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(Message started by: jaynjanna1 on Apr 22nd, 2006, 7:47pm)

Title: Atlanta story, You guys have got to read this one.
Post by jaynjanna1 on Apr 22nd, 2006, 7:47pm
All right guys this may be long so sit back and relax. First I need to tell you what goo means to my wife and me. We are both teachers, I coach and she teaches fourth grade. After our first date some five years ago, I gave her a tape with slide and Black Balloon on it. I was in love with her from the start. Those songs have meant a lot to us over the years and we went to our first show in Atlanta on the Gutter flowers tour. Which in fact she cried through Black Balloon and Iris. I have two girls from a previous marriage and she and I have a little boy. All right enough said.  I was searching the goo site a few weeks ago and saw that they were playing at the Loft but I happened to be too late to get tickets. I went on Ebay and found two tickets for $200. I researched the area and found a room at the Residence Inn Marriott which was one block down from the gig. We were so excited! I searched around on this site and someone posted a set list which consisted of about thirteen songs most of which is from the new album. I do not like a concert as much if I am not familiar with the songs. So I noticed that someone mentioned that  VH1 was spotlighting goo and I connected my computer to my stereo and made a copy onto a tape. The quality was not very good but at least we could get familiar before the show. Now here is when it starts getting good. We pack up and head for HotLanta, which for us it was only an hour and a half from Byron, Ga. We get there and I had to check out the place right away. We walk there and it was only about five minutes away. I went to Will Call to check out the place and they were doing a sound check. Man, the place was so small, but it did not look as nice as the website made it out to be. I am thinking if they are playing here anywhere you go to  your vision will be great. All right, we leave the place and meet up with some girls who I cannot remember their names to save my life. I will just call them “my lucky star” and you will soon see why. They tell us that they are waiting to meet someone for tickets and were really excited about the show. They also mention about a Meet and Greet that was going to start around 4:30. So we said good-bye and heading to the room to rest for a while. I could only stay still for a little while, going stir crazy waiting on the show. I wanted to go down and see how the line was looking. On the way down I met my luck star again and followed them on up to the Loft. People were going in for the Meet and we were just hanging out. A few minutes later one of the girls got an offer from a guy to go into the club and we were all excited for her. As she was going in, this young girl waved to them and they recognized her, she was the girl that had the tickets for them. They asked if she could get her friends in; by now I am right under them looking like we all are best friends. She said that she did not know and went back inside. We all were sure that it was over for us and were just glad to be able to hear some of the performance for the 100 fans that were lucky to meet goo. About five minutes later the girl comes back outside with VIP passes and we all run up to her, but wouldn’t you know it, she only had two passes. I asked if she had another and she said that she did not. Oh well, it had been great so far. About ten minutes later I see the same girl walking on the sidewalk like she is looking for someone. She walks up to me and says “hey, if you help me do something I will get you in the show”. Say what? I said sure. So, I follow her down into the parking deck where she pulls out three guitars and some other stuff. I ask her who was she and she said that she worked for Warner Brothers and was some type of promotion person. Man was this going good. I told her how much we like the goo goo dolls and that my wife was asleep in the motel. She asked me if my wife would be mad and I said no that she would be happy for me. She gives me her pass and I follow her through the doors. Man, is this really happening to me! We go down in the DRESSING ROOM and place the guitars. I look around and see scented candles burning and a sound editing room, not much else. Where are the boys at? So we go up stairs where I assume that people are lined up to meet them. On the way up she says, oh yeah the beer is free. When I get in side goo is playing and my lucky stars are sitting on the floor about ten feet from them. They are playing Broadway. The girls screamed so loud when they see me that the band and entire club just looked at me. For that split second I was the center of attention. So I sat down and they continued to play, no sense in stopping because of me, lol. God they sounded good. I mean right in front of them. No one was talking and everyone was enjoying the music. *94 asked them some questions and Johnny got cracked on about living in California, etc. How lucky could one guy get? Is my wife going to believe this? Now I do have a little proof. During the show I kept calling my phone so the message would pick up, only about ten times. After the show I got the set list, which consisted of Let Love In, Broadway, Better Day’s, and Slide. Now there is no way that I am going to give back the “Circle of Friends” Pass. I needed a little more proof to tell my wife. So I said my goodbyes to my lucky stars and went back so happy to tell my wife. She could not believe that I had gotten in. I had to tell her the complete story from start to finish. I was on cloud nine. Now the story continues. We went to the show around seven and the line was not as long as it should have been but we were all the way in the back. I had the bright idea of looking for the girls so maybe we could get up closer. I have got to get close to the stage. I did see them and they let us break in line with them. We laughed and talked about what happened and they asked if my wife “Janna” was mad. She said of course not. After about ten minutes this guy comes around calling peoples names. I had no idea what was going on. One of the Lucky star girls started screaming and I was like what is happening. She said that she signed up to meet goo right before the show and she had just won. Can you believe it? How is this happening? They gave her three armbands to meet goo and we were so happy for her. I told my wife to go put her name in the drawing. She said it’s probably too late but did it anyway. Now by this time there is several hundred people lined up. After a few minutes I faintly hear this name being called that sounded like my last name. What? Is that our name? She walks up and it was her name that they called. The guy said that he had called the name thirty times and was about to put it back in. Guys is this crazy or what? We go in and meet goo and got our picture taken. It was great! I shook hands with each one and told them that I heard their new album on VH1 and that I liked it. What a night so far. We come in very late because of the pictures. We were so determined to get up close so we go to the side of the stage that Johnny’s was on. We get right up front on the side. About two rows back. During the concert a girl right in front of me threw a pillowcase to Johnny and he was like what is this. The girl didn’t say anything. I yelled to Johnny that she wanted him to wipe his face and he say what. I told him again and so he did and threw it back to the girl. She loved it. So you see guys not only did this crazy stuff happen to me earlier but during the concert I had an exchange of words with Johnny, lol. If anyone reads this, thanks! Sorry so long, but I had to tell you guys. What a nite!!!!!!!!! Iam the tall guy by Robby, my wife is in back

