At the Hard Rock Café in Niagara Falls they were celebrating their First
Anniversary on August 6.  They were having a concert with Lance Diamond,
Star Kicker, and Soul Coughing.  Then the Goo Goo Dolls were going to make
an appearance to present the Hard Rock with a Double Platinum Album and an
autographed guitar.  

	When I got there Lance Diamond was getting on stage.  In between his set
the Robby and Johnny came on stage and presented the Album and Guitar.
They also premiered the Lazy Eye video at the Hard Rock.  They said a few
words and they left the stage.  But Robby went to a table off to the side
of the Café.  So I went over to the table with my camera and paper in hand.
 I took 2 pictures of Robby and I didn't want to impose and ask for an
autograph.  Instead I waited for another girl to ask for an autograph and
then I asked.  At this point I was so ecstatic to see him right in front of
me.  I got the autograph that I will cherish forever and I asked for a
picture with him, he said "Sure".  After that I was so thrilled to have
another one of his autographs and a picture with him.