Tuesday September 22, 1998

State College, PA - Crowbar

by Eric Hoffman

After Stretch Princess and Solution A.D. performed their sets (both of which were good), Fuel hit the stage around 11:30pm.

This was the LOUDEST Fuel show that I have ever been to, and its the 12th or 13th overall, so that's saying something. My ears were still ringing 3 days afterward. My highlights of the evening were getting to hear the Pulp Fiction quote leading into Untitled, great versions of Untitled, New Thing, and Walk the Sky, and the energy the band was able to put into this show after just getting in from Arizona.

The crowd was one of the best that I have ever seen at Crowbar. At one point there were three crowd surfers up in an area about as big as two average size rooms put together. Near the end of the set, one over the over 21ers tried to climb down over the rail to crowd surf but he was soon thrown out.

Other tidbits

Kevin and Brett watched the majority of Solution ADs set and Kevin seemed very into it.

Both Kevin and Carl were in rare form tonight. Jeff broke out the old silver 5 string for "Walk the Sky" and it sounded great.


  • Untitled
  • Jesus or a Gun
  • Song For You
  • Bittersweet
  • Sister Mary Innocent
  • Sunburn
  • New Thing
  • Its Come to This
  • Walk the Sky
  • Hideaway
  • Shimmer
  • Mary Pretends
  • Sunday Girl
  • Ozone
  • Revolution
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