Ok.  I went to the Portland concert on Sunday.  It was sooo great.  I went
like 5 hours early to make sure I would have a good place in line, but when I
got there me and my friend were the only ones there!  So... we waited around
in the parking lot by their tour bus then like 10 minutes later John walked
by, and I froze up!  But he still said hey... then he walked by a couple more
times and so did Mike.  I want to kill myself now for not talking to
them...but I was too nervous at the time!  So... later Robby came out, and I
wasn't going to say anything to him but he came up and started talkin to me!
He asked me how I was and I said cold.  And he told me to shake his hand.  He
chatted for a bit, and I think I was too stunned to say anything.  I did get
his autograph though.  He was sooo sweet!  After that, I saw John get into a
car to go out to eat and I decided to go wait in line.  When I got there, I
was one of like six people.  I got bored so I went back to where the tour bus
was and sat on a couch.  Then this guy came out and said we weren't spose to
be there, but he would try and let us in first so we would get good spots.
        I was the first one in LaLuna and stood in the front middle.  Perfect!
Buffalo Tom came on, they were very good.  Then out came the Dolls!  People
were freaking out!  They played Dizzy and when they were done John pointed at
me and asked me if I was happy, and said that I didn't look happy.  Then I
said I was happy and he smiled at me and it made me smile.  Then he said, oh
good you smiled.  So they played for a while... and everyone was jumping and
screaming and having fun (some moshing)  I was just standing there cause I'm
shy I guess.  He threw me his hat, but i didn't see it and the security guard
took it.  When he sang Iris he looked at me most of the time.  It made me feel
sooo special!  I think it was cause I was right infront of him!  lol.  Robby
kept on staring at me through his hair and it made me laugh.  
        The concert was great!  I can't wait to see them again.  Awesome performers!
Mike too!  I forgot about him.  I got him to smile at me twice!  lol.  Sooo...
anyone who goes to a Goo show will not regret it!  Thanks Goo Goo Dolls for
making it the best night of my life!  So far!