Dizzy Up The Girl

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Origin of the Name

Johnny says: it was inspired by a girl he knows who works too hard and doesn't take much time out for fun. "She's way too serious," he says. "It just came into my head when I was driving down the street one day when I was thinking about her. I said, 'You know, why don't I just take her out and dizzy her up a little bit—take the girl out, show her a good time, dizzy up the girl.' It was that simple."

Confirmed Tracks

There will be thirteen tracks on Dizzy Up The Girl, including:
  1. "Dizzy" (Rzeznik): You may have heard this song if you saw any of the internet concerts. It starts with a great riffing distorted guitar. The lyrics are just great, the chorus is really cool, with more of a Flat Top feel. Overall a great song, and it opens the album perfectly!

  2. "Slide" (Rzeznik): The album's first single, now on the radio. If you haven't heard this song, you absolutely must! Great song, in the vein of We Are The Normal, with some great lyrics by John. "Oh man", this'll be the next hit for the Goo's!

  3. "Broadway" (Rzeznik): In concert, John has said that this is about Broadway and Fillmore in Buffalo, the neighborhood he grew up in. The opening is a very poppy little two chord progression. The first verse is slow, but again, the lyrics are just great! It picks up into the second verse and then the chorus is rockin' as well. Radio friendly, and hopefully will be a later release! Oh, and Tommy Keene's guitar is just beautifully interlaced!

  4. "January Friend" (Takac): This is a classic Robby song. Really great vocals by him. Nothing too different, but it's definately a rockin' piece.

  5. "Black Balloons" (Rzeznik): Wow! This opens with a different sound than I've ever heard on a GGD song. Some picked guitar part, then an acoustic strumming chords comes in. This is definately a slow one, I believe they played it in Atlanta. It's slow, but not on the same order as Iris or Name. The chorus picks up a bit, and the little picked part goes throughout the verses. Great song, definately single potential. It has an orchestral "solo", a la Iris. David Campbell is just awesome at arranging. And Mike, as he did on the previous songs, just absolutely writes the best drum parts! This one is HIGHLY motivated!

  6. "Bullet Proof" (Rzeznik): This opens with a CRUNCHING guitar part. Reverb, distortion... it's just great! It's got the haunting Lazy Eye-type chords going on. Mike's drum part really comes out in the verses, it's just the chord and bass once, and then his drums fill in the rest. Oh, and the chorus on this is just AWESOME! Quite a haunting song, but very good! Too bad they can't release all these songs as singles!

  7. "Amigone" (Takac): This is a ROCKIN' 3 piece song. A driving beat.

  8. "All Eyes On Me" (Rzeznik AND Takac): Another cool opening, with a jangly little guitar part and keyboard in the back. Johnny sings, and the chorus is just classic John. Quite awesome! Although it seems to want to be a slow song, it's really a rocker, which is really cool. Campbell's got a string arrangement - small one - in the background of the bridge of the song. Quite cool, it will work very well to be played on David Schultz's keyboard on tour. Great second bridge (if you will call it that) too! Overall very cool! Diverse song!

  9. "Full Forever" (Takac): They played this in concert already, and it's just cool. Robby sings some great lyrics, and the little arpeggiated guitar part in the verse is just a great background for it. The chorus is heavier. Not a straight-through rocker, but this would be a great single (hint hint, WB, release a Robby single!)

  10. "Acoustic #3" (Rzeznik): Straight acoustic guitar on this one, with Campbell's strings backing. Slow song, with Johnny singing very relaxed, heartfelt lyrics. Just guitar and orchestra. It sounds to be a song about love on the first listen through, but not a love song. Would be great to close the show with, it's almost lullabye-ish.

  11. "Iris" (Rzeznik): Something tells me we've all heard this one.

  12. "Extra Pale" (Takac): Boy, these guys just know how to write songs. The opening is cool, the verses on this are just great. The chorus is short, but very sweet. This is a rocker, I heard it was titled by the "Extra Pale" on a beer tap. Cool break and solo too. Another one of the many solid songs on this album. Wait, there aren't any weak ones!

  13. "Hate This Place" (Rzeznik): "The 'Mats song" Definately a lighter song, but as always, great lyrics. Not slow really, but basically grooves. The vocals hold the melody and do it well. This one is hard to describe, but is most definately cool. You'll just have to hear it for yourself!

Jesus, Nigel, and Song #1 are either not going to be on the album, have been working song titles, or have been false rumors.

Many thanks to BillBoard Magazine! For a great article and more info on the tracks, check out the latest print issue of Billboard (September 5, 1998)!

By the way, the t-shirts are black, faded purple, and faded green and say:
"Goo Goo Dolls - Dizzy Up The Girl" on the front center, and have:
"Dizzy" on the back center near the neck. They are around $20. (Thanks to Julie from Lancaster, NY for this info!)

What Else We Know

Release Date: September 22, 1998

Tour Starts: September 21, 1998 in Phoenix, AZ


Producer: Rob Cavallo (Green Day)
Mixed by: Jack Joseph Puig (Pixies, Counting Crows)
"Touring Guitarist": Nathan December (toured with REM on the Monster tour)
"Touring Keyboardist": Dave Schulz (from the Buffalo area)
Recorded at: Ocean Way studio in Los Angeles

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