Well, we got up early on Friday morning so we could all meet outside the 
Palais to greet the Goo's when they arrived from the aiport. It was the 
first time I had ever met Fiona and all us girls were way excited. 

So we waited and we waited and none of us wanted to leave our post in 
case they arrived when we were'nt there. Afte a while John and Robby's 
guitar techs came out with another roadie and they were talking to us, 
Robby's tech gave us Robby picks which went down well! I showed them my 
sign I made for Robby "VOTE #1 FOR ROBBY!" They thought it was funny and 
kept saying stuff like, "What? Vote number 7 for Robby?!" They were 

All through out the whole day we were waiting the staff were great to us 
and kept us updated on any goo movement, and after waiting all day with 
virtually no food and water, and I got sunburned!, we were told the the 
guys were delayed from the aiport and wouldn't be in until 5 pm. So they 
FINALLY got here and we were the only Goo fans around so we gave them a 
huge cheer and clapped for them but they were so tired they just wanted 
to get inside. 

John stayed out for some photos but I missed my Robby and was way 
disappointed. So we waited until they finished sound checking, which 
sounded great, and they came out to go to dinner. We got some great 
shots, well I hope so, of Dave and John and Mike and Nathan! 
And they started piling into the van, I 
grabbed Mike' s arm and said, "Where's Robby?" and he told me that he 
wasn't coming out to dinner. Then they drove off. I was so despondent, I 
wanted my Robby fix! 

So after a long day we finally get inside the Palais and get our Goo 
merchandise and make our way to our seats. Me and Monica were 8 rows 
from the front on the isle side of the left, Kylie and Rhonda were 6 
from the front on our right and Fiona I couldn't even find! I tried 
talking to the security guy and I asked what the odds would be of 
leaving our seats during the concert, he told me, really smart assed, 
"Well, that's what the seats are for." We tried to move to the front 
before the start but we got called back. 

The lights dim and out come Bachelor Girl, personally, I can't stand 
them so their set of about 6/7 songs felt like a life time. It was 
really funny b/c at that time Kylie and Rhonda sat in the seats next to 
me and Mon b/c they were emtpy. When Bachelor Girl came out Kylie yells, 
"Get off!! We want Goo!!" and it echoed through the quiet like you 
wouldn't believe!! We were in hysterics! 

Finally Goo time arrives and no-one is moving, I thought that this was 
really gonna bring the mood down, after the big Dave solo intro, Johnny 
comes charging out with Rob and yells, "Stand Up!!" So me and Mon jump 
to out feet, like the only ones first and pound to 'Dizzy', I'm on my 
chair and going off John looks over and looks pleased and the woman next 
to me grabbed my arm and went, "He saw you!!" I look over to Kylie and 
she's gone, next thing I look to the front and I see that she has 
already run down, so I grab Mon and charge down the front, I swear, the 
people just parted for me b/c next thing me and the girls have all 
fround out was to front row and we are hanging over the rails. We were 
the only ones, apart from someone down the front, who knew the words to 
all the songs. 

I showed Robby my sign! Ha ha! After a couple of songs, Kylie got the 
set list, she'll tell you what they were, John stops and walks to the 
front of the stage with Robby and asks these people next to us to why 
they aren't standing up and he says something like, "Why are you here? 
Did your momma tell you if you didn't go she would kiss your ass?! I've 
got money, Robby, do you have some?" He goes, "Yeah, I got money." 
"What's it gonna take for you guys to stand up?" Do you want a better 
seat? I can get chairs right up here on the stage OK?" So after he 
embarrassed the hell out of them they continued playing. It went off, 
big time!!

Robby was great, he kept looking at us like the entire time, pulling 
faces and singing at us. In Full Forever, he looked over at where me and 
Kylie were and waited for us to yell out the backing of "Someone's 
hell!" and he thought it was great! Nathan rocked and pulled faces too, 
the guys were really into it. 

