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04/27/99 Fuel is this month's featured artist at "Just the". Go and hear the live Interview with the guys....
04/27/99 In a recent issue of Alternative Press, MTV V-J Carson Daly listed Fuel's Sunburn as one of his top CDs of the year.
03/19/99 will cybercast a live interview with Brett Scallions on March 24th.
03/19/99 Fuel will cybercast their upcoming show from the House of Blues in Chicago on March 20th... Follow this link.
03/19/99 Fuel is currently working new marterial into their set including "Sister Mary Innocent", "Scar" and "Solace". One one of the tracks, Carl takes over the singing duties.
02/09/99 Added new section to the page... check it out when you get a chance. Its the Sunburn - Artist Showcase featuring a new artist each month.
02/09/99 Fuel reportedly randomly chose the name Fuel 238. 238 is the most prevalent isotope of Uranium (U-238), so hence, Fuel 238.
02/06/99 Fuel will be hitting the road to Europe in April with Silverchair under the name Fuel 238. Apparently there are a number of bands named Fuel in Europe, so they added the "238". Look for Merchandise info coming soon...
02/05/99 Play Fuel's Bittersweet Contest... just go here... Also, you can send a Valentine to your favorite Fuel fan courtesy of Sony, by simply going here.... Some new Tour Dates added
02/04/99 Fuel will be reportedly touring Europe soon with Silverchair, possibly under the name Fuel 238. Check back for more details when they become available.
02/01/99 Sunburn is back! After a month and a half of being a sloth, I am back on the job as YOUR .number 1 source of Fuel info. Lots of updates so look around...
12/19/98 Check out and interview with Fuel on Real Audio at Undercover.
12/19/98 According to the band, album sales have gone over 600,000 copies.
12/19/98 At the end of January, Fuel plans on a headlining U.S. tour. They have been getting 1,000+ recently at shows. Opening band has not been determined.
12/19/98 Fuel was recently nominated for Best New Artist in both the Alternative/Modern Rock and Hard Rock/Metal categories at the Billboard Music Awards.
11/09/98 Fuel is currently touring Europe and Australia throughout November, before heading back to the States in early December.
10/19/98 Fuel's Inaugural CD, Sunburn, has gone GOLD!!! Marking 500,000 copies sold.
10/20/98 Fuel will be chatting live at SonicNet/Yahoo on Wednesday October 28th @ 7pm EST. Log in here and talk to the guys.
10/14/98 Look for the "Bittersweet" video to premier this Sunday on MTVs 120 Minutes.
10/14/98 Fuel concert in Holmdel, NJ with Aerosmith will be broadcast live on
09/19/98 The "Bittersweet" video is in final editing and should be released within a few weeks.
09/19/98 Sunburn has gone GOLD!!! Fuel has sold 500,000 copies of their major label debut, Sunburn. Only half-way to platinum...
08/28/98 Its been awhile, but here I am. Let's see... Fuel will be going on tour with Aerosmith in September. The video for "Bittersweet" was recently shot in Toronto, Canada. Look for Fuel in the September 2?, issue of Rolling Stone.
07/20/98 Everything is going well on tour. Jeff said that they are getting along well with Creed and they may tour with them in Europe and Australia. Speaking of overseas, Fuel will be embarking on its first world tour this fall.
07/20/98 Fuel will be touring Europe and Australia in the fall. But before they go, they'll be making a trip home to the York Fair on September 16th with the Badlees. Catch them while you can.
07/20/98 It has been confirmed. "Bittersweet" is the next single from Sunburn. The band has a couple of weeks off from touring in mid August, and I'm guessing they'll be shooting the video at this time.
07/15/98 There are unconfrimed reports of some upcoming things going on... One, word has Fuel playing the York Fair in York, PA in September. Two, I've heard that they are touring Australia in November and three, rumors are abound that they will be playing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. None of these rumors can be confirmed however.
07/07/98 Fuel is now appearing on MTVs Artist Cut talking about thier hit song/video, "Shimmer". Artist Cut appears at 8pm EST.
07/07/98 Fuel recently had to cancell some shows due to an injury to frontman Brett Scallions. During a particularly ripping version of "Ozone", Brett collided with Carl's guitar and cut his face. The cut required 8 stiches but he's fine now.
05/31/98 Fuel will be performing their hit"Shimmer" on the Conan O'Brien show on NBC on June 24, 1998.
05/31/98 Fuel recently won "Best Alternative Video of the Week" on MTVs 12 Angry Viewers and were interviewed on MTVs 120 Mintues by Matt Pinfield.
05/19/98 Last night the band was flown to New York for the Godzilla premiere at Madison Square Garden. While they were there they met Jimmy Page, Nick Nolte, and hung out with Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine.
05/19/98 The "Godzilla" Soundtrack was released today with the new Fuel song, "Walk the Sky". Listen to the clip in the Multimedia Section.
05/14/98 Fuel's live webcast has come and gone. They played their usual tight set to a pretty tame crowd by Fuel standards. They were not permitted to play an encore; probably because the two openingbands (who were both from Chicago) went over, or the arena jerked them around.
05/07/98 Fuel will be touring for a few weeks with Creed in June although most of the dates are on the west coast.
05/07/98 Latest word from the band is that they are doing well. Having a great time on tour. Jeff, Brett, and Carl got to see some family and friends while playing two shows in Tennessee. The guys got to meet a lot of bands at the Music Midtown Fest in Atlanta including Dave Grohl, of the Foo Fighters and formerly of Nirvana, and they seemed pretty excited about that.
