OK.  For all of you that don't know me, I'm Mika.  I'm sure it would be nice 
to meet you  (*:  I'm 15...and now I'm sure that Rakel and I have to be the 
most devoted Goo Goo Dolls fans in Washington lol.  Rakel and I met online 
and decided to meet up and go to The San Diego, Los Angeles, and Mountain 
View shows.  I flew down to San Diego on the 17th.  The flights were all 
delayed so after I met Rakel at the hotel we were pretty late to the concert 
and were in a long line.  Regardless we ended up up front when fastball came 
on.  I don't know how that happened!  Fastball was awesome and the drummer 
kept looking at me!  His name is Joey and he's really cute!  Sugar Ray 
was...well Sugar Ray.  I have nothing to say about them really.  The Goo Goo 
Dolls rocked that night!  I have always been infatuated with Johnny ... just 
like a lot of you reading this review now...but after this show I went like 
Robby crazy!  He is so cool.  I could just tell.  I mean, I've always adored 
him, but the more and more I see him the more and more into him I get.  He 
would look at me and make faces that would make me smile  ( :  The crowd was 
a little rude...there were a few pretty nice guys up front.  The people were 
probably actually really cool when they weren't in the circumstances of 
fighting for the front.  People were getting pulled out left and right.  When 
the show was over all I could think about was getting a drink.  I had spent 
so much time getting ready and was now litterally drenched in people's sweat, 
bruised...and really really thirsty.  I'm sure Rakel and I were a site lol.  
I lost my watch and some hair things and when I went to look for my watch 
some guy came up to me and handed me a GooPick.  I thanked him, I think he 
worked there.  So afterwards we went to leave... didn't get to meet them but 
I had 2 more shows to go so I wasn't too worried.

So we had somewhat of a break before the concert in LA.  On the 20th we went 
to Macy's and got out makeup at Channel... it was OK lol.  So we went to the 
show and I looked at the goos tour bus when I got there.  I met the girl.. 
Jenn I think who owns the John Rzeznik site.  Our seats were 5th row so that 
was cool.  I bought a Goo shirt and stickers they're cool.  Some of the 
people sitting by us were really nice.  There were two sisters behind us that 
we talked to and a girl next to me and then some abnoxious guy that didn't 
appreciate my bubble blowing!  The show was good, but by this time I didn't 
feel well at all.  I knew I was getting sick from lack of sleep.  Wayyy... 
too much excitment for me.  I just went back to the hotel and to bed and 
cried cause it didn't look like I was going to meet them.  I didn't even know 
what I was doing on this goo trip to California.  I was having second thoughs 
ya know... nothing the goos did.  They rocked again!  I guess I was just 
expecting to meet them.  

So we had to wake up early the next morning and catch a flight to San Fran.  
I woke up late and with a fever...I was sooo weak, I didn't even want to go, 
so I just threw all my stuff in my bags and left without even looking in the 
mirror hardly.  (very unlike me lol)  So our flight was canceled and we flew 
into San Jose.... I think.  Rakel got me to get ready finally and we went to 
the Mountain View concert.  

We got there and met fastball and talked to them a lot.  I met a lot of 
really cool people that I plan to keep in touch with.  I talked to some of 
the security guards a lot.  Anyways... we managed to get aftershow party 
passes which was really really great.  (special thanks to the people who 
worked on that for us)  I got lots of opprotunities to chat with fastball 
while waiting.  They are some of the neatest guys.  And great sounds!  Go get 
their CD everyone!  haha.  So this show was the best!  John was like 
radiating....and Robby is always sooo cool and himm can't think of the right 
word for him, but they both leave a really lasting impression.  Mike rules of 
coarse too in my opinion.  But they are my favorate band so I'm biast lol. 

So when the show was over we went backstage.  I feel like I'm the luckiest 
girl in the world.  I got to meet my idols.  I do not and didn't take it for 
granted at all.  How many people get that chance?  I'm just lucky that the 
people I look up to the most are such great guys.  Robby remembered me and 
Mike remember Rakel.  That was really cool for us.  John was really busy, but 
it was great.  We got picture and I got all of their autographs on my Goo Goo 
Dolls shirt I was wearing.  I thank my lucky stars for everything.  They were 
all incredably gracious and I have a new view of them now.  Thankyou John 
Robby and Mike for having such a wonderful affect on my life.