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(Message started by: collegegoofan on Jul 4th, 2006, 3:55am)

Post by collegegoofan on Jul 4th, 2006, 3:55am
My Arrival

I have this thing that if I win something, and I have to be somewhere by a certain time, I get paranoid that I will be late and miss it so I have to be at the place early. In this case I was paranoid that I would miss my meet and greet for the show (I will get the meet and greet in a bit). Anyways, I took my niece to McDonald's for dinner so she wouldn't be eating so late.  My dad had to follow us because my sister was going to the concert along with my niece and I and she did not get off of work until 6:30.  So I kind of rushed my niece with eating and everything....was too anxiious to get to the Journal Pavilion and of course my paranoia of missing my m&g was kicking in.  So as we were driving there, my car decides to be stupid and it stalled 3 times, so annoying.  And when I finally got to the pavilion, I was backing up, because I didn't want to pay$20 for VIP parking, so I was backing up to park in the general parking, which is free, my car again decided to stall. I really hated my car at that moment.  

So I got to the will call office, got my tickets, my wrist band and gave 2 tickets to my dad to give to my sister for her and my niece and my dad and niece were off.  I was able to hear the goo goo dolls do their soundcheck, which was AWESOME!!!!! The instructions that came with my m&g pass said to wait at the box office at around 6:30. When they started to let people into the venue, I just stayed there because I didn't know if we were supposed to go in or wait there, so all us IM m&g winners just waited outside the venue.  

The Meet and Greet

Ok so we were told at 6:30 is when we would be taken back for our m&g with the band. 6:30 came and were still waiting. They let us into the venue where we waited for a couple minutes and then were led to back of the stage. Which is where we saw a line of the radio station meet and greet people - 25 people for the radio m&g. They let them in first but the IM m&g was done first.  They were rushed for time so we had to get the pictures taken with one other person. Fortunately, Amerigoo had found me when I was waiting outside the venue for the meet and greet and so we were talking and were next to each other in the line. So we got to be in the same photo. Very cool.  As I was waiting for my opportunity to meet the guys, the lead singer of the CC walked by, he was in the m&g photo of the people that was before amerigoo and my photo was taken.  But as he walked by I looked at him and he looked at me...and he really looks his age...looks kind of old....but anyways enough of him.  Anyways, Amerigoo and I had already decided who we were going to stand next to for the photo - she decided that she wanted to be next to Robby and John, so I got to be between John and Mike.   Amerigoo got a hug from Robby, which was cool. And as I expected, my shyness kicked in and I think that I said hi....I don't remember now..oh well.  Other than maybe saying hi, again not sure if I actually said anything, I did shake their hands.  When I went to shake Mike's hand he kind of hesitated but he shook my hand which was cool.  I wanted to ask for a hug but again like I previously stated...I don't even no if I muttered hi to them...well I am pretty sure that I said hi to Robby but not so sure about John or MIke...anyways. I think that Mike was kind of taken aback that I wanted to shake his hand since he hesitated...maybe people are more interested in getting attention from John and Robby I don't know.  But I stood between John and Mike and John put his hand on my was like a magical touch...I don't that I will ever stop talking about this moment.

When I got home and looked at my meet and greet photo...I came to the conclusion that I am not photogenic at all...I look absolutely horrible in it..I don't even know if I want to post it....but I also do not like my photo taken period.  After the photo was taken I had wanted to tell them thank you for taking the time for the meet and greets but like previously stated, I couldn't.

On a side note...I am not one to talk about the attractiveness of any celebrities that I admire. But seeing John up close....he is a very good looking man...he is definitely aging gracefully (I think I mispelled this word I don't know).

After the meet and greet I went to find my seat, which was nice. I was in the 7th row, on Robby's side. I wished I had gotten pictures probably would have been better..but oh well.  My sister and my niece had not gotten there yet so I sat and listened to 2 of Augustana's songs and then went up to see if I could see them. I couldn't so while I was up there I bought my niece and myself a goo goo dolls shirt - its green and says goo goo dolls and let love in.  And then I went to my seat. Augustana were having some kind of issues. The lead singer had said that he was thankful for those who were listening to them and apologized for their inadequasies (again that word is misspelled, it 2:30 in the morning as I am typing this up, sorry for the misspelled words). They were really good though.  About 30 minutes before the goo's were supposed to start I decided to go hike back up to the entrance, on my way I spotted my sister and niece.  I told them that I bought a shirt for myself and niece and my sister said that she wanted one as well so we went up to the entrance where the merchandise table was at (did not notice the merchandise table that was down where I had seen my niece and sister, typical). And that is when it started to rain.  Not just rain, it wasn't a warm rain, it was a cold rain. I am just glad that it didn't start lightning out...that would have sucked.  But it was a good thing that I had bought me and my sister a shirt because we were both wearing white shirts.

The Concert

Right before they came out I told my niece to keep an eye out on the side of the stage, to see if we can see John, Robby and Mike. Well I spotted John and told her where to look and she spotted him that made her really happy.  Some women behind us started yelling John's name and waved. At first he was looking and he nodded but after a couple minutes he waved back.  So when they finally came out, the started with Stay With You.  They also played Feel the Silence, Listen, February Friend, Let Love In, Iris, Name, Better Days, Become, Without You Here, We'll Be Here (When You're Gone), Strange Love, Tucked Away, Smash, and I think that they did a few more but for the life of me I can not think of the names....oh they did Broadway. They were all great.

