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Wow, what a weekend !!!  Let me start from the very beginning ...... 

I left work early to meet up with Fiona, Amber & Monica.  We all met at
the Palais (the venue the Goos were playing).  When I got there, Fiona &
Amber were there and Monica was running late.  We were just hanging around
the side entrance where all the roa dcrew were working and they were so
friendly towards us.  They came up to us and started chatting and stuff
and then Robby's guitar technician gave Amber, Fiona & I one of Robby's
guitar picks (it actually has Goo Goo Dolls written on it too, it's
awesome ).  Then about 5 minutes later, Monica rocks up, so unfortunately
she missed out (but she got something better ... read on).  So anyway, we
hung around ALL DAY and the road crew were great towards us and even came
out told us that their plane had been del ayed and they wouldn't be here
until 5:00pm so we could go get something to eat or whatever.  But none of
us wanted to leave our post (just incase we missed something).  So then at
like practically 5:00pm on the dot, the Taragos pull up.  I looked at John
ny inside the van and thought to myself *oh my god, they really are real*. 
So anyway, they all got out of the taragos and went to go inside to do
soundcheck, so I asked Johnny if we could get some photos and he's like
*Sure*, so he stayed outside and got
 photos with us while Robby, Mike, Nathan & Dave went inside.  I was just
stoked, couldn't believe how nice he was and how absolutely perfectly
gorgeous he is !!!  So we stayed there and listened to them do soundcheck
which sounded great.  Then Johnny's g uitar technician comes out with the
neck of one of Johnny's guitars that he smashed the last gig and says to
us *OK girls, I've got Johnny's guitar neck here and I'll ask you a little
trivia question and whoever gets it right get it*.  So he asks *It's on e
of the guy's birthday today, who?* And I'm thinking to myself *Oh god,
well I know it's not Johnny, Robby or Mike*, but then Fiona says Nathan
and then it's like obviously Dave, but Monica yelled it just a second
before I did, so that was great though,
 she got to keep Johnny's guitar neck.  Then after the sound check we were
just sitting there and this roller door was going up and I just stood
there in front of it to see what was happening and all of a sudden
Johnny's just standing there starting at me .  I got the fright of my life
'cos I didn't expect him to be standing there and I have just gone *hugh*
(I don't know how to spell the noise you make when you get a fright) 
Anyway, it was really quite funny 'cos then I just turned away and then
the door
 went back down.  I think about it now and it's hysterical, but at the
time I thought *Oh god, he much think I'm an idiot !!!* Then they all came
out again (except Robby) and I got a photo with Mike.  Amber asked Mike
where Robby was but he wasn't going out to dinner with them, he was
staying there.  So Amber was pretty disappointed and was thinking *I'm
never gonna meet Robby*, but I promised her she would !  I was prepared to
go all out for this tour and we were gonna meet them all !!! 

OK, so now it's time for the show !!!  We were all so hyped up and
couldn't wait any longer.  We had to bloody sit through this stupid
support act they had ... Bachelor Girl ... don't know if any of you have
heard of them, but they suck.  So while they we re on, we were all just
hanging out for the Goo and it seemed like they were on stage forever.  Me
& my friend Rhonda (who's not on the list) were 6 rows from the front,
Monica & Amber were 8 rows from the front and Fiona & her Mum, Maria (who
is sooooo c ool) were 6 rows from the front on the other side of Rhonda &
I.  So it was a bit disappointing we were all separated but that didn't
last long.  I was getting really nervous as the time got closer and just
hitting Rhonda 'cos I didn't know what else to d o, I just wanted them on
stage right now !!!!  Amber asked the security guard if we could come down
the front, but he said *No*.  So we were so angry, we just wanted to all
be down the front.  So as soon as the lights dimmed, my heart nearly fell
out of m y mouth, I just couldn't believe it, the time had finally
arrived.  Anyway, so Rhonda & I just jump up and stand on our seats and
were just going mental.  Then at the end of the song we got told off for
stand on our seats, so then I stood in the isle and just wanted to run
down the front but was scared of being thrown back right in front of the
guys (how embarrassing that would have been).  But then they played Long
Way Down (my favourite song) and I just went sick and just wanted to run. 
About half way through the song the guy next to Rhonda walked past us and
went down the front, so then Rhonda just pushed me and said *GO !!!*, so I
just charge down the front and was like *Oh god, this is just the best*. 
So Rhonda & I are then only ones who had run, t he next minute Amber &
Monica come charging down, it was sooo cool.  So we were just going off. 
The guys totally acknowledged us straight away, it was so cool.  Amber & I
were just going sick hanging over the barrier just singing our hearts out. 
John ha d his eyes closed a lot of the time, but definitely looked at us. 
Robby paid us the most attention, especially when he was singing and we
were just so pumped and he loved it.  I swear we were the only ones who
knew the words to every single song they san g and they guys knew it, they
loved it. 

