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Friday night: 19th February, 1999

It all started on Friday, February 19th at 12.30pm when I went to the 
Palais in St Kilda to meet up with Kylie, Amber, Fiona and Fiona's mum 
Maria who is the best.  I arrived  at the Palais and I saw the girls 
who were already there and I ran to them and Fiona said the John and 
Robby's guitar techs come out and they each got one of Robby's guitar 
picks.  They told me that they were so nice.  I had missed out by 
about 5 minutes.  So there we were the five of us waiting down the 
side street where they were going to be!!!  We were just sitting there 
in the sun getting absolutely sunburnt (but it was worth it) and 
trying to entertain one another.   We were waiting for what seemed 
like forever when at about 2.30pm someone came over to us and told us 
that the guys had a long plane delay and would not be here until at 
least 5.00pm.  But we just did not want to move so we stayed there and 
it payed off.  All of a sudden (at 5.00pm) we see the Taragos pull up 
with the guys in them.  They get out and Kylie just yells out "Johnny 
can we get a photo" and he turns around and just said "Sure".  So we 
were taking photos with Johnny and we were so stunned after waiting 
that long that we missed Mike and Robby who walked right in.  After 
Kylie was done it was my turn.   I asked John for a photograph and he 
said sure and put his arm around me but then we turned it into a group 
shot with all four of us girls. And then they disappeared.  The 
waiting for 5 hours was worth it. We were so happy to have had the 
opportunity but we were sad cause we missed out on Mike and Robby.

Then one of Johns guitar technicians comes out with the neck of a 
guitar and he says "This is the guitar that Johnny smashed last night. 
 I'm going to ask a trivia question and who ever gets it right wins 
the guitar." So he asked "It's the birthday of someone in the band 
today who is it".  Now we knew it wasn't John or Rob  so we said Mike 
and he said no, then we tried Nathan, no again and  then I just said 
Dave and he just pointed the guitar to me and said yep.   Oh my 
god......i got Johnny's guitar neck.  I got the guitar he broke on 
stage.    I was so exicted.  (I did get it signed by all three of the 
guys  after but read on!!!!!!!)  How priceless is that!!!!  I 
absolutely love it!!!

We stayed out there and listened to the sound check which sounded 
fantastic.  We decided to hung around cause we knew that they would 
come back out and we were so right.  First Mike came out and we just 
called his name.  Then John came out and then Amber said "Where's 
Robby he is just the most sexiest man in the world" and Mike just said 
"You have got to be kidding" and John was just laughing.  We quickly 
snapped more photographs but no poses this time.  Then we asked for 
Robby again and they told us that he wasn't coming out.  We were so 
disappointed!!!  We got Mike this time but no Robby!!!

After getting something to eat we got our merchandise and went into 
the concert hall.  The four of us were so restless.  Then they finally 
came on.  YEAH!!!!! It was fantastic.  The four of us just ran to the 
front of the stage and we were right in the middle.  It was so 
amazing.  They rocked!!!!!!!   During the third song which was Lazy 
Eye I was just singing so loudly and John looked at me and pointed and 
laughed.  He had this expression on his face that said "I can't 
believe she knows this song!!!" We were the only four who knew all the 
words to every song!!!!  John looked at me another 2 times during Lazy 
Eye it was fantastic.  It was so amazing cause John just kept looking 
all the time and smiling.  And so did Robby!!!!  

I was able to get my camera into the theatre and I was taking a photo 
of Robby and he spotted me out and I just covered my mouth and he just 
imitated me and laughed.   Robby is amazing.  I was waving at him and 
he just kept smiling.  And can Robby stare you down.  But the coolest 
thing was that both Johnny and Robby kept looking at the four of us 
and they just had the best look on their faces like "These girls know 
all our old songs....they are rocking to everything".  During Full 
Forever Robby was looking at us and we were singing the backing 
vocals.  We were so into all the songs and the guys could tell.  

Since we knew that it was Dave's birthday we yelled out Happy Birthday 
Dave about five times but John couldn't hear us and he said "I can't 
hear you_you can talk to me after the show".    

We had heard that in Sydney John did not tell the Name story so we 
were determined to request it  but we didn't know when he would play. 
 There were these three girls in the front row who would not stand up. 
 And John asked them why they weren't standing up.  He said "Don't you 
like our band.  Did you win tickets. Did your parents force you to 
come to the show or should would kick your butt."  Then he and Robby 
asked eachother "Man do you have any money" He imitated that parents 
and said "You're going to that concert".  He and Rob asked them if 
they wanted to go up on stage and sit there.  They were almost ready 
to organise seats but the girls didn't go.  

