Garbage Timeline

Here's where you can see all the events that have happened to Garbage over the years!

October 1-2, 2001

beautifulgarbage released!

Garbage's third album, beautifulgarbage was released worldwide today. (Australia and the UK receiving the album 01 Oct, the US on 02 Oct). Best of luck to the band on this latest release!!


August 29, 1999

Bond Theme Confirmed!

Garbage have been confirmed for doing the latest James Bond movie theme, The World Is Not Enough! Look for it in a theatre near you in November!

June 29, 1999

Garbage's Big Daddy

Garbage has contributed When I Grow Up to the Big Daddy soundtrack. The song even plays during the movie! (Which isn't always the case) Given how Big Daddy is doing at the box office (currently #1 in the US) this can only be a good thing! The US Version of the When I Grow Up video is also being seen occasionally on MTV/VH1 US, so keep an eye out!

Manson, Shirley Manson

Ian at Cafe Montmartre is reporting that Garbage is in the lead to provide the title track for a new movie that would boost their profile immensely. Since it's not 100% confirmed yet, I won't give the title of the movie except to say the heading should be clue enough.

June 20, 1999

US Version of "When I Grow Up" To Premier!

The US Version of the When I Grow Up video will premiere on MTV's "Total Request Live" show on Monday June 21! Be sure to have those VCR's ready! (TRL airs at 3:30pm)

June 8, 1999

Chat with Steve on June 10th!

Steve held a chat on SonicNet recently. It took place on June 10th at 7pm Eastern/4PM Pacific (US Time Zones).

February 28, 1999

Grammy Snub!

After all the excitement of Garbage being nominated for a Grammy, they didn't win. Of course, any award show that thinks that an artist that has 3 albums is a "new artist" isn't exactly the pinnacle of credibility but I digress. Shirley, wearing a dress she designed (with the orange Garbage globe on it!) presented an award with Billy Corgan. Not a really good night for the band.

Garbage on TV!

Woah, lots of TV coming up (these are all US):

Summer Radio Festival Tour?

Only my guess here, but based on comments that have been made when Garbage has been playing with Alanis and a reported comment in a Scottish newspaper, it sounds like Garbage will be coming back to the US in the summer to play festival shows. Only date known is a June 12th date in Los Angeles, which is more than likely the KROQ Weenie Roast. Time will tell...

You Look So Fine Next Single!

It's been pretty much confirmed that YLSF will be the next single. B-sides are being worked on. The director will be none other than Stephane Sednaoui, who directed Queer and Milk!!

... Which depends where you are...

There IS a single for The Trick Is To Keep Breathing. The only places I know it came out are Germany and Greece.

January 12, 1999

Nominated for a Grammy..!

In a somewhat surprising move to the rest of the recording industry, Version 2.0 got nominated for a Grammy for Best Album of 1998! Definitely a bit of a left-field nomination given the Grammy's "safe" reputation..!

Two New Videos!

In a somewhat surprising move, both When I Grow Up (expected) and The Trick Is To Keep Breathing have been released as videos, in different parts of the world..! When I Grow Up is playing on MTV UK right now (I saw it during a New Year's trip to London-- well done concert video, except with the album track playing), and TTITKB is playing in Asian countries. When or if either of these videos will come to the US is still questionable...

December 26, 1998

Latest Updates

Since I've been so busy lately, there was some news I missed. Since a lot of it would be out of date, I'll just list the current/applicable stuff.

Garbage to Open Alanis' Tour

According to Sonicnet, and verified by Pollstar, Garbage will be the opening act for most of Alanis Morissette's winter/spring U.S. tour. Liz Phair will open the first 8 dates and Garbage will open the last 25. What's uncertain right now is if this is Garbage's return to the states (that was mentioned a few times during the last tour) or if this is an extra bonus. Keep an eye out for local dates! (check out Pollstar's List for more details).

When I Grow Up to be next Single

When I Grow Up is the next single off Version 2.0, to be released in the U.K. on January 18th. This probably means it'll be the single in the US for the duration of the Alanis-tour.

