Kenton, TN

January 9, 19??

Gibson Strs., Hughes & Kettner Amps, & Marshall VHT Amps

Radiohead, Helmet, Led Zeppelin, & Steely Dan

The Usual Suspects, Blazing Saddles, Star Wars, Apocalypse Now, (and tons of other movies)

Making music is what I enjoy most. It's all I want to do. Period.

Anywhere where people are open minded about music.



Foo Fighters would be cool, Radiohead as well

When we were being romanced by all the record labels was the most exciting.

Everything was so new then...

My brother, his huge record collection, his love for music, my families love for music, and

the fact that I grew up without television.


Brett, give me back my Star Wars action figures...NOW!

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