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Hey! I just wanted to write you a letter about my WONDERFUL,AMAZING, and ULTIMATE DREAM COME TRUE about when I met the Goo Goo Dolls on Thursday, April 1,1999.

My husband and I drove from our home in New Jersey to North Carolina to the Ritz Theater. It was over 600 miles and took about 7 hours to get there. I was so determined to meet them that I was not going to let anyone or anything get in my way! We got to the club early enough to catch the boys coming off the bus!!!!!!!! I have been a BIG GOO fan for so long and I have always dreamed of this moment!! I was really nervous too!

First I met Mike and he was such a cutie! He was just as tall as everyone said he is and he signed a picture and posed for a photo with me. Then Nathan came along and I got into what I like to call a "Goo sandwich"- a photo of me between Nathan and Mike! Then Robby came off the bus!!!!!! He was so sweet and so nice to me!!!!!! I said I love you Robby to him like 5 times and told him we drove all the way from New Jersey. He was really impressed. I told him how much his music met to me and he smiled for a few photos. He told me that Johnny was to come off the bus in 5 minutes and he was right!! THERE HE WAS!!!!!!!!!!!

He was even more beautiful in person that I ever imagined. They guys did an interview for a radio station and we just stood there and watched. When they were done, I ran over to Johnny!!!!!!He was smiling at me and I hugged him REALLLLLLLY tight! We talked for a couple of minutes. I told him I love you, I love your music, it means the world to me and that thanks to the Goos and the net, I found a best friend all the way in Australia. I just had to thank him for that-we have become the bests of friends because of this band. He said that was "COOL" and I gave him another really big hug and got in alot of photos with him.

It was all over so fast and the whole time I could feel my heart racing and pounding out of my chest- but I knew I had to maintain my composure infront of the guys. I let out the biggest scream once they left and we got back in our car!!! I couldnt help it! THIS WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!! The show rocked- I got right up front. I had eye contact with John and Robby all night long. Johnny held up the banner that I made and he loved it. I had the biggest grin on my face from the first note of Dizzy to the last note of 2 Days in Feb!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The show was soooo amazing that we decided to drive to Myrtle Beach and see them there too. I was SO EXCITED because they changed the set list a bit and played "Stop The World" and "Just The Way You Are"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was worth the extra 3 hours of driving! Not to mention staring up at Johns baby blue eyes while he was singing to me and holding my hand. ( I never wanted to wash it again!) Anyway I am on a such a GOO high right now I dont think I'll ever come down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deb's Pictures from the shows!

Deb & John

Deb & John

Deb & Robby

Mike, Deb, and Nathan