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(Message started by: Silvergirl on Jun 24th, 2007, 7:08pm)

Title: Berkeley
Post by Silvergirl on Jun 24th, 2007, 7:08pm
I decided to go at the very last min..scrambled like hell and ended up in the Pit 3rd row from the stage, which was perfect..(high stage, not quite as high as Dearborn though lol)  Set List was phenomenal!!  Lemme tell ya it's been two days, my calves hurt, my arms hurt, my abdo is was quite a workout LOLI loove it.  If ya could have seen me the spaz that I am
..John was so chatty, very very interactive gotta love the F~bomb...during BB..we are tossing the normal black balloons around..and he stops and laughs says something like "So you like to throw shit at us huh?"  says something else..which I don't quite catch cuz I'm screaming lol..they drop these HUGGGE I mean FREAKEN HUGE ASS BALLOONS...and then someone had drawn a really nice portrait of John and it was up on stage..and he picked it up and thanked them for the picture of Bon Jovi and chatted up that for awhile..then right after name, john said robby stomped all over his face..must be pent up resentment..he pauses looks over at Robby and says..yeah..we'll talk was so funny..then he talked about how he was approached to write a song for a movie..they take him and show him 45 mins of action high energy stuff ya know get him all hooked (forgive me I really don't remember word for word folks..Monique help me out sister) and in the middle of all this shit being blown up he is pitched for a love song and he is describing their "love scene"  something to do  with them fucking and this is their song apologizes to the kids in the audience, then proceeds to tell the "moms" regardless of this I know you all are going to take your kids to go see it..It was so funny and it was all about him afraid this is all he will ever be remembered for..the ballads hahahha...I'm sure there are others out there that will remember verbatim and fill in the gaps and tell a better story...but I was so excited and wanted to share what I could!!!!


Title: Re: Berkeley
Post by Shannon on Jun 24th, 2007, 9:17pm
Teri......I'm so glad you posted your review. How the heck have you been girl? Sounds like you had a blast at the show .... and the pit too....lucky lady. I don't think I've ever seen a stage as high as about a crick in the neck! You've got me all pyched up for my show this Friday now. I can't wait to hear this new setlist.

Title: Re: Berkeley
Post by CTC on Jun 24th, 2007, 11:16pm
Teri  :-* You are too funny!  Great show that is for sure.  Was good to finally meet up with you.

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