February 6, 1999 - Philadelphia, PA

Theartre of Living Arts, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

To start, Fuel's new introduction is no longer the Pulp Fiction excerpt. It is now some type of Gothic instrumental leading up to:

Setlist: 1. New Intro/Untitled 2. Jesus or a Gun (little jam towards the end) 3. Song For You 4. Bittersweet (intro sounds like Stevie Nicks song) 5. Sister Mary Innocent 6. Sunburn 7. New Thing 8. It's Come to This 9. Walk the Sky 10. Hideaway 11. Shimmer 12. Scar (New Song ((Carl does all vocals)) 13. Sunday Girl 14. Ozone


More errie music, similar to the intro. It had some breathing and other background noise... I wonder what it means.

15. New Cover Song (Heartbreaker? and no, not the Led Zeppelin version), from a late 70s or early 80s band. I'm embarrassed I don't know who it is... To quote Brett "Let's see if anybody remembers this one" I can't figure it out. I've heard it before.

16. Solus (Solice)? New Song (Carl and Brett on Vocals) 17. Mary Pretends

The show was great. The band got some new lights. It was awesome, some strobes, some bright blinding lights. A white curtain backdrop sectioned into thirds and some nifty type of projection lighting. The band seemed decked out in some new threads too. All this touring must be paying off!!

New T-shirts, a khaki colored shirt with an Atomic Bomb on the front, it reads "Fuel 238". Possibly their shirts to take to Europe. The back of the shirt has a mushroom cloud with Sunburn tour '98 '99 on it.

A Jesus or a Gun shirt, Blue shirt, black and white sketch of Jesus on the Cross with some red coloring in there somewhere. A basic silkscreen, nothing too complicated. On the back is some lyrics from Jesus or a Gun.

This show was awesome, the lights were great. It wasn't overcrowded like the Cham Club (Lancaster PA for out of state folks).

Mark J. Linkhorst