After months and months of *dizzy* anticipation, my Goo-trip was finally underway. I flew halfway across the U.S. for these two shows, and I was hoping for some fun! Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Steph, Joe, Carrie, Falan, Niki, or so many other of the Goo-bers I wanted to. I did, however, hook up with Kelly from the list before the Raleigh show. Our mutual friend dropped us off at The Ritz about 5:45 p.m. Much to our chagrin, a looong line had already formed. We went up to sit on the steps, and, thanks to the powers that be, when the doors opened we were still able to rush right up front. We positioned ourselves squarely between Johnny and Robby's mike stands, with only a girl named Rai (sp?) between us and the barricade. The crowd at The Ritz was exceptional!!! No pushing or shoving like there was at the OKC show (or like there was to be in MB!) The New Rads came out, and although they were very good, that wasn't who I was there to see!!! I made it through their set, though, and before long, out came Goo!!!! I won't bore you with a fashion report or set list since that's already been done by others. All I can say is, the Goos get better with each live show I see!!!

Especially memorable for me was the fact that the SSCW era was well-represented. John sang "Fallin' Down" and Robby sang my second favorite song, "Another Second Time Around." Robby was HILARIOUS throughout the night!!! He kept walking over to our side making these crazy, eyes-bugging-out faces at all of us! And if we got quiet, he'd walk over and look at all of us, like, "What's the deal?" Then, if we started yelling, he'd smile like he was satisfied and wander away again. I believe that Johnny mentioned Joe from the list, cuz he said something about "my buddy from Buffalo." It's so cool how they remember their friends/fans. This was my favorite of the two shows.

Upon arriving in Myrtle Beach on Friday, a thick fog settled in. I didn't even get to go to the beach! :-( Kelly, her boyfriend John, and I went to the HOB for dinner, then left for a little while. By the time we got back, there was no way we could get down front, so we stood to the right side of the stage by the bar. We still had a pretty good view, but at the time, were disappointed not to be front and center. When the Goos came out, however, and we heard about all the fighting, we were glad to be in our safe haven!!! Despite the tension due to the immaturity of the crowd, our boys sounded wonderful!!!! It is soooo good to hear more of Robby!!! He only sang a few songs at the first show I saw in OKC, but at these two shows, he sang sooo much more!!! The HOB show featured lots of older songs, too, and saw "Fallin' Down" replaced with "Stop The World." I don't think the boys had near as much fun at this show as they did the night before. When will people learn that fighting at a concert is not a GOO-d thing? Grow up!!! (I'm off my soapbox now! lol...)

The excitement of my Goo-trip still hasn't worn off, and I've been home for over a week now!!! I highly recommend at least one Goo pilgrimage to any diehard fan. It's an experience you won't soon forget! I had a blast, and made a great new Goo-ber friend (Kelly!) Now, if I can just make it one more week, I get to see 'em play again, in Fayetteville!!! Am I hooked or what?!?!