BAND PROFILE -- Adding FUEL to the fire

by Andy Adelewitz -- Buzz Magazine -- p. 4 -- 03/25/98

"With a name like Fuel, they couldn't be anything but a hard rock band. The Harrisburg-based foursome will inflict their sonic thunder on Crowbar tonight, March 25"

"Fuel's major label debut album, 'Sunburn,' was released on Sony/550 Music this month, and the album is a barrage of chunky guitar noise and moody, frightened lyrics."

"Singer and guitarist Brett Scallions has a vintage metal whine that would make Ozzy Osborne proud, and Carl Bell's lead guitar work emphasizes that when it comes to music Fuel is all about big noise."

"The album has strong songs on it: the blatantly radio-friendly 'Shimmer' was released as the first single in February and the religious dilemma of 'Jesus or a Gun' shows a torn psyche that really characterizes every song. 'It's Come to This' surprises the listener with a hushed chorus, complete with a string section, as Scallions laments, 'Fear I've wasted all my sun, fear I've wasted all my time.'"

"Other songs such as 'Mary Pretends' and 'Hideaway' reveal Fuel's fear and disillusionment."

"The album has a mellow side though. The mid-tempo 'Sunburn' shows Fuel's ability to find a groove and run with it, and is a relaxing calm before the stormy, jarring 'New Thing.' And the second track, 'Bittersweet,' shows nicely layered guitar work, much like Weezer would sound if they tried to go heavy metal."

"Fuel's music, however, is fast-paced and upbeat enough to keep your adrenaline flowing. The band has a relentless, aggressive style that can only translate into an awesome live show. Explosive power chords dominate the rhythm, but the band is by no means limited in their playing. Scallions and Bell are more versatile than the average power pop guitarist and flavor the songs well to make them more than metallic bursts of sound. Bassist Jeff Abercrombie and drummer Kevin Miller provide a tight rhythm section, always stable and never too showy."

"So put on your moshing shoes and get to Crowbar tonight, because Fuel's in town, and they're ready to blow you away."