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Welcome to the Fan section of the Garth"o"holic Webpage. This part of the site, is where you, the Garth fan can post a fan message to Garth Brooks. Make the message as long as you want, and I will post it on the page, including your name or nickname if you choose. The only way of sending me the message as of right now is through e-mail. You can type it off-line, so don't rush. Please put in the subject area: Garth Brooks Message. Thanks

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Just a reminder. I'm not sure if Garth Brooks will read any of these messages, but its still worth a try. This is the Internet. Anything can happen.


The Messages

To Garth or fans of him:

I will start by saying I am a longtime fan of Garth and could quite possibly answer any question about him. Thats how intrigued I am by this man, who I consider an American Icon. I believe he is what this country once and should stand for. If we ever needed a role model for our children and adults as far as that goes, I believe Garth and his music should be that role model. I've never been a huge country music fan. I grew up loving rock music of the 80's and Garth Brooks. To me there was always Rock, Country and Garth, respectively in their own separate categories.  I do, however credit the Country music industry with its continuing "clean" portrayal of talent and music, unlike some Rap and alternative bands. I think music has alot to do with society and can describe a culture.  To change the subject slightly, I think a box set of Garth Brooks CDs and other such material would be great. As a growing musician and loyal fan, I urge Mr. Brooks to continue to be himself and do what he does best which is entertain the world. I also urge us, the fans, to support this American Icon. Travis Grizzell
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Dear Garth,

I have never in my life sent a fan letter (not even Donny Osmond when I was a kid!), but I decided to send you one.  I know you may never see this, but it's worth a try. Just some feedback from a fan...I loved your songs but didn't know who sang them until I watched the "Live From Central Park" concert.  Now I'm hooked. I just started my Garth CD collection and I have Ropin' the Wind and Sevens. Both great CDs.  My favorite songs of yours are "The Dance", "You Move Me" and "Ain't Goin Down Til the Sun Comes Up". One thing I can't find in my area is a poster of you.  I have copied the pictures inside your CDs (some borrowed from friends), but I am looking for one to put on the back of my door at work.  I visited your merchandise web site, but you only had one poster.  My computer monitor is not that good, so I couldn't see the poster well.  Please have someone send me some poster info. Saw you on Oprah and you were great.  There's nothing sexier than a man with great thighs/tush and a pouty bottom lip who still has the ability to blush. Keep up the good work.  (By the way, the big baby blues don't hurt, either. And I love ya with facial hair or without.) Well, I will go now.  I hope against hope to hear from you.  Here's my e-mail address:  
[email protected]. Remember, we love you for the honesty in your work, the romantic mood makers, the rockers, and the message in all your songs.  Keep up the good work, and we'll be here for you. Love, Arlene Hanson


I don't know for sure but you and me may be kin.  My Grandpa lived for years on a farm with his wife and 10 kids back during  the depression in Texola, Okla.  Years later he moved down the road to Eric (home of Sheb Wooly and Roger Miller). I don't know but with 10 kids we could down the road be "kissen' cousens". Any way Gramps name was L.A. "Adler" Brooks.  So, check with your kin, and maybe you and me are kin. Your Fan and maybe Kin Jimmy Joe Brooks LPA  [email protected]

Hi! I just wanted you to know that I think you are the greatest singer ever! I started listening to your songs about 4 years ago. The first time I ever heard one of your songs was at my sister-in-law's funeral. She was killed in a drunk driving accident and her husband played your song "If tomorrow never comes" Just listening to your words I know you speak from the heart. All your songs send a message right to my heart. I hope you will continue to sing for a long time! and Garth I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you! Thought I would tell you now because you will never know "If Tomorrow Never Comes"! Love you! Forever your Friend and Fan Carrie