 Then he just started playing Name and I just freaked. But we got our 
opportunity.  Right at the end of the song it was so quiet cause John 
thanked the girls for standing up and I just took the opportunity and 
screamed out "Tell us the Name story" and John replied "What...tell us 
a scary story" then all four of us yelled "No the name story" and he 
was like ohhh.     So he stopped the song and told the story!!!! It 
was fantastic.  It went for so long!!!!!!  I don't remember all of it 
by heart but this was basically it.  He described how they were a 
small indie-punk band and how they were trying to maintain their 
coolness.  He said "I was driving in my van one day (and he is doing 
the driving actions) and I had the radio on and I heard this" and the 
played the first chords of name and he continued "and I was like what 
they aren't supposed to play that song.  But I just blew it off.  Then 
one day about a week later I was in the supermarked shopping at 2 in 
the morning..i love doing that....I don't know if you can do that 
here.  But I was going along (he was doing the actions of pushing a 
supermarket trolley) getting some cat food, some peanut butter, toilet 
cleaner when I hear this" and he plays the intro and he goes "and I 
just went ahhhhhhhhhhhhh what the F&*K" and then Robby comes up and 
says "And he calls me at 3 in the morning"  It was so wonderful.  Then 
he told us about the letter.  "I got home and I was looking threw the 
mail.  I had bills and shit and then I see this letter and I open it 
up".  The he goes into what the letter said.  It was so cool.  Then he 
said "so I wrote back saying please understand the message of the song 
about disillusionment of people today blah blah blah".  And then he 
went on how it wrote another letter and then he said "alright i'm 
going to be honest now so I wrote Dear Dickhead no, dear F$#kface, go 
eat a bag of shit, love John" and I can't remember what the said he 
wrote. And then he said " The lesson of the story is when you get your 
head a bit above the sand someone is always there to chop it off.  
Make sure you surround yourself with people who love and support you". 
 And then he finished the last verse of name.   It  was so great.  The 
whole concert just rocked.  They were fantastic.   They were all just 
so into it.  Robby and Johnny were going all over the stage.  Robby 
had no shoes on just socks and he shock his leg at us!!!  Mike was so 
great and he was so into it.  And Nathan is so cool.  They tried to 
involve the entire crowd.    We did not need encouragement and they 
noticed it.

Then during 2 Days in February someone threw a sheep on stage and he 
was singing the song on his knees and Robby was playing on his knees. 
 It was so cure cause John said "I'm going to name this sheep ewe_get 
it ewe.  And she's a blonde!!!" They were playing and singing to the 
sheep.  It was so unreal.  I could go on but we have another 2 days 
lef t in this story!!!  After the concert Kylie managed to get the set 
list that Johnny was using.  The concert was fantastic and we were the 
only ones who know all the songs and John and Robby and even Nathan 
noticed it!!!!  THEY WERE GREAT.  I can't remember the exact order of 
the set list (cause as yet I don't have a copy of it) but the songs 
were Dizzy, Long Way Down, Lazy Eye, Black Balloon, Broadway, January 
Friend, Naked, Flat Top,  Falling Down,  Bullet Proof, Full Forever, 
Name, Iris, encore Burning Up, Hate This Place, 2 days in February.  I 
think I'm missing one or two songs.