So they start playing "Name" and John stopped in the middle but he 
didn't say the Name story, so me and the girls yell out, "Tell us the 
name story!" "What?" "Tell us the name story!" "You wanna hear a scary 
story?" "NO! Tell us the name story!" "Oh the name story, ok." So he 
stopped the whole friggin' song for us. We were laughing our heads off, 
Robby was chuckling at us really loud and Nathan sat down with a 
cigarette and a smile. John is a great story teller, he totally 
embellished on it and it went for ages! He told us what he was buying in 
the supermarket when he first heard it on the radio and he and Robby 
acted out a phone conversation they had when John rang up and said, "Oh 
Robby, *@#k!" And the letter he wrote back was hysterical, 'Dear Faggot, 
if you had really been listened to my song you would have realised that 
it is all about the disillusionment of our people and blah blah blah, 
love Johnny Rzeznik rock whore" (Something along those lines) But he 
didn't like that one so he wrote a new one "Dear Dickhead, no, dear 
*@#kface, go eat a bag of shit, love John." It was great!! We had a ball 
and had total Robby eye contact the whole time, he was waving his sock 
in my face and it just wouldn't come off! I wanted it! Lol! 

After the show I still hadn't had my Robby fill, I swear I wanted more 
Rob, so we ran outside to see if they would come out and it was chaos. 
We had no way of seeing them again, so we jump in Kylie's car and sent 
Fi around the front to see when the goos would leave, after what seemed 
like forever, she came bolting around the corner and we started the 
engine and hooned down the street. The vans hadn't left yet so we 
hovered behind. The security guard started to hold his hand up for 
traffic and I didn't know how it happened but we evaded him and went 
chasing after the van with our precious cargo inside! Kylie drove like a 
demon! They tried to lose us in the traffic but all we wanted was to see 
where they were staying. So after a really long chase we felt terrible, 
Dave kept turning around and they had to know it was us. So we turning 
of and since we were near the Regency, Kylie drove past to see. Next 
thing she goes, "Oh my god" as she saw the van pull away empty. 

So we parked and jumped b/c she saw John in the doorway, we went bolting 
down the street for more photos and he was really good about it, he 
signed my Robby poster and we got shots, then he went inside and we 
decided to wait b/c Robby hadn't come in their van. Robby was the 
hardest b/c he didn't travel with the others so we weren't actually sure 
where he was. Next thing, Mike strolls past the doors and waves to us 
from inside, and after about 5 mins he came outside. He was great! He 
signed stuff and took photos with us, they are all so handsome!!LOL! So 
Mike left and I thought, well, I'll never get to meet myy all time time 
fav Goo, and I had been a little mopey about it all day. 

Mon suddenly said, "Oh my god", who comes strolling down the street like 
he's been to buy a newspaper, Robby! I jumped up and he came boundeing 
towards us with a huge grin on his face and and just gave me the biggest 
hug! He gives the best cuddles I swear, he held me for ages and he was 
doing that squealy thing. He recognised us from the front row and was 
totally stoked, he signed my poster. I also got him 
to sign my 'Hold Me Up" album b/c it was the first one I ever got and 
all his tracks are my fav. It was so funny b/c I had an armfull of stuff 
and my marker still had the lid on it, so I handed him my marker and he 
had to put it in his mouth to get the lid off, I said, "Your'e sucking 
on my lid!:" Ofcourse I was stoked, and he just laughed. He gave me a 
great big last hug which I have made a Kodak moment and will blow up 
real big for my wall. It topped my night you have no idea! 

So I'm off to the Hey Hey studios today, I'll let you know how it goes, 
GOOS FOREVER!! This review is in no way as good as being there, I can 
not even put it into words, you just had to be there. So there you go, 
it REALLY needs editing, but you can do with it what you wish. Anything 
I left out the others will put in.Fay honey, I could just kiss you!! 
Lol! Have a good one honey, cos I sure as hell am!



P.S. From Bree!

Hey, I'm Amber Goo's sister Bree, she's just gone off to chase them at 
their hotel, and she left a couple of things out in her account, so now 
I gotta try to remember them! 

1) at the concert there was a sheep in the audience (I assume it was a 
toy!!) and they threw it up on stage and John sang to it. 

