C o n c e r t ...R e v i e w s

05/17/98 -- Arlington, TX -- Arlington Convention Center

Fuel is a great band. The show on May 17, 1998 was awesome. They were seriously kickin' butt. Some words they said I will never forget. They said, "Y'all may have heard this song on the radio before. You know I have never seen 25,000 people jumping up and down before. I would like to see that now. So when we begin I wanna see that happen." I love the band so much.

Reviewed by the Wilkie Family

05/24/98 -- Philadelphia, PA -- CoreStates Center -- opening for Van Halen

It was funny how I became interested in Fuel. At first, I thought Kenny wayne Shepherd was opening for the Van Halen. When I found out Fuel was, I went out and got the cd....needless to say I liked it. We took our floor seats that night in plenty of time to see Fuel. I was really amazed by these guys. They f**kin rocked and the crowd loved em. Me and my friend Mike were singing along the whole time and had alot of fun. Really the only problem with their set was Brett's mike was too low for the first three lines of "Untitled" but the soundman was awake. They were just a great show and I would urge all you guys to see them. It will definitely deeper ur appreciation for the band. Set List: Untitled/Jesus or a Gun/Sunburn/Bittersweet/Song for You/Shimmer/Mary Pretends/Ozone. I know those were the songs and i think thats the right order.

Reviewed by John McManus

06/06/98 -- Madison, WI -- The Madison Theater

I went to the Fuel concert the other night at The Madison Theater. They were with Creed, but all my friends and I wanted to do was see them. They were so AWESOME! They really got the mosh pit in a freak fest. If there was one band I could see before I died, you bet it would be fuel! Even afterwords, they were awesome, they went over to a bar across the street, and I got to go in their bus (with 2 friends). Their Production Manager is the Kewlest!

Reviewed by IriShKiSz@aol.com

06/19/98 -- San Diego, CA -- 4th & B

What a night! I originally bought tickets to see Creed in San Diego on June 19. I had no idea who "Fuel" was at this point, although the name sounded familiar. Little did I know I was about to be blown away by an incredible live show from Fuel that left me with the thought "Creed who?" Fuel has a wildly dynamic and energetic stage presence that had me screaming for more. The crowd went nuts, jumping up and down to Carl's riotous guitar licks and Brett's vocals that are somehow smooth and scathing at the same time. Did I mention how cool it was to see Jeff jumping around the stage with just as much energy as Brett? It was a totally rockin show, I just wish it could have been longer. The day after the show, I went and bought the Sunburn cd. It has been all I have listened to in the last 6 days. Yeah, I'm a new fan, but a loyal one. If they come to your area GO SEE FUEL... I promise that you will see one of the most incredible shows ever!! Gotta go, I have to get my tickets for Fuel's show at the Roxy in LA tomorrow....

Reviewed by Monica