Okay so after the concert we thought that we would wait for them at 
the side street but there were too many people.  So Kylie had the 
first idea to follow them to the hotel.  And well we did.  We lost 
them for a moment and so we drove into the city and all of a sudden 
Kylie yells out "oh my god there's Johnny".  He was outside the hotel. 
 So Kylie parked illegally and we just ran to him.  Kylie got a great 
kiss from John.  Then I went to John and asked if he would sign my 
guitar and he said jokingly "You know that's not your guitar" and I 
just said "I know its yours".  And he signed it and then I asked him 
for a hug.  And there I was hugging John for 20 seconds at least. I 
told him how great the concert was and I thanked him for the Name 
story.  He said "thank you so much it was so problem".  He was just 
hugging me and comforting me.  His hands were rubbing my back.  I 
didn't want to let go.  Then I got my photo with him.  It was 
amazing....he was so nice.    We just kept snapping away!!!  Then he 
had to leave.  We were so overwhelmed that we just sat on the ground 
and just started talking.  A little later on Mike came out and so I 
got my guitar signed by him too.  Mike is such a lovely person.  He 
was so handsome!!!  And we took the opportunity to take photos again. 
 We asked where Robby was and he said "I don't know where he is I 
think he went out".  Then he left and we were sitting on the ground 
again just chatting away when all of a sudden I see this guy walking 
towards us and we were starring at each other and he was smiling and 
then it hit me and I said "Oh my God it's Robby".  Robby came over and 
said hi girls and we all got our photographs with him.  We mentioned 
that we knew Fay and he said "Oh you know Fay she is so cool".   I got 
Robby to sign my guitar also and he said "wow how did you get this" 
and I quickly told him and I said to him that I needed to give him and 
hug from Fay (I kept my promise Fay) and then Robby just hugged me so 
slightly and I thanked him over and over again for such a great 
concert.  He is such a great hugger.  We hugged for so long. When we 
let go (which I reluctantly did) I then asked him if he saw us singing 
all the songs and he said "yes I did....did you have fun" and  I  just 
said of course we did and he grabbed me again and hugged me again so 
tightly!!!  I asked him if they would be coming back to Australia and 
he said definitely.    It was a magical moment!!!

The funniest part was when he signed Amber's poster which said "Vote 1 
for Robby" he took the marker and removed the cap with his teeth and 
Amber just said "oh my god he sucked my pen". It was so funny.  Robby 
got such a kick!!!!  He was so adorable.  He made us feel like  we 
were so special and that he had all the time for us.  It was the best 
Friday night of our lives!!!!  By this time it was about 2 in the 
morning.  So we were already into Saturday.

Saturday, February 20th 1999

Today was the day that the guys would be playing in someones backyard. 
 Unfortunately not one of ours.  After getting only 3 hours of sleep 
the girls and I all meet in front of the hotel again at about 10.00am. 
 We knew that the guys would have to leave for the BBQ.  So we sat 
outside the hotel again and all four of us were wearing the same goo 
t-shirt.  There were two on sale and we all choose the same one to 
wear.  We looked so cool.  So we are waiting outside the hotel and we 
can see them sitting on the lounges.  We saw them get up and they 
started walking out.  There was our group on one side and another 
group of about 10 girls on the other side and when John walked out he 
came straight to our side.  So we took the opportunity to take 
photographs again.  Unfortunately the tour manager was saying that 
they were running late again and that they had no time.  But John was 
so cool and kept signing autographs.  When he got into the car someone 
took a photo and he opened the door and said "Did you just take a 
photograph of my ass?". It was so hilarous.   The tour manager than 
shut the door but John opened it again and signed some more 
autographs.  I had even more respect for him when he did that.  It was 
so nice. And John just turned to us and said "Don't worry we'll be 
back later".

So after having lunch we went to Kylie's work place and listened to 
the live cross of them playing at the BBQ and we were all just singing 
along.  When it was over we decided to go back to the hotel and wait 
as John said that he would be back.  Unfortunately it was about 4.00pm 
and they weren't back and we had to get going to the TV show we had 
tickets for.    Apart from the goos the TV show was so boring.  The 
goos did Slide and Dizzy which was fantastic.  At the end of Slide we 
cheered so loudly for them and John acknowledged us by pointing to us 
and at the end of Dizzy Fiona yelled out Robby's name and he pointed 
to us also.  But we weren't sure if they knew it was us.  There only 
true fans in the whole of Australia. We were so despondant cause we 
didn't know if they saw us.   We went to get some dinner and then we 
went back to the hotel...yes again.   The guys were in the bar and we 
could see them.  We waited about 40 minutes when Mike, Nathan and the 
cool guitar tech who gave me the guitar (I wish I knew his name) came 
out.  We had written the guys a letter telling them how much this all 
meant to us and Kylie went to the guys when I told her they were 
leaving the bar and gave it to Mike and we asked him to read it.  We 
then asked for some photographs with Mike and Nathan and they obliged. 
 Mike was so nice.  Amber (I think it was you Amber) had a cigarette 
in her hand and she put her hand around Mike and after the photo was 
taken (by the cool guitar tech) he said jokingly "I hope you didn't 
burn my cool shirt"  and he just started joking about how cool his 
light green and white shirt was.  He then said that our t-shirt were 
so cool and that he didn't even have one of those.  Mike seems shy in 
front of the cameras but he openly talks to his fans.  Amber than said 
that she never thought the goos would come out here cause Buffolo Tom 
didn't  and that she was a fan of theirs and Mike said that they were 
so great and that had toured with them.  I then said I was a Guns n' 
Roses fan and Nathan just pointed at me with his cigarette and said 
"Yep I'm with you".   So there I was asking Nathan questions about the 
Gunners and we were having a conversation about them when Nathan 
stepped down to where the cabs park and one was heading for Nathan and 
I just grabbed his arm and said watch out and pulled him back.   He 
was like " wouldn't have hit me hard".  It was so amazing.  
Mike and Nathan are both just wonderful.   The whole band is 
wonderful!!!!  It was then midnight and Kylie said that we should make 
this a whole nighter and go to the airport.  So off we headed.  We 
wanted to see them off at the airport just to say goodbye.  So earlier 
that day I had checked what flights were going out to New Zealand.