I got Johnny's set list after the show (with his foot print in it), so
here it is : 

Dizzy, Long Way Down, Lazy Eye, Slide, Black Balloon, Bullet Proof, Naked,
Name, January Friend, Fallin' Down, Full Forever, Broadway, Another Second
Time, Flat Top, Iris, Burnin' Up, Hate This Place, 2 Days in February. 

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE NIGHT were first of all when 4 people in the front row
were sitting down and Johnny stopped the show for about 5 minutes and was
just saying to them *Why are you sitting down?  Did your Mum tell you that
you had to come or she would kick
 your ass* Did you win these seats?  Do you even like our band?  It was so
funny, he was embarrassing them (they obviously weren't fans).  Next
highlight was when Robby sang *Full Forever* and practically sang the
whole song to us, Amber & I were just ha nging over the rail going sick
and he was just singing it to us man, god it was awesome.  Next one was
when they played *Name* he never told the story before it, so when it
kinda got quiet towards the end of the song, we all start yelling out
*Tell us the
 name story* and Johnny goes to Amber *What, you wanna a scary story?* And
we're like *No, tell us the name story* and he said *OK, you asked for
it*.  So he totally stops the song and told us.  It was great, I think he
was impressed we even knew there w as a story behind it all.  So then he
goes ahead and tells the story which went on for about 10 minutes.  It was
great, it was the longest version I've ever heard.  We were all pissing
ourselves laughing, we must have been the only ones who knew what the hell
he was on about.  Robby was really cute, he was laughing his head off, I
think I spent most of the time looking at Robby while Johnny was telling
the story 'cos Robby was just pissing himself laughing.  Amber said that
Nathan was pissing himself laug hing too (but I wasn't looking).  And I
guess the last one was when someone from the audience threw a stuffed
sheep on stage during the encore which Johnny came back on stage with and
put it on the side of the stage.  So during the last song :( *2 Days in
 February* Johnny grabs the sheep and he and Robby sit on the floor and
start talking to the sheep and cracking jokes and stuff, it was absolutely
hysterical.  So they stay on the floor and sing, it was so cute. 

I couldn't believe it had finished, I wanted more !!!! 

Anyway, so we go to try and catch them again but there are heaps of people
hanging around the door and we thought there is no way we're gonna get
them there, so I said we should try and follow the taragos and at least
find out where they're staying.  So w e get my car and park around the
front and sit and wait for them to drive by.  But Fiona wanted to hang
around the side and see what was happening, so she did that and was gonna
come running back when they were leaving.  So Amber, Monica, Rhonda & I
are j ust sitting in my car listening to Goo CD's while we wait.  Next
thing Fiona comes running around the corner and jumps in the car and is
like *They're out, they're leaving, quick ... drive !!!* So we go hooning
around the corner and are now waiting just behind the taragos and see them
get in and then this security guys stands in front of me to block the
traffic and I'm like *Get the hell outa my way !!!* I don't know how I did
it or what happened, but next thing, we're driving behind them.  So we
 them for ages and Dave was in the back seat and kept looking around and
stressing me out and after a while I felt really bad and stupid and
thought they'd hate us for following them, so we all decide to stop the
chase and just hope for the best that we f ind them again.  So we head
towards the city 'cos that was the general direction they were headed and
I'm driving along this street and I said to the girls *I may as well check
the Regency 'cos that's just up ahead*.  So I'm driving along and next
minute I see the tarago on the other side of the road headed towards us
and I'm *Oh god, there's the tarago*, next thing I look at the entrance of
the Regency and go *Oh god, there's Johnny*.  It all happened too quickly
so I just parked my car (illegally) and w e all jump out.  Johnny was
really cool and stuck around for photos and autographs.  This was when I
kissed him!!!!  I got a picture signed and said to Rhonda *I'm gonna ask
him for a kiss so make sure you get a photo*, so I went up to him and
asked and h e was very obliging.  But Rhonda had missed it, so I said to
him *I'm sorry Johnny, but I've gotta get a photo of this, can we do it
again?* and he's like *Sure*, so this time it went on for about 10 seconds
(doesn't sound like a long time, but it definit ely felt like a long time)
- thanx to Rhonda 'cos she couldn't get the photo 'cos someone was in her
way, so we had to stay with our lips stuck together 'till she got the
photo.  Ha !!!  It was amazing !!!  And after he went inside, I just
looked at Rhond a with this big smile on my face and then my legs
collapsed from under me and fell on the ground dragging Rhonda with me. 
It was hysterical, we were rolling in the ground and I was like *Oh god,
that was amazing* and I was licking my lips.  Pretty pathet ic you all may
say, but it was truly the best moment of my life !!!! 