Wanna Go To London? Wanna Meet Garbage Backstage?

Go to 'Nuff said.

Blue Garbage

Garbage can now be seen on Broadway-- kinda! During a seduction scene in The Blue Room, the I Think I'm Paranoid video is playing in the background. Check it out this image, scanned from the L.A. Times.

Special Video on MTV-- kinda

Special has been spotted once or twice on MTV. Not saying a whole lot, I know. You should go to MTV and vote on Total Request Live!!

Medication on the Faculty

Garbage has contributed Medication to be on the soundtrack to the movie The Faculty.

Year-End Garbage

Garbage has made it on a number of year-end lists for albums of 1998, including #9 for Spin Magazine; listed on Rolling Stone's "Albums That Mattered" list (with Push It being RS's 16th best single of 1998, and V2.0 being #14 in the Reader's Poll); #9 on Entertainment Weekly's list; listed on People Magazine's "Best of Song" category.

October 7, 1998

What Are They Up To Now?

According to today's New Music Express in the UK, Garbage have been approached to do many different film soundtracks, and have decided to work on two. One movie is being directed by David Lynch, and the other by Ron Howard. They state that they're moving away from a pop sound and more towards an orchestral sound for these, and are even thinking of adding live strings to the band for tours! (thanks to Ian for posting this on trash-talk)

October 4, 1998

UK TV Appearances

Again according to Garbage's site (which has grown to be a great source of info!), Garbage will be on The Pepsi Chart Show (October 7) and Top of the Pops (October 9).

Mark Your Calendars: October 14 & October 15

According to the official Garbage website (at, October 14th and 15th will be very interesting! From a chat with Garbage, to "Version 2.0 On Demand", to a live show from Dallas, it's going to be a great couple of days! Only hitch is you need to register for the event in advance. So hurry over there, go to the news section, and register!!!

Special Single Due For Release

The Special single should be out in the UK this Monday, October 5. I believe it's going to be the standard "2 regular CD and 1 really limited edition CD3" thing we're used to by now, so collectors, start your hunting! The video will also premier soon, directed by Dawn Shadforth and shot in London. Shirley has described it as: "We've actually just finished shooting a video here in London and it's.. I hope it's going to be as good as we think it is. Cause it's pretty wild, pretty spun. It's a mixture of film and animation. I'm a cyberprincess lost in space. Yeah, I got hunted down by alien lords. It's all very exciting. I've got my own sort of cyber look going on." (Thanks to Doughy Satan for the soundclip)

Garbage Slighted At MTV Awards US - Will UK Be Better?

As you probably know, Garbage was absolutely slighted for the brilliant Push It video at the MTV Music Video Awards, after being nominated 8 times. The band was understandably upset, but took the loss in stride (as much as could be expected)-- no trashed hotel rooms or anything here!

In slightly better news, Garbage was again nominated for many awards for the UK version of the Music Awards, including Best Rock, Best Group, and Best Video for Push It. Will they fare better? Only time will tell...

Shirley On Politically Incorrect (US)

Shirley was on Politically Incorrect in the US on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, September 29. I haven't watched the tape of it yet, but she supposedly looked very good and was quite opinionated (OUR Shirley?!?!) although she didn't get as much airtime as the other guests.

September 5, 1998

A Little About A Lot...

Well, I know it's been a while since the News was updated, and that's mainly because, since Garbage has been out on the road, not much per-se has been happening! So the few things I know of right now are: Garbage will be at the MTV Music Video Awards, but will NOT be performing as of right now. (Although there are some rumblings that they MIIIIGHT be invited to perform, from KROQ) Special is due for release as the next single later in September (around the 21st, I believe). The limited 3" single for this is due to be a sunflower (thanks to Ian for the news). And yes, that was Garbage on "Days of Our Lives"-- Temptation Waits was used as background music in a scene at a strip club on August 19. (no, I don't watch soaps, it was all the rage on Trash-Talk for a day or so!)

July 20, 1998

Garbage Nominated for EIGHT MTV Music Awards!

