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  Alright, Its been requested many times. People have come across my page and have wondered who the author is of the Garth'o'holic Webpage. Well here you go. You asked for it.

WebmMaster Name: David Crain
North Carolina

Co-webmaster: John Koehler
From: Kansas

As you know my name is David Crain. I am the one who created and maintains the Garth'o'holic Webpage. It may seem like a hard job, but once you got the design and the lay out figured out, its fun and easy.

Alright, another thing. I am a "HUGE" Garth Brooks fan. I've got Garth Brooks Cds piled up to the wall in my room. Some of my All-Time favorite songs are: (This is going to be a long list) Face to Face, The Red Strokes, Friends in Low Places, Alabamba Clay, Nobody Gets off in this town, Thunder Rolls, The Dance, Ireland, The Change, Too Make you Feel my love, Standin' outside the fire, Rodeo, We Shall be Free, Against the Grain, Do what you gotta do, Longneck Bottle, and The River.

I'm currently in my Senior year of High School at Northeastern High School. The classes I'm taking this semster are as follows:

English IV
Creative Writing
Business & Electronic Communications

(Not Very Hard Huh?) Well, next semester will be a little tougher.

I'm also a member of the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) at High School. I plan on entering in a competition sometime the year of '99. Wish me luck.

Not only am I the webmaster of the Garthoholic Webpage, but I also have started some other few projects in my spare time. One of those projects is I started this not long ago. I like to help people as much as I can, and I thought letting people making their own webpages would be a good idea. If you would like to sign up, go ahead. It's Free.

Oh well, thats about it for me now. If you have the sudden urge that you want to contact me, go ahead.

My e-mail address is

Or if you have ICQ, just give me a hollar. Just go to my ICQ Page.

Last updated - December 28, 1998

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