the first time i saw the dolls was in '91 or '92. my memory fails me right
now. but anyway,it was at the continental. the bar that they grew up playing
at in was packed,the album to date was hold me up so they had a
decent following by now. this was the best show i have ever seen by the 

the best part of the show was during the song 'different light' when they come
to the stop part of the song (if you know the song you know what i'm talkin
about) and they all just hang out for a few seconds .then johhny and robby
start saying "ya know,we've been playing this song for years now and every
time we get to that part we think we should stop and do something but we never
know what to do...but now we know what to do..." so george gets out from
behind the drums and comes to the front of the stage .meanwhile johnny just
pulled out an accordian from the side of the stage. and robby gets out two
pair of boxing gloves for him and george. so while johnny plays the
accordian,goerge and robby have a quick boxing match. then after that ,they
finish 'different light". it was one of the funniest things i've ever seen...