Concert Reviews - Added August 28, 1998

To start off, my name is Crystal, and I live in London, Ontario, Canada. I heard "Shimmer" 3 times on the radio, and I just loved the sound of it so much that I had to buy the cd. So, about a month after Sunburn came out, I was successful at finding it downtown London. So, I had to buy it because I just loved that song so much. I bring the cd home, which was about 3 or 4 months ago, and I have never stopped listening to it. There has not been one day that has went buy that I have not hear one Fuel song, since I have bought that album. I love it! Every song on this cd just has so much meaning and rhythem to it. I can't explain it. It is one of the best cd's that I have ever bought in my whole life. I only wish that there could be more bands out there like Fuel. Okay, so, I am probably boaring you now. We all know that Fuel's music is amazing, and indeed it is. But, I just wanted to share my story on how much I love them, and their music. I also recently went to Summersault about 2 days ago, and I was totally blown away by their performance. The only reason I went to Summersault was because of OLP and Fuel. I had been waiting to see Fuel for such a long time, so I made it down to Barrie. They are the most amazing band live. They sang every song that I wanted them to sing. I just wanted to jump up on stage and start playing along with them. Damn, if only I would have brought my guitar...... Anyways, bottom line, amazing performance guys! I just can't wait for the next time to see you. I just look forward to seeing you guys live, cause, oh... I just can't explain it. You guys are just loud, and thats the way I like it! I also got the chance to meet Fuel later on after the show. After their set was over, I went over kinda behind the stage and was peeking through the trees, and sure enough, there they were! So, they came over and they signed a few autographs. I talked to Carl for a bit. I had told him that I didn't want to bring my cd to get signed because it would have gotten wrecked, so I just printed out a picture of Fuel from the net, and brought that with me. Carl asked me where I was from, so I told him. And I shook his hand and asked if I could get a picture with him, and he said that if I came around the other way than I would. So, I went around the other way, and Jeff happened to be standing infront of me. So, I shook his hand, and he signed my picture for me. And, I wanted to get a picture with them, but, they had to go over to the retail tent to sign autographs for all of these people. So, I was like, NO! So, I was like, "Jeff! Where is the retail tent?" Hee hee.. and I was like panicing because I hadden't gotten to meet all of them yet. So, he was like, giving me directions to the place. So, they slowly walked off, and I see this HUGE line up to meet Fuel, and I was like, oh great! So, I was with my friends, and we all wanted to see I Mother Earth really bad, but... I just had to see Fuel! I had been waiting so long to meet one of my favourite bands, and even though I didn't know if I would get in because the line was so long, I just decided that I would wait, and miss I Mother Earth. Which was hard, but... oh well. So, my friends left, and I waited in line by myself. Eventually the line started to move, and guess what! I got it! Yes! So, I was pretty happy. I got soaked, but, oh well. So, Brett was there, and he was like "hey, how's it goin'?" and I was like.. "ah, pretty good!" And then he asked me if I had gotten the picture off of the net and I said yup. (long pause) I was pretty nervous.. so, I didn't say much. And then I just shook his hand and told him that they were amazing live, and that they were the best band live and stuff like that, and he thanked me. So, I asked if I could get a picture with him. And he asked the girl beside me if she would take the picture for us, and so she did, and I got a picture with him. So, I thanked him, and said good bye. And I was holding up the line pretty much, so, I just quickly shook Kevin and Carl's hang (again) and told them that they were amazing during their set. And then I went up to Jeff and shook his hand yet again, and he was like "I already signed that for you right?" and I was like "yup!" And then I thanked him, and I left. I should have gotten pictures with them like I said, but.. I was so nervous, and I was holding up the line and... ah!! There was just so much to do in so little time. But, overall, they are amazingly nice guys, and I can't wait to see them again.

Submitted by Crystal Barrett - Toronto, Ontario - Summersault '98

i went to the fuel concert last night! and it kicked ass! of course..but it was actually a creed concert...but whatever...it was MY fuel concert!! i didn't stay for creed...i had a quiz..needed to study..as sad as it sounds hehe!! anyways! i was in the front! very dangerous place to be in THAT houston crowd.. finger 11 opened up..they were great! but the dude next to us yelled "get off the stage!" so jenny, my friend, said" that's mean! i like them!" but they're not fuel..so i'll get on with it. finger 11 played for about 1/2 an hr. and then there was a 1/2 an hr intermission..then fuel comes on. but they have an intro thing that they played...from a movie that i can't remember!! the guys keeps saying "the Lord"! and stuff stuff...they start off with untitled! i've never seen fuel before and i just thought brett was a great performer! he's so....LIVELY hehe!! kinda violent..anyways.. they played everything on the cd, but it's come to this and hideaway. during shimmer, brett just said "i'm sure you all know this song" and they played it and in the middle of that intro part, he stopped singing and just let us sing it hehe! and what was horrible was that right when brett went to sing jesus or a gun (or new thing, i can't remember) his mic went out! he looked around on the ground and the other guys just wrapped the song around...carl was ABOUT to just sing it..but then he stopped after the second word and they sounded like they were gonna stop..brett kept looking off stage and he saw that it wasn't PLUGGED IN! so he's waving around the unplugged PLUG at them and finally those retards get it right. so i cheered the loudest for that song! =0)~ through out the whole show, i think his voice was a little higher than normal....i wouldn't doubt it's cause they screwed up on that, too hehe! the only other things brett said during the show was "you guys gotta turn on an air conditioner in here before these people kill you" or something like that. and then before ozone, the last song (and the best one, i think =) ) he said "have you guys ever heard of a band called creed??" and i yelled NOOOO!!! and then he said something like "do you wanna see 'em something soemthing" i can't remember and me and the girl next to me said "NOOOOOOOO!! DoN't GOOOOO!!" but of course, they didn't hear us.... they're the best performers! jeff and carl were doing SOMETHING..running around..anyways...brett always walked to the VERY edge of the stage! as far as he could get! and he'd always stand on the speakers and stuff..and look at us really evilly HAHA.

Submitted by Judy - Houston, TX - 08/27/98