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(Message started by: googirl28 on Sep 28th, 2006, 11:09am)

Title: My Superdome Goo Review
Post by googirl28 on Sep 28th, 2006, 11:09am
Okay, this may be long -- because it was one of the best days of my life.....

I heard about the goos coming to NO 6 days before the actual day ---- totally got excited. I kinda knew this was my once in a lifetime chance to get to see them so close, because the majority of the people would be Saint fans.

We live about 1 hour away from New Orleans. My babysitter came at 10 am (have a 2 month old). With traffic and gas stop we got around the dome at about noon. Once I spotted the stage, I jumped out of my car at a traffic light to head to the "line" so I could be one of the first ones there (yes, I was on a mission). Hubby went park the car. When I got to the security point, there was only 3 people in line before me (AG'ers). They were extremely nice.

The goo trailers (unmarked campers) were right there in front of us. We got to see them walk into and out of them when they did the sound check. Got to see them rehearse. I was sooooooo star strucked. I failed to mention that the weather was soooooo beautiful, in the lower 80's, which is a nice fallish day in NO, with the sun out.

We were waiting for the magically 3:00 time to arrive to open the barricade where we were. We were a a premo spot, because there were thousands of people lined up on a ramp way, way behind us. I don't know how in the hell we were able to hang out all day where we were.

When the gates open, we literally ran to the stage!!!! We looked like 16 year olds, (hubby too). Yea..... we were able to get front and center!!!!! John's mic was in between my husband and I!!!!!!! The crowd wasn't pushy at all... alot of personal space!!!!!!!

They were awesome!!!!!!!! Don't even know how to describe it except it was really surreal!!! !!!! I was soooo star struck and think my eyes were just popping out. We make signs and held them up periodically. John made eye contact with me about 3 times. I just wanted to die!!! One time, I blew a kiss to him ( yes, I did it, and can't believe I did), and he smiled!!! Oh, what a wonderful smile! !!!! !!! They played a whole setlist (one song after another) . John's eyes were soooo blue!!! The stage was so high that I was constantly looking up at him and he was against a clear blue sky!!! Couldn't even see Mike from the rail. There was also a building in the background with the windows still blown out. They were full of energy. Robby's facial expressions were sooo cute and lively!!

Their initial song was the ESPN taping of Better Days. It was awesome. I do agree that the goos wouldn't mind the dubbed in of Katrina footage, but I know it was disappointing for goo fans. My mom recorded it, saw myself about 3 times, (the ones with the pink and yellow signs).

A guy next to my hubby happened to catch a guitar pick and guess what --- he gave it to me. Needless to say, I was sooo excited and very appreciative. After the concert, I was able to get a setlist from one of the stage hands ---- was soooo excited with that also, but the best is still yet to come.......

Immediately after the concert, I wanted to go back by the trailers in order to possibly get to meet them. There were thousands, upon thousands of people. I began working myself through the crowd.... never have I been sooooo smashed between bodys --- especially crazy Saint fans. Boy, was I on a mission. Everyonewas pissed at us, but I didn't care, I was very persistant.

I finally made my way and was at their unadvertised trailers (campers). I was not leaving there until my last mission of the day was completed. I saw Mike and Robby leave out with their luggage and didn't look at us. (we were about 6 people) and finally John came out. I couldn't even talk ---- my hubby yelled "JOHN" then he turned and came to our direction. He used my sharpie to sign a couple of autographs, and his "guard" said, last one. I said "OH HELL NO --- I need my "Let Love In CD cover signed -- he has been using my pen to sign everyone else's stuff". So, he said ok, then John came over and I was actually "Star Struck" . Asked him to take a picture of with me and he pulled me into him so closely. I really wanted to melt!!!!! But, unfortunately, as luck would have it, my camera was saying Low Battery. OH NO, I wanted to cry. John felt so bad for me, he immediately began to look around (yeah, like anyone could help me). He seemed so sympathic towards me and security said, "come on John, we have to go". Then as he was turning to walk away, he looks at me in the eye and said "I'll see you real soon". Oh my gosh, I was so happy to have that moment with him that I couldn't even be upset about not having the physical photo with him.

This was one of the best days of my life!!!!! I couldn't have asked for a more initimate setting!!!!!

I am still flying.



Better Days
Stay With You
Feel the Silence
Black Balloon
Tucked Away
Here Is Gone
We'll Be Here
Give a Little Bit
Let Love In
Be come
Better Days (in which John said "This one is really for you New Orleans")

Title: Re: Superdome Goo Review
Post by Shannon on Sep 28th, 2006, 11:19am
Thank you so much for sharing your awesome experience with us Darlene. What an experience that you got to be there amidst that at all and then to meet John on top of it. It's just so exciting!

I just have to say that I find it amusing that the low 80s is a pretty fall day down there. Here in Michigan that's a summer day to us. Fall is more like in the 50s-60s. I would love to have the low 80s in the fall....heck... year round.

Title: Re: Superdome Goo Review
Post by googirl28 on Sep 28th, 2006, 11:28am

yea, pretty funny indeed!!! - we very much welcomed the lower 80's,  because all summer was upper 90's and 100's  :shines:. And with all of this humidity, the summer was very brutal --  considering there is not a beach in my back yard.    The beginning of fall is finally upon us!

Title: Re: Superdome Goo Review
Post by tkc1989 on Sep 28th, 2006, 1:00pm
Hey Darlene, so pleased you had a great day! Sounds like an amazing experience ;D

Title: Re: My Superdome Goo Review
Post by pink boa lady on Sep 28th, 2006, 6:02pm
great review...i was to your right in the goo shirt! it was a great show and i'm so glad that people were very friendly and nice up front. nobody was pushing or on top of you the entire time....great concert!

and omg! i so totally know what you mean about being smushed in with the saints fans...that was so icky gross!

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