2) when they were outside their hotel they were talking with the guys 
that do John and Robby's guitars and one of them went inside and got the 
neck of a guitar John smashed, he said that the first person who told 
him who's birthday it was, got the neck of the guitar. So Amber's 
sitting there trying to figure out whether it was Nathan or Dave cos she 
knew it was one of them, then Monica said Dave a fraction before Kylie 
did so she won the guitar neck and got it signed and stuff. 

3) when they were outside the hotel room John was packing up the Tarago 
with equipment and Mike was there and Amber asked them where Robby was 
and they said inside, and she was like "oh but he's the sexiest man 
alive" and Mike goes "No he's not" and John laughed. Then when they met 
them afterwards Robby was there and Amber said to him that he is the 
sexiest man alive and he squealed like a girl and went "Oh no WAY!!" 

We were all so excited, she got back at 3 this morning and up at 8, 
she's got Robby's pick, and signatures. She's REALLY sunburnt too, but 
it's not really bothering her that much! 

Seeya later, Bree. 

Amber again: 
Hey, no probs, here we go:

Ok, so Hey Hey went off! We were dead centre front and went nuts for 
them when they started playing. We couldn't really see too much b/c of 
the bloody cameras etc. but on the video replay you can see everything. 
They must have recognised us from the concert from the night before b/c 
at the end of the song, (which was Slide) John walked over to Robby who 
was smiling like a maniac, and burst out into hearty laughter, he tried 
to move forward to us with the camera guy but they weren't allowed. So 
they go away and come back for the Australian premier of Dizzy, which 
kicked even more, and the whole time they are just smiling and looking 
really stoked. After that, Daryl, the loser host, presented the guys 
with a plaque showing that DUTG had reached Gold Status in Australia, 
which was cool.   We decided to go back to the hotel to catch them 
before they went in to let them know how great they were but by the time 
we got back the place looked pretty deserted so we went and got some 
dinner a few streets away. On our way back past we stopped outside the 
hotel just in case they came out again. We befriended a little boy who 
was living on the streets while we were waiting and he started to fall 
asleep, we felt sorry for him so Kylie slipped him a twenty and we felt 
better. Just after that Mike, Nathan and a roadie strolled out and took 
a picture with us and then hopped into a taxi, for a night of fun we 
assumed, before they letft we asked them what time they were leaving in 
the morning, "Early" was the reply. Well we had already confirmed all 
possible flights to Aukland prior to that so we decided that we might 
just pop down to the airport and see them off.
   So we jumped in Kylie's car and arrived at the airport at about 1am 
and all ready to go for the 9:05 flight in, well, about 9 hrs time!
I tell ya, weird things happen when you are in a deserted aiport with 
nothing but cigarettes and no sleep. You can imagine our relief when a 
cafe opened at 5am. We bolted in for a coffee, Kylie and me were feeling 
a little nauseus after some bad food earlier that day and chocolate 
biscuits were not going down well with the coffee so the idea of eating 
was abandoned. I should tell you that for the whole weekend, counting 
the day of the concert we must have eaten maybe 3 times? So we waited 
and waited and finally.....the bar opened!!! Kylie and I (that's Amber!) 
love our beer, we can't get enough (we are NOT however alcoholics!!) so 
we went in and had a couple. On an empty stomach and intense fatigue 
things started to get VERY funny! LOL! We had a break from the beer but 
we did have a couple before the guys arrived. But they didn't! We 
couldn't understand what had happened, we were so sure it would be the 
9:05, they said early. The only other flight to Aukland was at 1:15pm, 
it had to be that one. Now Fiona had to leave for Adelaide at 11am, she 
was way ticked, so her mum Maria, a kick ass woman, spent a further $400 
to change their flight so that Fi could see the Goos off with us.
    So me and Kylie went in  for those previously mentiones beverages 
while the others kept a look out. 
The first bunch to arrive  was Dave and a swag of roadies, but when the 
tour manger turned up the rest followed. The tour manager goes "There's 
your girls!" and it was cool. We got some great shots and John was way 
apologetic that he couldn't come down at the TV show to say Hi. So that 
was that, we had been there for 13 hrs and I swear I never want to see 
another aiport again! It was  fuckin' excellent show and I can't wait 
for them to come back and rock melbourne all over again!!