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Chat Guidlines

It is in our best interest to keep this chat a friendly place for the enjoyment of everyone. This is an international forum and freedom of opinion is supported and constructive discussion of ideas should be fostered. Foul language and insults are not welcome and users will be kicked off or banned from the chat for this type of behavior. Harrassment or promotion of illegal activities is forbidden throughout the chat.

Going from room to room advertising for cybersex is not allowed.

Flooding a room with annoying or duplicate messages or just random garbage is termed flooding and is grounds for a kick or in extreme cases banning.

Reposting of private messages in public is rude and is grounds for kicking.

Use of vulgar nickname or language on the chat is prohibited warning should be required and you do not conform you will be banned. We have many underage users on the chat so conversation must be acceptable to all parents of such children. Please think before you type.

Hostile, insulting, or harrassing behavior is not allowed and you will be kicked or banned from the chat.

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