So after we all calmed down (I just have to mention that it's just the 4
of us there again, we had them to ourselves practically the whole time),
we sat down and started talking about the show and stuff.  Next minute
Mike comes out from the hotel to sign stuff and get photos.  He is just so
nice and friendly and just has this cute simile on his face all the time. 
I used to play drums, so I have this drum stick which I kept when I gave
it up and have got all the drummers I have met to sign it, so I got Mi ke
to sign it too, it's soooooo cool !!!  So then we all sit down again and
poor Amber is just devastated that she STILL hasn't got to meet her Robby,
but I promise her again that she will meet him.  When the next thing,
Monica just sits there and says *O H MY GOD*, and she's just like staring
ahead of her and so we all turn around and Wow, it's Robby !!!  Yay !!! 
So we all get up and he just looks at Amber with this huge smile on his
face and gives her the biggest hug !!!  I was sooo happy for her.  He s
tuck around for a while until everyone had what they wanted (as in photos
and autographs I mean ... LOL)  He gave us all a hug, I assume he's big on
hugs, I think it's great that he does that.  So we were all stoked after
that, we had met Johnny & Mike tw ice and Robby once.  So we get home
about 3am and of course couldn't sleep 'cos all I could think of was
John's lips ... LOL !!!  And woke up at 6:20am and couldn't get back to
sleep 'cos I was once again thinking of John's lips.  So anyway, I just
decide d to get up and get ready for our next adventure. 

OK, it's 10:00am on the Saturday morning now and Amber, Monica, Fiona & I
have all met at the hotel again to catch them before they go to the
Backyard BBQ (bitch !!!!)  But this time there are about 12 little teeny
boppers there.  So of course we're pisse d off.  But when the guys came
out, Johnny saw us and just came straight up to us.  I got another photo
with Johnny ... eeeeiiiiiiii.  And the tour manager just rushed them along
'cos they were running late, but Johnny just wanted to sign stuff.  He got
t old by the manager *no more* about 3 times I think, but he just kept
signing stuff (I was very impressed).  It was really funny 'cos as he got
in the tarago I had a really cool view of his ass so I was gonna take a
photo but then someone got in my way so I didn't worry about it.  Then
about 10 second later he opens the door and goes *Did you try and take a
photo of my ass?* with his cute little grin on his face and I just smiled
and turned my head with embarrassment (my second embarrassing moment with
Joh nny...oh well.)  Anyway, Monica decides to ring the airlines and try
and find out what flights there are to New Zealand (which is where they
were headed next), so she found out that the last flight today (Saturday)
was at 7:40pm and there was no way they could make that 'cos they were
gonna be on Hey Hey at that time, so we now know that they are gonna be
here for the rest of the day and night and this is just never gonna end. 
I had plans for that Saturday night which of course I cancelled 'cos we
though t they'd be leaving after Hey Hey.  Then she finds out the flights
for tomorrow ... 9:05am, 1:15pm & 5:15pm.  So then we went and got
something to eat and just vegged until it was time for the Backyard BBQ to
be broadcast live on the radio and we came up to my work and listened to
it so we could tape it.  They sounded great, but you wouldn't believe who
it was who won the competition ... this old fat ugly lady who had kids and
the majority of the people who were there were little kids.  God, call me
a bit ch, but I was soooo pissed off about that, it should have been us
!!!  Anyway, so then we go back to the hotel and nothing's happening
there, we just thought that they may have come back after the BBQ before
they went to do Hey Hey It's Saturday, but they
 didn't.  So we head off to the studio and there are like heaps of little
teeny boppers hanging around the entrances waiting for the guys.  But we
had tickets so we were OK.  We heard them rehearsing for the show from
outside and were the first ones in so
 we got front row !!!  It was really funny 'cos we all got the same
T-Shirt from the concert and all agreed to wear it.  So there's the 4 of
us sitting in the front row with the same T-Shirt on, it looked really
good.  They showed us on TV which was prett y cool but when the guys came
on we were so far away from them, we were all disappointed.  The set was
really small so we figured we would be close, but when they introduced the
guys the back of the set opens up and then there they are ... way over
there !!!  Oh well, it didn't matter 'cos they knew we were there.  How
could you not !!!  We were the ones screaming our heads off and plus 'cos
we were front row and the only ones actually moving in our seats !!!  They
first of all sang *Slide* and then they came back and sang *Dizzy* which
just went totally off, the guys were just different in their performance
when they sang it.  And when they finished it, Fiona yells out *Go Robby*
and he waved.  It was really good, but no where near as good as we all
thou ght it would be.  So we go back to the hotel, kinda disappointed, but
still wanna catch them again.  There was no one around and we had no idea
where they might have gone and we were all hungry ('cos I swear none of us
had been eating much or sleeping and
 were all the time feeling sick !!!).  So we go and get something to eat
and have a few beers.  When we come back to the hotel, all of them are
sitting at the bar (which we're not allowed into 'cos we're not guests of
the hotel ... damn it !!!).  So we ki nda just muck around outside and
hope that something will happen.  Then Nathan & Mike and the cool roadie
(John's guitar tech) come out and we get a photos and autographs again. 
But this time, we actually kinda hang with them and talk.  It was really
coo l.  I know you guys told us that Nathan was really nice, but didn't
expect it.  I don't know why, I just didn't expect any of them to be as
nice as they were.  They were just great and god, Nathan is a really honey
(don't you think girls? .. mmmm, real cu te).  So after that, we don't
really wanna keep hanging around the hotel so I suggest we just go
straight to the airport and do an all nighter ('cos I couldn't be bothered
driving home, probably having 2 hours sleep and then coming back).  So off
we go to
 the airport !!!  This is another adventure in itself !!! 