Sunday, 21st February 1999 - The home stretch

So the four of us headed over to the airport and arrived there at 1 in 
the morning.   We then found out by our family members who watched the 
TV show that the guys were fully aware that we were there!!!!   We 
were so elated cause now we were sure they know it was us!!!

There was a 9.05am and a 1.15pm plane leaving.  We thought that they 
would be on the 9.05pm plane cause the cool guitar tech said that they 
would be leaving early  but after waiting 8 hours they didn't arrive 
so we decided to stay and see if they came for the 1.15pm flight.  We 
were so tired.  Having waited at the airport from 1.00am in the 
morning and not having slept for over 30 hours our reward finally 
came.  First we saw Dave but he didn't stop for us but I got a 
photograph with the cool guitar tech cause I wanted to thank him for 
the guitar.  

Then we saw Johnny and I went to him and he was like wow you girls are 
here. I told him that we had been waiting since one in the morning 
without sleep for 30 hours and he said "Oh wow". I then asked him if 
he saw us at the show and his exact words to me were "Yeah we girls were in the front row. I felt so bad that we couldn't 
get to you.   Thank you guys for coming to the show.   And this 
morning we were wondering where you were and here you are".   He was 
so happy to see us.  I think the guys got such a buzz out of the fact 
that we were there to say goodbye.  I just said thank you to John and 
asked if I could get a photograph with him  and he said "sure come 
here"  (I swear practically everything the guys said is embedded in my 
head!!!)  So I took a photo with him and then I asked if I could get 
one kissing him and he said sure and then we kissed for about 10 
seconds but no one took the photo so he said we would do it again and 
we did and I got the photo.  I was in awe and I asked him to sign my 
Hold Me Up cd - the first goo cd I got.  So he did!!!  I thanked him 
again and he was like no problem.  Kylie asked John if we were pissing 
him off and he said "no  of course you're not pissing us off".  It was 
so funny because the tour manager just said "here are your girls 
again".  So we were all getting our photos with Johnny when all of a 
sudden Mike and Robby appear.  I asked Robby for a photo and if he 
could sign the cd and he obliged.  The guys were so friendly to us and 
they made us feel so comfortable.  We never felt nervous with them.  
We joked with them openly.    The next part is the coolest.  We wanted 
to have a group shot with John, Mike and Robby and the four of us and 
a shot with the three guys and Fiona's cool mum.  We thought it 
wouldn't happen but thanks to Fiona's mum John came back and the four 
of them took a picture and then John said group shot and we all went 
in and Fiona's mum just snapped away.  It was awesome.   John had one 
arm each around Kylie and I.  It was the one shot that we really 
wanted!!!!  The guys were amazing to us.    They then left and we said 
our goodbyes until Nathan walked up to us and I asked him for a photo 
and I got it.   He is the coolest guy!!!  We waited for them to go 
through the terminal and as Nathan and Mike walked in Kylie yelled out 
for one more wave and Nathan waved and Mike posed for us in the foor. 
 It was the best.

So after 30 hours of no sleep they were gone!!!  :-(

The weekend was the best time I ever had.  The goos are great guys and 
I have so much respect for them and for the way they treat their fans. 
  We asked John at the airport if they were coming back to do more 
concerts and John said in six months.  I can't wait for it.  It was 
the most memorable time.   John,  Robby and Mike  (and Nathan) are the 
nicest guys.  And all their support crew were so friendly to us.    

I want to thank them for the best weekend ever!!!!!

Monica's Pictures from the weekend!

Monica, Fiona, Mike, Amber, Nathan, Kylie

Monica, Kylie, Fiona, Amber

The autographed guitar neck

Monica, Nathan, Fiona

Monica, John, Amber, Fiona