Garbage was nominated for a HUGE amount of MTV Music Awards, eight (second only to Madonna's nine). The categories are (all for Push It): Breakthrough Video, Cinematography, Editing, Art Direction, Special Effects, Direction, Alternative Video, and Group Video. Strange that MTV liked a video they showed all of about 3 times, huh??

Version 2.0 Goes Platinum

According to Jillian of the trash-talk list, Version 2.0 has gone platinum in the U.S. That's 1,000,000 copies sold!
July 4, 1998

How's Version 2.0 Doing?

Well, Version 2.0 has had a kinda rough ride; Push It debuted at #6 but has had quite the ride. Version 2.0 debuted at #13 on the charts; slipped to 20, and has kept slipping. But with the release of I Think I'm Paranoid, and the band's return to North America playing bigger venues, it's very likely the album will pick up a little more steam and break the top 10!

Have You Played Your Garbage Today?

As Heaven Is Wide has been spotted as being part of the Sony Playstation game Gran Turismo..! It's only on the US version and not the Japanese one, though... is there anywhere this band won't eventually go?? :) :)

May 12, 1998

Version 2.0 Out; Next Single

Version 2.0, Garbage's widely-anticipated followup to Garbage was released today in the United States (most other countries got it May 11). Go buy it! And according to, the next single from Version 2.0 is going to be I Think I'm Paranoid.
May 2, 1998

Garbage Zone Fanclub Disbands

According to the latest (and last) issue of the Garbagezone Fanclub Newsletter, the band has decided to go to a web-based fan club. The last issue has a bit of behind the scenes info on V2.0. No official word as to the format of the "new" fan club.

Album Release Parties has some news about Garbage Album Release parties, where the entire album will be played at various clubs around the UK before release! Check out's Tour Info Page
April 15, 1998

Push It Video Premiere Dates!

According to various emailers, the Push It video is due to be premiered in the US on MTV on Thursday, April 16 (not sure what time, maybe during MTV Live at 6pm?). It will premiere in Australia on Rage at 12:35am, Saturday, April 18.
April 8, 1998

KROQ to give away Garbage tickets... and only give away?

Sounds like KROQ's (in Los Angeles) trying to be the enemy of the true Garbage fan, and is stacking the show in Los Angeles. Starting this Thursday (9 April) they're going to have a call in contest to win Garbage tickets. It sounds to me (although this has NOT been confirmed) that winning tickets will be the ONLY way to get into this show, based on the way they're phrasing the contest. For all people who win tickets over the weekend, there will be a big prize to go to Europe for a week and see Garbage, Beck, and the Verve. But this sucks, that the true fans are going to get screwed to all the KROQ-losers who just sit and listen all day and have no lives.
April 3, 1998

Push It Release Dates

Push It is due to be released in the UK in 3 different formats: normal CD single (with a Boom Boom Satellites remix and a B-side called "13"), cassingle, and a limited edition 3" CD. No more limited 7" vinyls are set to be released. No definitive US release dates seem to exist, although April 28 would be a logical assumption.
March 27, 1998

Tour News...?

According to, Garbage will be touring the US in August as a headliner, as opposed to playing Lollapalooza! Definitely good news, instead of seeing a 45 minute set, there's a good chance of a full on show... they've been confirmed for almost every major festival in Europe, though. Check out the tour page for updates!

Latest Version 2.0 News

Version 2.0 is shaping up to have a MAY 12 release date. This seems to be changing almost daily, but most "people in the know" seem to be saying that as the date. So that's what I'll say for now! In related news, the video for "Push It" has recently been shot in Los Angeles, and will be shown on all the standard video outlets very soon-- it's just finishing up post-production as we speak. And finally, Y107 in Los Angeles reported Shirley as being very concerned about how people will react to this album: on Monday, they said she's concerned about the "sophomore slump" where successful debuts are followed by less-than-successful second albums. Let's make sure that doesn't happen!

Push It Out To Radio

Push It has officially been released to radio this week. If you haven't, be sure to call your local radio station and request it!!

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