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(Message started by: lu on Oct 9th, 2006, 11:50am)

Title: i got to meet them finally!!
Post by lu on Oct 9th, 2006, 11:50am
hey all! i went to see the goos last night in southampton and they were amazing!! they all seemed to have a lot of fun and they sounded great too. so heres my story:
so i had a meet and greet and in my email it said to get there when the doors open as the meet and greet can occur either an hour before the show or right after the doors open. soo the doors were meant to open at 7.30pm as it said on the tickets, so we got there at 7.00pm and the doors were already open! so i asked security and he was like 'oh yeah the meet and greet has just finished, it was at 6.30pm and everyone else turned up on time'!! so i sulked like you wouldnt believe for the next half hour. but then a while later my friends were speaking to the goos security and she said 'no the meet and greet finished about 10mins ago and there were a bit dissapointed cos not many people turned up'!! so then i was even more pissed off cos the stupid man lied to me and id missed my meet and greet because of him. so then they played. and its was amazing and all that other stuff.  soo after the show, we waited outside the venue for like 15 mins cos their bus was out the front and then one of their security guys just shouted out 'anyone want to meet the goo goo dolls? get in a line and they'll come out and sign stuff for you'. so we did (there was about 30 of us). mike came out first and i got a photo with him. it was all quite formal actually. them about 15mins later robby came out and i got a photo with him (he seemed quite quiet strangely enough) and then like a million hours later john came out and i got two photos with him! (the first one was blurry). he was also very chatty and took his time to talk to everyone. he must have been in quite a good mood. he talked to me about something but i wasnt really listening to what he said cos i was fiddling with my stupid camera (how ignorant am i?). so thats it i met them finally and im going to see them again on friday! i cant wait! oh and my photos are on this website:

i uploaded two videos as well but i dont know where they went, so if you can find em, let me know.

Title: Re: i got to meet them finally!!
Post by carlyn on Oct 9th, 2006, 12:13pm
That is so cool that you got to meet them!

Title: Re: i got to meet them finally!!
Post by Shannon on Oct 9th, 2006, 1:18pm
I'm glad to hear the show was awesome. That's great that you got to meet them despite missing the meet & greet. It sounds like you actually got more time with them since it wasn't an official m&g. I guess things sometimes have a way of working themselves out when we least expect it.

I'm heading over to check out your pictures now. Thanks for sharing with us lu.

*edit* I just checked out your pictures. Great m&g shots. John looks so happy & cuddly in your pictures. I really think he enjoys the spontaneous meetings so much more than the 'official' stuff.

Title: Re: i got to meet them finally!!
Post by LouAndNic on Oct 10th, 2006, 7:49am
Hi Lu :)

So pleased that you got to meet them after the mess about you had for the official meet & greet - it was obviously written in your stars that you WOULD meet them whatever that day!

Thanks for sharing your story and lovely pictures.  You've certainly made us think about making sure we turn up extra early for our meet & greet on Friday so thanks for the warning.  Hopefully see you down there.


Title: Re: i got to meet them finally!!
Post by The Purple O on Oct 10th, 2006, 6:06pm
Wow!! That is awesome you got to meet them! They seem like very down to earth guys. I'm glad you had a great time at the concert!

Title: Re: i got to meet them finally!!
Post by googoodollsfan on Sep 3rd, 2007, 1:35pm
you are soooooooooooo lucky!!!!!! im sooooooooo jealous of you!!! >:(but im also very happy for you. ;D glad the concert was great. but 1 question. HOW CAN YOU FIDDLE W/ UR CAMERA AND NOT TALK TO JOHNNY??? ::) ::) ??? >:( >:( >:( ID BE LISTENING AND STARTING UP A CONVERSATION AT LEAST, OR JUST SCREAMING AND GOING PSYCHO!!


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