Garbage On The Radio

It's been a long trip. You're hundreds, or perhaps thousands of miles away from home, and right now you need nothing more than to hear Shirley's voice. It's been a whole 15 minutes since your last Garbage tape finished playing, and you need to find a radio station with good music that will play a Garbage song occasionally. Well, that's where this page comes in! Before you leave on that trip, check here and maybe there will be a radio station in the area you're going to that plays Garbage! Hey, it's worth a shot, and it'll save you from those miles and miles of country stations...

If you know of any other stations, PLEASE email me with the location of the station (International, too!), frequency, how often they play Garbage, and any other comments you may have about the station. Also, if they have a web-page, I can add links to them. I'd really appreciate the help, as would your fellow net-surfers! Many, many thanks to everyone who's already emailed me with stations for their area. This list is copyright 1997-1999 Justin Scott.

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