hey everyone!!!!!! i am SOoOoOoOOoooOOoo on a GOO high right now!! today has
been the bEsT day of my whole summer!!!!!! i MET THE GOO GOO DOLLS....
finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after all the years and months and days and
minutes that i've known this band!! my ultimate DREAM has come true!!! i MET
the GOOs!!!!!!!!!! it was the greatest minutes of my life!!! so where should
i start???!!! well... i went down with my friend Christine. we went downtown
(i'm from Toronto) today to see them at the radio station, edge 102.  we had
no idea what we were doing cuz the station had announced before that they
were gonna be at a SECRET LOCATION.  we had no idea that the GOOs were gonna
be at MuchMusic until about 20 before the actual interview. so we got our
butts running over to the Chum City building (studios) and we were part of
that crowd who was stranded outside..but AFTER the interview, they came out
the back parking lot where their van was...and we got to meet them! it
lasted about 10 minutes...but that was A BIG ten minutes! every second... :)
awwww...the GOOs are great great guys. they LOVE to meet their fans and they
look so humble when they see a whole bunch of crazy maniacs screaming their
names!!! :D  they were all very very sweet, nice, smiley, happy guys. :) i
had a blast meeting them and they were so easy to talk to... i thought i was
gonna pass out right then and there...

but after the MuchMusic interview...me and my friend went to the Eaton
Centre for some errands and we looked at our clocks and decided that we
should head back to the radio station trailer and check to make SURE to see
if the SECRET LOCATION was really the edge trailer or not. and guess what??
we were right!! we walked toward the trailer and from afar, we spotted their
van!!! WE RAN LIKE MANIACS and right when we got there, we saw them outside
with a little crowd of ppl. it was a much smaller crowd than the one at
MuchMusic. :) :) so we had a chance to talk to the guys this time. :) Johnny
was like, "hey i know you guys!"   the GOOs just MADE my whole summer!!!

!!!!!GOOs ROCK!!!!! i'll love 'em fOrEVER!!!

	- Jo