JAY LENO!!!  Alright, lemme just say that if you go to Jay Leno, you'll get 
to meet ALL the goos for sure! I've met them all twice both times at Jay Leno 
tapings.   Ok, so my friends and I got there and it was soooooo boiling hot 
but we didn't care b/c we wanted to see the Goos really up close! :)  After 
about 2 hours of waiting, we were finally let in!   We screamed for all the 
goos every time Jay would say, "and tonight, the goo goo dolls!"  But after 
listening to the air head from American Pie (sorry if anyone likes her, but 
she didn't seem very intellegent)  and the politician, we were READY to see 
all the guys on stage!  Finally Jay says, and next, a performance from the 
goo goo dolls.  So,,,they came on and they were AMAZING as always!  Robby and 
Johnny were as always rockin out to a song which is very hard to rock out to 
and mike was looking as rad as always! (not to mention dave and nathan)  So 
after they didn't get interviewed by Jay, they left and went backstage.   

My friends and I ran outside, and I took them all to the office where you can 
just walk right through and into the studio's back entrances.  SOOO we saw 
all the goo's stuff and walked inside to the hall and into the backstage 
area.  When,,,suddenly robby walks by and I yell, "hey robbie!! what's up! I 
love your guys' music!" and he was being a punk and said thanks and kept 
walking. :( Then, Mike came out and I yelled " hey Mike! " and he's like 
"hey! how are you? you enjoy the show?" and I of course I said hell yeah and 
then somehow..I forget HOW this got started we were talking about good places 
to eat around there,,,,and he said that he just ate the best sushi he's ever 
had last night! and I was talking to him about it and saying anything to keep 
him interested in talking..  Then I told him that he's awsome and that I 
think he's a rad drummer.  He, being shy mike, says thanks! You want me to 
sign somethin"? and he signed my purse and my CD cover and took a picture 
with me! :) 

Then he's like, you wanna meet johnny and I was like sure! I met 
him already last time but I'd love to meet him agian! and so he went into the 
backstage part and out comes johnny who of course gets pounced on by all 
these girls and then he and mike walked over to me and I got johnny to sign 
some stuff and all of us took pictures, And then johnny says "let's go get 
some sushi to mike" and I started laughing and we started talking about 
stupid sushi again. ANyways, then they were like, so ya coming to any of our 
concerts! And I said YEaH! i'll be at all three down here in CAlifornia! And 
they said that was really kool! And that if they saw me they'd say hi! SO i 
was stoked and then they said good-bye b/c there were LOTS of fans waiting!   
That is my marvelous goo encounter all thanks to Jay Leno.