Well, how could one girl get so lucky to meet up with the Goos twice in one day??!! After the Buckhannon show, we headed straight for where the Goo's tour bus was parked. There were four Barney Fife-type, really old security guards outside "guarding" the bus, and only 4 younger girls waiting on the hillside for the Goos to come out. I asked the security guard if I could go up near the bus and wait for the Goos to come out, and he said, "Well, those girls are up there waiting, so I guess I can't tell you No!" So I went up on the hillside and started talking with the girls, telling them about our Goo Encounter earlier in the day. I'm not sure if they really believed me, but just a few minutes later, DAVE and MIKE came out of the building. I ran up to both of them, and told them how great the show was. Dave said, "Hey, Mike, look, its Elaine from the hotel today! Remember, you're going to do my taxes for me!" Mike said, "Hey, Elaine, great to see you again!" At that point, those other girls started yelling, "Look, she really does know them! They even know her name!" Dave stayed in the bus, but Mike hung out with the small crowd that was beginning to grow. We bought one of the new "Dizzy" tour T-shirts for our son, and I asked Mike to sign it, and he did.

I then decided to go and wait by the exit door for the other Goos to come out. As soon as I got there, JOHN and the Goo's road manager came out. John walks right up to me and says, "Hey, I remember you from the hotel today." I told him the show was great, but he said, "Oh, thanks, but I think it really sucked!" John then signed the T-shirt for my son and began signing everyone else's stuff with my permanent marker. I waited until he was free, and said, "John, that's my marker, could I have it back? And since you've used it for so long, how about a kiss?" He said, "Sure!" He gave me a big kiss on my cheek and a great big hug, and I gave him a kiss back on the cheek. My husband snapped some pictures of us, and as John was leaving to get back on the bus he said, "See you in Pittsburgh next month!"

Just then I turned around and ROBBY was standing there signing stuff for some other people. When it was my turn, he looked at me and said, "Hi there! I remember you from the hotel today!" I asked him to sign my son's T-shirt and he did. Robby then got on the bus and it was time for them to leave.