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(Message started by: dizzilyblue on Jul 20th, 2006, 9:02pm)

Title: DES MOINES SHOW (and pics)!!!
Post by dizzilyblue on Jul 20th, 2006, 9:02pm
This was my ninth Goo show, and it was one of the best for me!  I was one of the IM meet-and-greet winners, so that was very exciting; I got to shake Robby, John, and Mike's hand, as well as stand in-between Robby and John for the photo.  Cheesy  I followed starrgazerr (sorry, i never caught your actual name!) to the front on Robby's side, just about three people back.  A few songs into the Goos' set, the people in front of us decided to leave (to get out of the blazing heat of the room, I imagine), so I suddenly found myself in the FRONT ROW!  Cheesy  Because of this, I was able to snap some great pictures without too much obstruction.

This isn't the exact setlist or order, just roughly what they played . . .

Stay With You
Feel the Silence
Black Balloon
Tucked Away
We'll Be Here
Give a Little Bit
Better Days
January Friend
Full Forever???
Let Love In


When John busted out the SuperSoaker, he asked the crowd, "Do you want it in the face or on the chest?"  He brought out the watergun about three times during the show, even inviting Mike to get off the drumset and take a few shots at the audience; Mike stood up centerstage, but he didn't get around to shooting anyone.

John was a little more active on stage this time around, even getting on his knees during one song ("Let Love In"?).  He even thanked us for being really fun, especially since I think (yeah, don't quote me) he even said he initially didn't want to come here (to Iowa, I assume).

Robby was EXTREMELY FUN!!!  Since I was really close, I think I made some extended eye contact a few times; a few songs into their set just after a song ended, it looked like he was looking toward my vicinity, so I blew a kiss toward him just for fun.  Right after I did that, he put both of his hands on his cheeks and tilted his head to the side with an, "Awwww" expression.  It was ADORABLE.  I also like to think that because of all the interaction, he deliberately threw his bass pick my way, which I felt hit my leg, and I was able to pick it up off the floor without a fight (hehe, it says YOU ARE HERE, although all the black ink had been rubbed off on both sides).

I think I saw the band come out after the show by the busses (or at least I swear I saw Mike), since cameras were going off among the crowd of fans.  They came out a lot sooner than I would have expected, probably within half an hour of the end of the show . . . ?  My friends and I were across the parking lot by my car.

Yeah, that was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.  If anyone's interested in checking out the photos I took, they're located at

~ Amanda

Title: Re: DES MOINES SHOW (and pics)!!!
Post by Shannon on Jul 20th, 2006, 9:22pm
Thanks for the great review. Your pics are GREAT! It looks like the guys were a tad sweaty. I love the one with John and the supersoaker. I keep reading what an awesome show it was. I can't believe you all lasted in that heat.

Title: Re: DES MOINES SHOW (and pics)!!!
Post by your_mom on Jul 21st, 2006, 2:47am
lol is it wrong of me to be turned on by that pic of john on his knees with his bare feet?

haha sorry...

anyway, awesome review and thanks for the pictures they were great!

Title: Re: DES MOINES SHOW (and pics)!!!
Post by YoursGOOLY on Jul 21st, 2006, 11:41pm

on 07/21/06 at 02:47:19, your_mom wrote:
lol is it wrong of me to be turned on by that pic of john on his knees with his bare feet?

:drool: Me likey, too!

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