to follow them because we knew that would be quite rude. I wanted to go back and tell the other Goo fans they had left so they didn't have to wait in the cold, but we didn't get a chance. We had met this really cool woman, Renee, she had been the only other person who saw the Goos leaving Regis. So we all decided to head on over to the Daily Show to see if possibly we could get tickets for the taping. The lady working at the studio said that the person in charge of tickets was not there yet, so she gave us a number to call later to find out. Renee had to head back to work so we split up and Diane and I went to TRL to see what damage we could do there (hehee). We talked to this guy and he said that the lady in charge of getting up into the studio would be out in a little while, but he did offer us to try out for Say What Karaoke (hehee), we decided against it and went to the Virgin Mega store to see if they had any Goo Goo Dolls CDs we did not already have. We found 2 singles and the Import version of Dizzy Up The Girl, but we had those already so we went to eat lunch at McDonalds. Then, after we were finished eating we decided to go take a walk. We walked pretty far, talking about the Goos and stuff and then suddenly Diane goes, "There they are!" They were walking up the street we were walking down. I was in shock and I don't think I would have said anything, but Diane said, "Hey guys!" and they said hello and all that stuff. Diane then said we saw them at Regis and I added that we had standby's to try and get in but we didn't. He said he was sorry and then continued saying he thought that they sucked, but I told him that they were good as always! Mike was quiet as usual and Robby was getting something out of his pocket and he dropped a guitar pick and offered it to Diane (how sweet). I told them that we were really sorry for bumping into them, but they said it was no problem. We also asked them if they had time to sign some stuff and they said they were going somewhere but they could anyway. I took all my CD covers out and I told them I had them all and Robby was like "Wow!" but they didn't have to sign them, but they did anyway! Diane gave Robby the choice of a blue or red marker and he picked blue (lol)! John was like "That's our drummer Mike" and pointed him and Diane said "We know!" And Mike only signed A Boy Named Goo and Dizzy Up The Girl as usual. Why does Mike always have to be so quiet? That's ok though! John also jokingly said he didn't wanna see any of the autographs up for sale and we said of course not (we wanna keep them!) We also asked them for a picture and they were very nice and took one with us. And while we were posing John squeezed and rubbed me and said "At least we are warm!" We thanked them for everything and said good-bye! We were in such shock, so I had to call best goo buddy tell her! After we finished telling our friends the good news we decided to take another long walk to Time Square. We went to the Virgin Mega store and sat in the cafe for a little while. We decided to go to TRL and see if the lady was there yet. She was and said that they had extra room so we got in line and got wrist bands and we were 5th and 6th in line again. We went up into the studio and checked our coats and bags. So we were waiting in line to get into the actual studio and then the lady comes up to us and about 6 other people and told us that we had to go because "other" people had to go in before us. Isn't that so rude? I was pissed off but, I soon got over because of what happened earlier that day. It would have been cool to have stayed in the studio though. On the way out Diane saw Dave Holmes, which was pretty cool. After we left MTV we called them and complained, haha! But I did meet and congratulate Brandy, the winner of the Model Mission! We waited outside of the studio and watched them from the window. After they left we went over to the Daily Show studios to see about tickets. Yet again they had no more left so we just decided to wait until the Goos arrived. There were two other Goo Goo Dolls fans there, but they left so we were the only ones there. Renee then came so we were really happy and soon after the Goos came and they said hello and John was like "Hey again girls!", but Mike was not there. We then decided to wait until after the show to try and get another picture with them because Renee wanted one. Then, we went to the store and Renee bought a disposable camera. When we got back to the studio we sat down and waited a little while and one of the guys who had asked at Regis for an autograph was there looking for Mike because he was the only one who did not sign his Iris sheet music, but since he was not there he left. Then one of the guards who worked there offered us to go inside out of the cold. Of course we said we would love to and enjoyed the warmth. We could hear the show going on and we heard that the Goo Goo Dolls were going to be on and then the super nice guard told us to come with him and he let us backstage to watch. It was so awesome! Then, after the guys were finished chatting with Jon Stewart they come over by us and said hello again and then the guard that had let us in told them we wanted to take a picture. So we took another picture and it was funny because the first time Renee was not in the picture and I don't think anyone was looking so John was like "Let's take another!" Then, the guard could not get the camera to work and John goes, "Hold the button down" and then he had to take another picture with a different camera and John held up the hat Jon Stewart had given him. It was so great, Robby also said, "Is it Foo Fighter day?" I guess because the Foo Fighters were on TRL. We said thank you and then they had to go. On the way out we saw Jon Stewart and he gave us a solute and said "Good night girls!". Soon after, we went outside and the guys hadn't left yet so we waited just about a few seconds and they came out we just said good-bye, we didn't bother them because we didn't want to overstay our welcome. So they said good-bye and that was it! We saw their vehicle drive away and that was all the Goo we had for the day, but what a day it was! I would relive it any day. That was the first time I had met the Goos and I hope it won't be my last. :o)