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In honor of the World of Goo's first birthday (on July 25, 1998), we're having a giveaway.There are two ways to win.

  1. Submit your guess for the total, culmulative number of visitors on 7/25/98.(ie, the World of Goo gets about 1000 hits a day, but has 56,269 hits total (as ofthis update).
  2. Write a comment about why you like the World of Goo, why you like the Goos, who your favorite Goo is, or simply why you should win!
You only need to submit one form. The top 5 entries from both catagories (option 1 judgedon accuracy, option 2 judged by me) will be entered into a drawing, and the selected winnerwill receive a rare Goo promo CD, import, or other album. There may be other winners dependingon my cash position at the time of the drawing. *heh* Good luck. Only one entry per name/email!

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