My sister used to make fun of me for liking the Goo Goo Dolls until I let her listen to Dizzy Up The Girl and then she started to like them, but she still sorta made fun of me even though she said that she liked them, but not nearly as I LOVE the Goo's.  But my mission has been completed.  I have completely converted my sister into a Goo Goo Dolls fan.  She said that it was the best concert that she has gone to and she said that she will definitely see them again.  

Post by collegegoofan on Jul 4th, 2006, 3:55am

The Commentary

Ok right after they did Stay With You, John asked us if it always rains in the summer.. the crowd just screamed NOOOOOOOOO, and he said really and again the crowd screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOO and then John said will Shit it is tonight.  He said that he likes tough crowds that will stay out there in the rain. He said that he is from Buffalo and that if its not raining there its snowing there and so he liked that it was raining.

When it stopped raining he commented that it stopped raining.

During the Broadway, he stopped near the end and introduced Koral and Brad...when he introduced Brad, he said that he was sexy and then when he got down to his mic stand he told Brad that he loved him.....

Then right before Name he sadi that he was going to do an old song. It was Name and everyone was singing along, myself included (I will explain why this is a significant part of the story here a bit later), anyways at the end of name he thanked everyone for remembering it.

When they did Iris, near the end, he said that he was getting old and couldn't hit they high notes anymore (like I really believe that) and he asked for the crowd to help him out.  And everyone did.  We all just sang our hearts out. It was AWESOME!!!!!

Before Robby did his first song he said something, but neither my sister or myself understood what he said...I think the mic was being stupid at that moment but it was quickly fixed whatever that problem was.

Robby rocked out though and I don't think that he said anything else...well he did but I can not recall what he said.

The significance of me singing along

Ok so the significance of me singing along to the songs and screaming at the top of my lungs is that it is something that I usually don't do.  I didn't do all that screaming at the Las Vegas show - I think that is because I didn't go with anyone and I was out of my comfort zone there. It's hard to explain why I didn't there, it was a great concert.  But this time I was with my sister and my niece and so I was a little more comforatble doing that.  I wished I had some of that when I met the Goo's maybe I wiould have actually said something other than hi, if I even said hi to anyone other than Robby.  

I am a terribly shy person and so screaming and singing in public kind of weirds me out, but for some reason I was able to let loose of that and just let my excitement and enthusiasm out.  

On a final note

Next time I am definitely going to try to meet them outside the m&g setting, hopefully have my niece there too and get an autograph for my niece and myself. And I will ask for a hug from each of the Goo's.  

After the concert we were going to go to the afterparty but decided not to because I had gotten a headache because it was soo cold from the rain.  So my sister and I met my dad (my nephew of course was with him) and my niece went with him. We went to Wal-mart where my sister bought LET LOVE IN. She just could not stop saying that the Goo Goo Dolls rock...she was like a broken record, it was great.

I managed to take a crap load of photos - like 130 or so photos.  Tomorrow I am going to look for the ones that came out the best and I will post them at that time.  I just had to write up my review of the concert.


Post by collegegoofan on Jul 4th, 2006, 4:38am
here is my M&G photo...I look horrible in it....Amerigoo, who I met through AG, not sure if she posts here, she told me that she didn't want her picture posted online so I put a heart over her to respect her wishes......and John put his hand on my shoulder :)  ....did I mention that was one of my favorite parts of the m&g...anyways here it is......

Post by Shannon on Jul 4th, 2006, 11:06am
What a great review and picture. Thanks for all the details. I'm so glad you were able to let loose and have fun. They played Name and Feel the Silence ... woo hoo! :nanner: :nanner: My show is in a couple weeks and I pray they play those two songs here.

Oh ... that feeling of John's hand on your shoulder will forever be burned in your brain.

I can't wait to see your pictures.

Post by Saz_Goo on Jul 4th, 2006, 5:25pm
Woohoo, what an awesome review!! I'm glad you had such an awesome concert with your sister and neice. Great M&G photo - don't worry about being tongue-tied, I bet it happens to 80% of the people in M&Gs!! I know I was tongue-tied from the second I walked in and Robby introduced really threw me for some reason, and I could think of nothing to say after that. :P

Anyways, I'm very glad you had such an awesome time and could just immerse yourself in the awesomeness of the moment!!  ;D

Post by collegegoofan on Jul 4th, 2006, 6:04pm

I really like this picture of John...

The pictures  are kind of just took so long to upload the pictuers that it didn't cross my mind to resize them...

Post by rzezniksangel on Jul 4th, 2006, 6:34pm
Oooh, I love the pictures!!!!  I'm glad you had such a great time Shannon!!!

Post by YoursGOOLY on Jul 4th, 2006, 10:50pm
WOW...what a GREAT review.  :thumbsup: I don't know if I can wait 4 more days!!!  Ahhhh!!!!!
So glad to hear you converted your sis, too. The pics are awesome. Thanks so much for sharing. GOO-d to see John is smiling. (alot I have seen he isn't)  :claps:

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