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(Message started by: mylondoncalling on Jul 26th, 2007, 3:52pm)

Title: Review: Mohegan Sun (CT) 7.25.07
Post by mylondoncalling on Jul 26th, 2007, 3:52pm
Okay so the concert was awesome. Let me just say that I went with my two little sisters and my parents because my dad had to be there for a business convention where he won a very nice plaque for highest achievement in whatever and it was only his first year in the insurance business. We're very proud :-D. So yeah when i found out GGD and lifehouse were going to be there, I freaking flipped out and begged my mom to let me bring a friend, but we were also spending the night there so they were like nahhhhhh. so i just went with my mom. noo biggie. way worth it! It was around a two weeks notice, so we payed 60 bucks for section 26, which wasnt bad at all considering we got a great view of the stage and were right next to the screen. oh yeah and both my parents are foriegn so this was her first american concert. and after yesterday, let me tell you, she is their biggest fan. she only knew she liked iris and rzeznik's voice before, so it was just interesting to watch my mom lol
so i'll just get right into it...
Colbie was great, but lacked stage presence. I know everyone has heard this already but I don't think she was nervous. she just kinda stood there and bobbed around a bit, occasionally she'd saunter over to the guitarist looking like she wanted to make out with him, thats it. But she has a really great voice live, I like the huskiness of it. I think she was bored though, she might not have not wanted to give 100% singing to a room full of half-empty seats. They only started to really fill up when Lifehouse started playing. The keyboardist, however, was having the time of his life apparantly. Not kidding you, I didn't think you could dance so much to such mellow songs.
Lifehouse was awesome too. Jason Ward is the most adorable person ever! He smiled a lottt and just seemed really happy, especially when the crowd started singing along. He needs some geography/reading lessons though... someone held up a sign that said "we drove 1100 miles to get here" to which he replied, "oh you drove 11 hundred thousand miles to get here? wow you drove across the united states twice! where'd you come from? ... oh wisconsin." but then he offered them a row of empty seats right up front and started laughing (cutest laugh ever btw) because the people in that row were obviously just there for GGD. anyways the setlist was pretty much the same as all the other concerts:
1. spin
2. hanging by a moment
3. whatever it takes
4. who we are
5. storm
6. the joke
7. you and meee
8. first time
9. broken
they seemed genuinely happy and grateful to be there, which was sweet. they took their time leaving the stage, looking out into the audience, throwing out a couple of t-shirts. the drummer kind of tossed a drumstick in there, which is nice except for the fact he threw it like a dart and practically took an eye out. oh well
nowww for the gooo gooo dolls!!!! i think someone complained about the opening to their other shows. maybe i'm the only one who experienced this, but at sacred heart (in CT) there were these flashing lights with an annoying buzzing sound that were flashing faster and faster and louder and louder until everyone's eyes had a seizure before they finally came out and performed dizzy. so even if it was slightly dangerous, i guess the opening then was a little more exciting than the new one, but i guess i can't complain b/c i lovvve 'long way down'.
so we were on the side of the stage where johnny entered, but he came early, like near the end of the intermission. and we were so close up that we totally saw him sneak up behind the speakers, curl up into a ball, and start messing around with this guitar. it was cute until my mom started pointing, then our entire section freaked out and a bunch of girls started screaming "HI JOHNNY!!!!!!" so during LWD robby and korel looked like they were really rocking out and having a great time. johnny didnt have a hat on and i got all excited until he ran away a few songs later to put on a bandana. :-(
so the set list, again, is pretty much the same:
Long Way Down
Big Machine
Feel the Silence
Black Balloon
January Friend
Tucked Away
We'll Be Here
All Eyes on Me
Before It's Too Late
Stay with You
Let Love In
Better Days
Acoustic #3
Broadway & American Girl (encore)
Sooo here are some of the highlights, at least for me:
Name After the first chorus, when there's that pause right before, "..and I won't tell em your name," the crowd decided that we had to destroy the silence by screaming at the top of our lungs. So john started laughing and it took him like five minutes to continue
Become So johnny kept repeating "come to meeee" for a while, and each time he did, he looked up at the audienced and raised his eyebrow with this kind of 'come hither' look that was pretty hot but made me laugh because... well it was kinda creepy at some points? idk i was right next to the screen and it was close up and it sounded like he was seducing meeeee
Black Balloon & Slide These were great performances, but the reason why I realllly like them is the way the vocals are arranged in the studio. idk, its like the pitches and everything is just right, and sometimes johnny messes with it live to make them sound different, although I wish he wouldnt just once. theres a word for it... kinda like improvisation... ? oh well it will come to me. anyways other than that they were great, and a whole bunch of black balloons went crazy when BB started playing and johnny&robby got hit in the head a number of times.
Before It's Too Late so johnny did another version of the same joke he uses every show, only this time he took it a step further and gave the big F-U to all of hollywood, million dollar movies, and robots in love? idk something like that. He was on a rant and swore every other word. I looked over and my mother's flame of love for him burning inside of her was slowly dying out... but then they played Iris and it quickly relit.
Iris After reading all of the reviews beforehand, I wasnt surprised when he made us sing the chorus. But we weren't all that loud so he stopped right after the instrumentals and made us repeat the entire first verse before continuing with the final chorus. It was literally just the crowd singing, no instruments playing or anything, and Johnny was just playing conductor for a few minutes with us as his symphony. hmph. it was nice thoughhhh
Other funny/awesome things:
>> A girl made little puppet dolls attatched to a sign of the band members (get it? goo goo DOLLS. ahhhahahahahaha what a riot!). well it was funny when johnny ripped off the puppet of him and called it a rzeznik on a stick and that it was the son he never wanted to have... then he proceeded to lick it, then try and prop it up onto a speaker with an assortment of other inanimate objects and ended up snapping the popsicle stick it was on. so he said, "well it's dick is a little short... i mean stick!" my mothers eyes widened to the size of golf balls at that one... mwahahaha
>> robby makes the funniest faces evver when he plays. i cant describe it. I was watching this video: its of them in england, and if you start watching from 1:00 to 1:20, thats pretty much how he was the whole time. it was hilarious. oooh i <3 robby
>> during tucked away, johnny kept running back and forth from the right side to the left side of the stage. we were on the right, and when he came to us, i was pretty close to him from the row i was sitting in. so he was motioning for people to stand up (a lot of people who werent familiar with the song sat down) so i just kinda jumped up and pulled down my t-shirt a little and gestured to it as if to say, "behold! a goo goo dolls t-shirt is before you!!" and he smiled and pointed and then ran away to the other side of the stage. my life is complete. he looked at me a lot when he came on our side because i guess its a rule to come to farah's when she isnt paying attention, and i was just dancing
and shaking my hair and all that good iPod commercial stuff before i realized he was like right therre.
>> during one song johnny got really into it and decided to toss aside his guitar (which he wasnt playing anyway) and dramatically fall on his knees to belt out a high note for an extended period of time. it was very cheesy, very extravagant, and very very funny.
>> at the start of the show, robby thanked us for inviting him to our "little candy-coated wonderland." uhh, robby, i know you like casinos but.... oh i love you anyways

