Buffalo, NY - NSBC Arena
March 27, 2003

From: Sharon

Well we were running late as we drove up from Rochester and didn't even leave until 5:30pm to get to the show. No time to check into the hotel and would you believe we were too short on time to stop for gas? So on fumes we coasted to the arena. We parked at 7:20pm and the Goos were coming on stage at 7:30pm. So we quickly went to the back of the truck and began to make our sign. We used glow sticks so we couldn't make it until we were there. The sign just simply said "goo". Robby and Johnny seemed to notice it as we got smiles from both. The show was very rockin, that is the only way to explain it. All the guys were electric and just really relaxed being at home. We stayed for Bon Jovi , oh my gosh he was not joking it was a work out. That man has more energy than anyone person should have. Bon Jovi was great but it seemed very long. We went potty then we headed back to the car for jackets, the video camera and digital camera. We met the "Peace Girls" back there and some girls that said they were old fans. Mike came out and we met him. He signed our sign and took pictures with us. I was very impressed with him. I was really looking forward to meeting Johnny and Robby but I was thrilled to meet Mike. He was very sweet to come out and sign. He was still in his shorts and it was cold out there. Some guy walked up and asked him what his favorite quote was and he said he didn't really have any. I joked with Mike and said it should be " Dont wear shorts in Buffalo in March". Mike said this is warm compared to what it has been. We were told Johnny and Robby were already gone. We watched Bon Jovi get their two van police escort I guess to the airport, not sure though. Then we headed for the hotel because we didn't see a GAS STATION. We checked in and called the YEAH GIRLS as we had made arrangements to meet them since we were staying at the same hotel. We finally found a gas station and it was scary. Too many people hanging outside drinking their 40oz beers. But then we got back to the hotel safely and full of gas..ha ha! We went to the YEAH GIRLS room and met them. They are really nice and were a pleasure to meet. I hope to see them again. I do have my digital pictures already of course and the disposable camera is at the one hour right now. I am not sure how to put them on here. Any suggestions?