Title: Re: Atlanta story, You guys have got to read this
Post by Johns_chick on Apr 22nd, 2006, 8:15pm
OMG i saw you! I was the one with Cindy and Jen! And i was weraing my black Goo shirt did you see me? That is so fantastic! It was so amazing!

Title: Re: Atlanta story, You guys have got to read this
Post by jaynjanna1 on Apr 22nd, 2006, 8:25pm
hey, post your picture. jay

Title: Re: Atlanta story, You guys have got to read this
Post by rzezniksangel on Apr 22nd, 2006, 8:39pm
That is such a wonderful story.  I'm so excited for you!!

Title: Re: Atlanta story, You guys have got to read this
Post by gutterdog on Apr 22nd, 2006, 11:19pm
Hi Jay,
BIG CONGRATS! It was YOUR goo day! I met you and your wife on the street before the show with the older woman! I am so happy for you! We ended up behind the sound board and Shirley, my 75 year-old pal, got a seat next to the bar! Right after we got there they blocked off the area and the band came in right by us -it was great! And Mike, John's bodyguard, who is usually not so friendly, let Shirley sit right in the entryway - 3 guys tried to move her and he insisted that she stay - it was quite funny to see Mike be so polite! If it were me, he would have moved me to the other side of the room lol.

Anyway, I am sure that Suziegoo posted this but my quick story is Suz, fellow Florida goo girl, could not make the show because of a friend's medical emergency. So on Thursday night I told her that IF I got to see John, who I have met several times, that I would ask him to call her (via my cell). After the bus, the RAIN as always!, we went back to the bar to take cover because I didn't want my 75 year-old friend running back to the hotel in the downpour. So 5 minutes later, out walks John. I tell him the story and he said to call her. He left her the sweetest message - he was totally sincere! (Mike the BG was yelling - give her back the phone and get on the bus - typical Mike - I told Suz I am sure I am officially blackballed from Mike!) John just ignored him and kept talking - Suz was thrilled! So it was totally worth getting soaked!

Great meeting you and I am so glad you guys had such a great time! They ROCKED! Love the new album! If you are ever in Florida, let me know! 5 minutes from the beach! Tell your adorable wife hello! Eva :)

Title: Re: Atlanta story, You guys have got to read this
Post by iris3732 on Apr 22nd, 2006, 11:29pm
Hey! I didn't see you but I was in front of the people you took your picture with in the meet-and-greet line.

That is an awesome story. I entered the Circle of Friends thing but didn't get it; I'm glad someone on here got to see it!  ;D

Title: Re: Atlanta story, You guys have got to read this
Post by earsy on Apr 23rd, 2006, 9:50am
i love in the picture of you with the band robby makes himself even smaller than he already is! cute! glad to hear you had a good time, thanks for sharing.

Title: Re: Atlanta story, You guys have got to read this
Post by ShanGooFan on Apr 23rd, 2006, 10:04am
Awesome story Jay. It's so exciting reading everyone's reviews. I'm thrilled you and your wife got to meet Goo.

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