OH MY GOSH! I went to the Columbia concert last night that definitely ROCKED! I'll type up a review later. Anyways, I felt the urge to tell about my GOO encounters! I got at the Township Auditorium at around 12 hoping to get to meet them. Asking around, I found out they should arrive around 4pm. I waited by the gate where they would pull in for what seems like forever and then they finally did.

Johnny got off first and gladly came over for autographs and pics. I got my pic w/ him along with several other pics, and got him to sign my Guild Gallery, Buffalo Beat, poster from the BB Australian Import, and my Hold Me Up cd. He didn't even know what the poster was so I had to explain it was from the import. I also gave him a Elmo keychain which he was about to sign but I was like no that's for you! Then he was like oh cool ya know I taped sesame street w/ elmo last week , and I'm like I KNOW! So he goes back inside and we see Robby get out but he explains he's gotta go do soundcheck and then he'll be back. He came back and I got a pic w/ him along with he signed my Superstar Carwash and my shoe,lol.

Then Nathan came out and I got him to sign my shirt. Finally Mike came out and he signed my shirt and I got a pic w/ him. I'm pretty sure Dave never came out for autographs, but I left to buy Pez so I wouldn't know. Ok well the concert was great, Johnny threw a guitar pic right at me, and then later he threw me his bracelet!!! It's one w/ Japanese symbols on it. Afterwards I asked the guy on stage to give me Johnny's setlist and he did. Then afterwards we left and ended up getting right behind the tourbus! They were going the exact same way we were so we were behind them all the way home. Then the bus got off at an exit and stopped at the gas station we did! I saw Mike get out but he didn't go inside. Johnny got out w/ a black hat and black DUTG jacket on. He went inside and I went inside too to get a coke and whatnot. This other girl I met off the list(hi Amy!) who lives in the town I do went in too, she had been in the car right behind us.

We both got the newspaper w/ Johnny's pic in it. And she went back there to him where he was hitting a bag of ice on the floor, and she asked for him to sign the pic. He did and he signed mine as well. He was really nice about letting us get pics w/ him. Johnny was buying vienna sausages and all these other can foods, and this other guy off the bus was buying doughnuts. Well we all got back on the road and they were still going the same way as us. We get off at the N. Augusta exit and surprisingly enough they did too! They pulled into another gas station, but we went on home. ALL IN ALL IN AWESOME NIGHT!!! sorry so long, there's more to tell but I'll say it later