OK, the cool roadie told us that they were leaving early Sunday morning,
so we figure it's the 9:05am flight.  We get to the airport at 1:00am
(yeah, I think we are MAD !!!) and basically just muck around 8 hours !!!! 
NO SLEEP !!!  Anyway, it gets to 8:3 0am and still no sign of them, then
it's 8:45am, final boarding call.  SHIT !!!  We either missed them or
they're on the next flight.  So we decide to stick around, what the heck. 
The only problem is, Fiona's flight back to Adelaide is at 11:15am.  So Fi
ona's mum, being the cool mum she is, let's Fiona stay and changes the
flight so she can stay !!!  Lucky 'cos they were on the 1:15pm flight.  So
during our extra 4 hour wait, we just had a few beers and mucked around
again, fell like the airport was our home ... LOL.  Anyway, we have
Fiona's mum (Maria) standing at the front waiting for the taragos and
we're all at the International gate.  Maria says to us that she will ring
Monica's mobile phone when they are coming.  So we're all just sitting
there and
 then the phone rings.  We're like OH GOD.  So Dave and a couple of the
roadies walk by.  What's with Dave?  He's weird and he didn't want
anything to do with us.  Anyway, the phone rings again, we're like OK,
this is it !!!  So we're just standing there and the tour managers walks
up and turns to Johnny and says *Look, it's your girls*.  Can you believe
it !!!  So Johnny's apologising for not saying goodbye to us, he wanted to
say goodbye at Hey Hey 'cos he saw us up the front but they wouldn't let
 He is just a sweety.  So we get more photos and autographs with all of
them !!!  Got a great group shot of the 4 of us with the 3 of them.  Mate,
it's awesome.  OK, I have to tell you my personal great experience when we
were getting our photos taken.  I
 was on the end with Johnny and he had his arm around me, Maria is taking
the photo and she just keeps clicking away, then for some bizarre reason,
Johnny & I think that she's done taking photos so we walk off and we're
still got our arms around each othe r.  I'm just laughing and he says to
me *did she take the photo?* I said *yeah, she was just clicking away, she
took heaps* and he laughs and then the tour manager says to us ('cos we're
not with the group anymore) *hey, we're not done with the photos*, s o we
walk back to the group (still with our arms around each other ... sorry to
brag, but I just have to) and the next lot of photos we're just in the
background.  Anyway, so that's all done and I turn to him and say
something like *Thank you so much for coming to Australia, your show just
rocked, it was great and thank you for everything* and then we just kiss
and he holds my hand and says *That's OK sweetie*.  And then he was gone
:( but what a lasting memory I will have.  I just could have melted, he w
as adorable !!!  The others stuck around a bit longer, even Nathan, he
wanted his photo taken too !!!  He is excellent, what a dood !!!  So that
was it ... MY WEEKEND FULL OF GOO!!!  It was the best weekend of my life
and I will never forget it as long as I live.  And the good news is that they ar
e coming back by the end of the
year and it's gonna be even better next time !!!

Kylie's Pictures from the weekend!

Kylie and Robby

Kylie and Mike

Kylie and John

Kylie and John

Kylie and John