05/08/98 Fuel will be featured on Jam TV from their show at Cabaret Metro in Chicago, IL on Tuesday May 12th. The Real Video Plug-in will be needed to view this event.
05/07/98 All chart information can now be found via the Discography Section.
05/03/98 Sunburn entered Billboard's Top 200 albums three weeks ago at #124, dropped to #166, and is up to #157 this week.
05/03/98 New Chart Info -- "Shimmer" is the #8 Modern Rock Track and #31 Mainstream Rock Track.
04/28/98 "Shimmer" is continuing to climb the charts. It has reached #8 on Billboard's Modern Rock Charts, #6 at, and is #7 on the Radio Airplay charts.
04/22/98 New information available is now available on the Godzilla Sountrack and a new scan of the original cassette cover was sumbitted. These additions bring the Discography totally up to date, that I'm aware of.
04/20/98 Fuel has been added to two major concert events in May. They will be playing at WHFS Festival in RFK Stadium in Washington D.C. and will be opening for Van Halen in Philadelphia, PA.
04/13/98 Brett and Carl will be co-hosting MTV2 for 2 hours this Wednesday (4/15) at 11am and 7pm and Thursday (04/16) at 3am. Get your VCRs ready...
04/13/98 Although nothing is set in stone, but word is that "Bittersweet" could be the next single and then "Sunburn". Then there would probably be a heavier song released.
04/13/98 Latest Chart Info -- "Shimmer" is #10 Alternative Song from MTV, #5 at Alternative Rock World, #9 on Out of Order, and was the most played song on MTV2 last week. In its first week, "Sunburn" sold 2,200+ copies in Central PA and 10,000+ nationally.
04/09/98 "Shimmer" has reached #12 on Billboards' modern rock singles chart.
04/09/98 First week sales figures are in for "Sunburn" -- This is all unofficial but it reportedly sold 2200+ in central PA and 10,000+ nationally.
04/02/98 "Shimmer" has reached number #5 on Alternative Rock World Radio, up from #13, and received a mostly positive review. "Shimmer" has reached #13 on Billboard's Top 20 Modern Rock Charts and was one of the greatest gainers of the week.
03/27/98 Fuel will be playing at Media Play in Harrisburg, PA this coming Monday night at 10am. The band will sign autographs and you will be able to pick up Sunburn at midnight.
03/27/98 Latest Radio Airplay stats have "Shimmer" at #13 and at #18 on the Alternate Rock World Top 20.
03/27/98 According to, the Shimmer video will be premiered this Sunday from Midnight to 2am on 120 Minutes.... Get your VCRs running.
03/21/98 Fuel will be holding a CD release party on Monday March 30th at Media Play in Harrisburg, PA. Festivities should start around 11pm.
03/18/98 There's been a lot of speculation when the Shimmer video will be shown. As of right now, I don't know. Also, a lot of people have been either ordering or asking about the "Timeless" EP from I don't know if this is a Fuel release or not. As soon as the band returns from Vermont, I'll try to clear this stuff up.
03/18/98 New Additions -- Sunburn Album Cover in Discography, Tour Dates, New Pictures from Crowbar, Spring Fest '98, and a couple really great pics from the Courtyard with more on the way (Courtesy of Michelle Landis)
03/15/98 The video to "Shimmer" will be premiered on MTV on Monday March 23rd on 120 Minutes which airs at midnight.
03/15/98 Fuel recently returned from Atlanta where they were laying down the track "Walk the Sky" for the upcoming Godzilla soundtrack. The song was produced by Brendan O'Brien who has worked with many artists including Pearl Jam and Rage Against the Machine.
03/15/98 "Shimmer" is the #30 song in the nation according to Radio Airplay which compiles information from stations all over the country. ( It has reached the Top 10 at stations from Seattle, WA to Charlotte, NC to New York, NY.
03/05/98 "Shimmer" is being played nationally and is a Future Smash at Check to see what stations are playing Fuel around the country. Some highlights include #13 on KNDD in Seattle, WA; #15 on KEDJ in Phoenix; and #17 on WHFT in Wash., DC.
02/27/98 Just an FYI for clarification, the "Shimmer" single was not released for sale and probably will not be except possibly in a limited edition vinyl.
02/27/98 The video to "Shimmer" will be shot Saturday and Sunday and will be directed by Josh Taft, who has worked with many bands including Stone Temple Pilots (Plush).
02/27/98 Fuel arrived in LA Thursday night after attending Sony's post-Grammy party and meeting the head of MTV and meeting and hanging with a bunch of different people and bands, such as Matchbox 20.
02/25/98 Sony has invited Fuel to their post-Grammy VIP party tonight and Fuel will be flying to Los Angeles, CA on Thursday to start filming the video to Shimmer.
02/21/98 The band is taking a few well-deserved days off. They will be off to Los Angeles soon to shoot the video to Shimmer.
xx/xx/98 The single for Shimmer will be released on Feb. 24, 1998 according to Sony 550. Check out Discography for the cover shot.
xx/xx/98 Fuel's new album Sunburn on Sony 550 records will be released March 31, 1998. Check out Discography for track listing.
xx/xx/98 Johnathon Mover, rated one of the Top 10 rock drummers in the world, laid down the drum tracks for the new album, much of which was recorded over 4 days in North Brookfield, MA at Long View Farm Studio and produced by Steven Haigler.
12/xx/98 Drummer Jody Abbott has left the band and Kevin Miller, formerly of the Armadillos, has joined the band.
07/28/97 Fuel begins recording new album with Steven Haigler to produce.
05/06/97 Fuel signs with Sony 550 records following a sold out show at Millersville Univ.

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