Fueled Up - Regional band rocks out at Crowbar

From the Daily Collegian - September 24, 1998

by Mark Fitzgerald

"Is there life between the thrashing guitar riffs of the Foo Fighters and the melodic structure of Semisonic?"

"Tuesday night at Crowbar, Fuel answered that question. A Central Pennsylvania band whose name does justice for its stage show played to a packed house of loyal listeners."

"On the heels of its critically-acclaimed album Sunburn and No. 1 modern-rock song 'Shimmer,' Fuel kicked off y et another phase of its North American tour."

"While a number of onlookers anticipated the playing of 'Shimmer,' it was, ironically, the rest of the set list that proved the signature of Tuesday night's show."

"Led by singer/guitarist Brett Scallions, Fuel opened with the driving song 'Untitled.' A pulsating ballad fueled by the competent drumming of Kevin Miller, 'Untitled' set the pace for a furious evening. While the crowd bordered on frenzy, Scallions almost taunted the fans to take it a higher level."

"It was, though, Fuel's ability to mix and match pure metal with melodic rock songs that made the evening pleasantly unpredictable."

"The title track 'Sunburn' became much more than a four-minute song -- it evolved into an improvisational solo piece for lead guitarist Carl Bell."

"Bell, also Fuel's songwriter, is the backbone behind this explosive band. He acts as a calming force in an otherwise chaotic enviroment on stage."

"'Music dictates intensity for us, said Bell."

"'It then translates to power.'"

"On 'Jesus or a Gun,' the hinted punk sound mixed with powerful lyrics lit a fire in the crowd, translating into a pure rock moment."

"One of the fans said he came to the consensus Fuel writes and performs so it can touch each individual in a different way."

"'Their songs relate to life in general,' Andrew Rosenthal (sophomore - Jewish Studies) said."

"One the acclaimed hit song, 'Shimmer,' listeners may find comfort in Bell's emotional lyrics. While the song symbolizes a specific moment in Bell's life, the song takes on many different meanings for its listeners."

"Scallions dedicated 'Shimmer' to teh people of Harrisburg -- Fuel's musical home. The band's support from that area has been substantial."

"This band, made up of long-time friends, may only represent a musical moment. Yet, last night at Crowbar, its brand of driving rock and competent musicianship laid claim to a show worth seeing again."