12/11/97 -- Hartford, CT

"I saw Fuel when they opened up for Creed at WCCC's Snowball Winterfest at the Webster in Hartford, CT (sometime in Dec. 98, the date slips my mind). No one seemed to have any idea who these guys were. I stupidily thought they might be a Mettailica cover band. Anyway, the four guys all had a powerful presence on the stage, especially the lead singer who commanded everyone's attention and seemed to be having just as much fun as everyone else. At one point he brought some girls up on stage to dance with him. They soared through songs like Bittersweet and quickly won the crowd (who had no clue who they were) over. Everyone at the show was very impressed and surprised by this band. Not only did they put on a great performance (one that many thought rivaled Creed's) they were also nice enough to let Creed borrow their equipment, because Creed's equipment was swiped in Boston the night before. Many thanks to Fuel for saving the show in more sense than one."

Review submitted from Norm Stoker