anyways it was a great show all an all, i'm so glad i went. i'll try post vids ASAP

Title: Re: Review: Mohegan Sun (CT) 7.25.07
Post by Adela on Jul 26th, 2007, 4:30pm
I moved this review so more people will see it.  I hope you don't mind.  Thank you for sharing your review.

Title: Re: Review: Mohegan Sun (CT) 7.25.07
Post by mylondoncalling on Jul 26th, 2007, 4:43pm
Oh no problem, thanks!

Title: Re: Review: Mohegan Sun (CT) 7.25.07
Post by the red o on Jul 26th, 2007, 5:40pm

on 07/26/07 at 17:25:55, Anubis wrote:
What I would give to go to one concert like this, where they're actually into it and play more than 18 songs.

It's only 6 hours and 56 minutes.  :D

Title: Re: Review: Mohegan Sun (CT) 7.25.07
Post by the red o on Jul 26th, 2007, 6:05pm

I've never seen it performed like that.  It's weird.

Title: Re: Review: Mohegan Sun (CT) 7.25.07
Post by DWG on Jul 27th, 2007, 12:04am

on 07/26/07 at 17:40:54, the red o wrote:

It's only 6 hours and 56 minutes.  :D

Yeah...if you drive 80 mph and don't stop to eat or take a bathroom break along the way.  :P

Title: Re: Review: Mohegan Sun (CT) 7.25.07
Post by ChickenCookie on Jul 27th, 2007, 11:36am

on 07/27/07 at 00:04:39, DWG wrote:
Yeah...if you drive 80 mph and don't stop to eat or take a bathroom break along the way. :P

Still totally worth it.  You'd get to see ME, afterall!  ;)

Title: Re: Review: Mohegan Sun (CT) 7.25.07
Post by the red o on Jul 27th, 2007, 11:52am
Eighty is actually mandatory on the 90.  Bathroom breaks are overrated.  And you pack snacks for the car, duh!

Title: Re: Review: Mohegan Sun (CT) 7.25.07
Post by another_name on Jul 27th, 2007, 12:59pm

on 07/27/07 at 11:36:06, ChickenCookie wrote:
Still totally worth it. You'd get to see ME, afterall! ;)

WOOHOO counting the hours.......

see you soon CC

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