> I MET ROBBY TODAY!!!! I'm so psyched I don't know where to begin! From the beginning is best, I guess, huh? Well, it started with me listening to their interview on WPLJ around 9-ish. I was at work but gettin' NOTHIN' done because I was engrossed in the interview. Well, as the interview was ending Robby mentioned that they were going to do Sesame Street right afterwards. THAT'S WHEN I FREAKED! Sesame Street is taped WHERE I WORK!!! So, I got right to work! Since I'm sorta friendly with Lenny, the Security Guard, I called the front desk and asked Lenny if he could call me when they arrive! He said, "I'll do one better---come upstairs and I'll introduce you to Danette, who's in charge of TALENT for Sesame Street. Maybe she can hook you up!" Well, I ran out of the office and went to the Security where Len pointed Danette's office out to me and told me to go right in, she was expecting me! So, I shyly approached her office and I said, "Danette?" and she said, "Yes, come on in!" She was immediately endearing from the get-go! So, since I had made three cards for the guys I gave them to her and asked her if she'd do me the honor of handing them to her! She said no problem. She DID inform me that although she really couldn't get me to MEET them persay, she told me that they would be recording right across the hall from WFAN (where I work) around 1:00! That was PERFECT because that's when I go to lunch! So, she informed me that she wanted to meet Steve Somers, one of the talent at 'FAN and I told her I could definitely arrange that! So, I left and waited for Paul, (my boyfriend) to come to work because HE knew a couple of guys at Mastersound (the recording studio across the hall). When he arrived at 11:00 I told him the whole story and he said he'd talk to his friend to see what could be arranged! When he came back, he said that there were no promises but that to be ready at 1:00 in case something was to go down! I'm tellin' ya, the afternoon couldn't GET here fast enough! When 1:00 came, Paul and I went to the Commissary to grab lunch. When we came back down the stairs to go back into Paul's studio, to eat, we peaked inside the office of Mastersound where a lot of people were milling about. I SPOTTED ROBBY SITTING AGAINST THE WALL IMMEDIATELY!!! I said to Paul, "Robby's in there!!!" Paul the goes to me, "Well go and say hello!" I said, "NO! I wouldn't know what to say to him!" Paul finally gave me a shove inside the office and I walked up to Robby and introduced myself! He shook my hand and although I felt my heart beating in my THROAT I did my best to remain calm and nonchalant! He was SOOOOO nice to me! I told him that he broke my heart because I was supposed to see them at MSU today and he apologized for that. "That whole MP3 thing can get a bit messed up sometimes," he said. Then I told him it was to be my very first Goo Goo Dolls concert and that's when he REALLY felt bad! He then went into,"It's a good thing you didn't go to the concert at Jones Beach! Man, it was raining like crazy and we were playing in puddles!" I then said, "Isn't that dangerous with all the wiring around all of you?" He shook his head, "Nahhh, it's all relatively safe." Just when I was beginning to relax with him someone came over and began talk business with him and he then turned back to me and said, "Well, nice meeting you!" And that's when I floated away and I've been floating ever since! I swear I don't want to wash my right hand because that's the one he shook!!!! And his hand was nice and warm, too!!!! And talk about GOOD-LOOKIN'!!!! He really is HOT!!!! So that's my story! On Monday I was crying because the concert was cancelled and on Wednesday I'm floatin' on air because I got to meet Robby!!!! John was in the middle of recording something so I didn't get a chance to meet him and Mike was in the middle of talking to some people so I didn't want to bother him! But Robby's the one I REALLY wanted to meet --- and I DID! How absolutely fantastic is THAT?!