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(Message started by: kymbreleigh on Aug 24th, 2006, 11:02pm)

Title: Raleigh Nc Review
Post by kymbreleigh on Aug 24th, 2006, 11:02pm
Amber & I arrive & at 4:30 we emerged from our car with our gift bags & water & a purse full of film & cameras!I was prepared to take 200 pictures!We get to the will call booth & we were the first ones (of course) only they don't have the Fan Club tickets yet which had me a little worried!But a sweet young lady named Kat took my case & told me specific info about when to comeback & all so we had to wait again for 30 minutes.It was okay cuz GOO was doing their soundcheck & we could hear them playing & Johnny singing :))))))))))) Amber started to cry :) she was so happy.So after 30 minutes passed I went back to will call this time there was a small line,I gave all my info & this mean man in a uniform yells at me that he doesn't have my tickets & I will have to wait!!!Well Kat overheard him & pushed him aside & said that some one was bringing them around 6 pm!So I had another hour to kill.So I chit chatted with this really nice lady & her son.She has been to several goo shows & he loves Johnny Rzeznik so much  he even wants the same tattoos as him :)This young man was handicapped & this was his first time meeting the ggds!So we had a lot in common :)Remember this part cuz later Johnny does something really cool :)

Okay so I am still waiting at will call & my friend Nadine has not arrived yet,I got a little worried because they gave me my mng passes (me & amber) & then I heard one of them say to some people just sitting around that they were giving them out,I assumed that not everyone who had won showed up.Of course when Nadine arrived they said they didn't have extras but I think they had given them away by then!

So we are lined up & escorted we walk by hundreds of people & my heart was pounding amber was crying.The whole time security is trying to thin the group by getting the people out without  wristbands.Nadine kept right by me & then she talked a DJ into letting her in.They put her & her friend Karina up to the front,me & Amber got to the back of the line.While we are standing there Mike (the drummer) walks out & right by us to get on the bus!I said Amber it's Mike!He said Hi & went into the bus & she cried !We were so happy :)Okay I can't descibe what it's like to see someone you have only seen on tv & on the internet for so long but it's a really weird feeling!So that was cool :) This DJ was behind us & asked us if we were gonna start screaming & stuff (which I probably would ,but I know it freaks them out :)So he says "oh I met them earlier today they aren't that nice you know"I said really?he said "I'm kidding!They are really nice"what is it about me that people always gotta pull my leg!!!

Anyway we wait in this line for about 45 minutes then we get almost up to them with a couple of people in front of us.By this time we can see & hear them really good :) My heart felt like it was gonna bust right out of my chest!My was shaking & about to hyperventilate as was Amber because she was crying hard by this time.I told her to breathe through her nose & take calm breaths cuz she was getting ready to go !Finally........................................IT'S OUR TURN!!!!!Amber had the gift bags for Robby(3 Pez dispensers & Pez sleep pants!) & Mike (a tootsie roll owl hat) She handed them their bags ,which they are holding in the picture,& I went to Johnny & gave him mine ( a  small bag with a letter [all the gift bags contained letters]& a KISS zippo lighter).I went right up to him his head was turned & I got his attention I said "Johnny" he looked at me right in the eyes & said "Oh thank you so much" & pulled me to him & hugged me for a right good few seconds!He smiled at me then we snapped the picture ,then he gave me ANOTHER HUG!!!!!!and thanked me once again :)I gave Mike a half hug cuz he was kinda far away then Robby shook my hand & said "how are you" & then he hugged me,I told him their music has meant so much to me and that was it so fast whirlwind!!!!Then we both tore out crying !!!A man  said to us "enjoy the show ladies"!

So we go to find our seats :)Awesome seats thank you Inner Machine :)3rd row CENTER!!!Right between Johnny & Robby's mike stands!Wooohooo!!!!!When they started playing "Run Like Hell"by Pink Floyd I knew it was time & got my cameras out.Only this is when my digital decides to die on me so I didn't get any shots with it :(BUT I took 5 rolls of 35mm film with me so...

Goo hits the stage OMG!!!Lookout I screamed & sang & danced!It was like I had found somewhere I finally belonged or something:)They were so awesome!Johnny held up a picture of the young man I was  talking about at the beginning of my lil book here.He said some really nice things about him & called him his new friend :)He held up the pic so everyone could see even on the monitors!& he was looking for him on the left side although he was 2 seats down from me.So a  bunch of us tried to get Johnny's attention cuz we were pointing right at him & I said he is talking about you hun!He smiled oh it was so sweet:)They rocked every song,it was so awesome!I screamed till I thought my head cracked it hurt so bad but I had to show them the love you know!Then it was over so sad.So I hung out & talked to my friend for a while met security Mike & Johnny's cook :)Nice people!Had a great time ,I can't wait to do it again in 4 days let the new countdown begin :)))))))))))))))
I am the blonde in the goo shirt & thats Amber in front of Mike she was crying :)

Title: Re: Raleigh Nc Review
Post by Shannon on Aug 25th, 2006, 10:08am
What a great review kymbreleigh! Thanks for taking the time to post it. That's fantastic you and Amber had a m&g together. That's something you'll never forget.

That was very sweet of John to acknowledge the boy like that. It probably made his whole day.

Title: Re: Raleigh Nc Review
Post by kymbreleigh on Aug 25th, 2006, 10:41am
I'm sure it did :) his mom said he loved Johnny & he is deathly terrified of needles but wants tattoos exactly like Johnnys!!He was also happy when they did the soundcheck he kept saying can I go see him now !

Title: Re: Raleigh Nc Review
Post by the white o on Aug 25th, 2006, 11:13am
Omigosh! That is amazing, great review....note to Amber: I would've cried too.

I read Amber's review on her myspace.

You guys are soo lucky! Glad you had fun!!

Title: Re: Raleigh Nc Review
Post by YoursGOOLY on Aug 25th, 2006, 1:48pm
WOW!  :carrot: What a great review Kymbreleigh... Sounds like you had an awesome time AND great seats. I'm so happy 4 u. Hope I get seats like that next time 'round.  ;D

Title: Re: Raleigh Nc Review
Post by SassyMay on Aug 25th, 2006, 3:59pm
Here's a link to my review!!! Enjoy!

Title: Re: Raleigh Nc Review
Post by nautica72061 on Aug 30th, 2006, 7:34pm
it was deffintly an amazing show, i was up on the lawn so i was stoked when john looked up there and was like "whats up to everyone on the lawn, dont think we forgot yall"

i was wondering what the story on the picture he held up was, im glad you cleared that up, i knew it had to be something for someone like that, just wasnt sure what happened. sounds like that kid had his wish that night  :)

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