Mr Brooks,  I hope you'll visit Baltimore in World Tour 2!  Your songs are rich in meaning and passion, your nature is generous, and your enthusiasm contagious.   And, your butt sure is nice, whether at 190 or 237!  Loved you on Oprah-no need to get so nervous though!  Thanks for your music and your devotion to us fans, and God Bless you and your family.....

love, sue g

Garth Brooks is the greatest entertainer and songwriter, He looks fantastic at his age!!!!! His concerts are the best although I've only been to one of them. He makes you feel like he's talking directly you you at his concerts!!! He puts all of his effort into it. His songs are the best ever. My favorites are The Dance, She's every woman, I don't have to wonder, Unanswered prayers, The night will only know, and many MORE. If he's gonna be on TV you bet I have it on tape. He's just plain out FANTASTIC. #1GB FAN, Lauren

Hi, I know that Garth is the best and I know that you know that too.  My favorite song of his is If Tomarrow Never Comes and I cryed when I played that song for the frist time then the times after that.  I cryed when I heard I Don't Have To Wonder.  I cry and had a good time with his songs listening to them.  He is the best and he is so nice and generous. His songs have a lot of meaning in them and I learned something from the song How You Ever Gonna Know.  That song taught me, not to listen to what other people think of you or say about you and to be all that you can be.

Garth fan forever Kathryn Daye

Hi..i love your site..its been the best yet...Garth u are the BEST!!!...i have everyone his albums...and know every song by heart...Garth looks so fav. songs are We Bury the Hatchet..When there's no one Around...once again love the site... #1 GB FAN FOREVER!!!!! Cindy

The most thing I like about garth would have to be his kindness , humbleness, and his passion to reach his dreams. I used to really like his looks and voice but after becoming a true garth fan I was turned over by his words! Mel

Hi Garth! If you are reading this, I would just like to say that I think you are the greatest enertainer of ALL time!! My Favourite songs are; The Dance, That Summer, The Redstrokes, Burning Bridges, Midnight Cinderella, and many, many, MANY more!! Garth I Love You!! Love always, Sandy

If Garth ever reads these I'de like him to know just how much his music has meant to me.  His songs are truely the most inspirational and touching.  They just give you a feeling of warmth whenever you listen to them. My favorites are I Don't Have To Wonder, Do What You Gotta Do, Belleau Wood, Callin' Baton Rouge, and The Dance.   So, Thank You Mr. Brooks for doing what you do so well. All My Love, Andrea Ryan

Dear Garth, You are my idol I grew up on your songs my mom got me started listing to you ever since I was real little but now I am 14 and I think you are the greatest and I think you are really cute and sweet.I also think your music is the best country music ever made my favorite song is "Unaswered Prays".It is my life goal to make to at laest one of your concerts.I LOVE YOU GARTH!(and I think you have a real cute butt!) From your biggest fan, Amanda Auker, Lebanon, PA HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU [email protected]

Dear Mr. Brooks, If you only knew what an inspiration you are to the world threw your music. The messages you send threw your music is wonderful. You have comforted me, lifted my spirits in times of need, and you have always put a smile on my face. My daughter and I got the honor of seeing you perform in South Dakota, and got extremely lucky to get into your sold out concert. You made a little girl a very happy for many years to come with the memories that you have given her. The seven days that you were here, was a magical time for the whole entire state, We cried because we were so proud to have you visit this state.Thank you for time of our lives. You are a phenomenal man, and I would..... like to personally thank you and your family for bringing your talents out for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for being, Lena & Family

Since there are so many people out there who claim to be the biggest Garth fan, I decided that I just couldn't handle the competition. I'll just be different and call myself the craziest Garth fan. I have a pretty large tattoo of the man's face on my back. If anyone is crazier than that, then more power to you. He's a great man and I think he deserves to have a lot of fan's go crazy over him.

I couldn't possibly put into words all the great things I think about Garth Brooks. But I will say that I think he's wonderful, and the world is a much better place with him in it. He gives us a lot of hope and happiness and I really appreciate that.

Trisha Hough

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