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(Message started by: DizzyNess on Oct 16th, 2006, 4:03am)

Title: 13th October....Shepherd's Bush
Post by DizzyNess on Oct 16th, 2006, 4:03am
Was just SOOO amazing. It just get's better and better, what a spectacular show!! Everything about it, the stage, lighting.....i loved the backdrop and the LCD effects they had going on. (I hope that's the word for it) lol. Again the guys seems to be so overwhelmed at being back and playing to a sold out show. John and Robby were really funny that night, i think they spoke more this time than they did the last. Robby mentioned something about how can we ever cross the roads in london, and nearly getting knocked over by a bus, John then replied to that cause he's a silly man! lol. John was cracking jokes about Presidant Bush. The funniest bit i thought was when he started to play Iris, stops, and then goes 'this is a song by ronan keating'. haha. I'm sure someones already posted about this, but he was saying that he didn't give him permission to do the song.

All in all, great night, i could live it over and over. Tender Box was great, will defiantly be checking more of them out. Also got to meet Lou & Nic. Hope your're feeling better Nic. :)...Oh and i spotted some of the youngest goo fans i've ever seen, they must have been about 8/9 bless them. They were up in the balcony bit, holding up a banner, singing they're little hearts out to all the songs and everthing.

Who else went? Did anyone get what that bluetooth thing was about? There was a girl outside holding up a sign saying switch on your bluetooth when you get inside the venue ???

Title: Re: 13th October....Shepherd's Bush
Post by Shannon on Oct 16th, 2006, 9:40am
I'm so glad to read all the UK shows are going so great. I'm sure as long as the shows keep selling out the guys will keep coming back which is so great for all the fans there.

I'm so glad you had such a great show and had so much fun. Thanks for giving us a review.

Now I'm all curious about the Bluetooth too...

Title: Re: 13th October....Shepherd's Bush
Post by lu on Oct 17th, 2006, 11:08am
hey i met lou and nic too.friday was amazing i had such a fun time. i saw those little girls too, i was on the opposite balcony but i was amazed cos they knew all the words to all the songs.i was with the people holding up the bluetooth banner (we were street teaming so u probably saw me). you were supposed to turn your bluetooth on when you got inside the venue and during the show should have been sent a goo goo dolls animation. i dont know if it worked though cos i dont have bluetooth.and i met them again afterwards!john was soo drunk. did u see him man-kiss korel during the show?

Title: Re: 13th October....Shepherd's Bush
Post by lu on Oct 17th, 2006, 11:10am
oh and i almost forgot. i took some video footage during the show, i got slide, iris and give a little bit. im putting them up on my myspace page gradually but it tkes forever to do one. iris is up there though if u wanna check it out

Title: Re: 13th October....Shepherd's Bush
Post by DizzyNess on Oct 17th, 2006, 12:44pm
lol i was sitting in the balcony bit to the left, i probably did see if, but obviously wouldn't have known who you were. I don't think there were that many people sitting over ur side tho? I remember seeing a girl in a green top and a girl in a black jumper tho on that side. Any of them you? lol

Haha, yeah that was well funny, he called him baby. Ohhhh rite, i see about the bluetooth thing. It didn't work :-/. I had mine on throughout the show and didn't receive anything my phone. :o You got to meet them afterwards!! Awww. Lol what's John like drunk? Did he say or do anything funny?

Title: Re: 13th October....Shepherd's Bush
Post by DizzyNess on Oct 17th, 2006, 12:48pm
Ohhh i've just seen your pic on myspace, i think i do remember seeing you. Lol were you going along the que trying to get signatures for the mailing list?

Title: Re: 13th October....Shepherd's Bush
Post by lu on Oct 18th, 2006, 9:40am
yey that was me!and yes i was wearing a black jumper. im still trying to sort out my pic from friday, the one on my myspace is from southampton. i stupidly had my camera on the movie setting so instead of a photo with john ive got a short film.silly me.just gotta figure out how to work photoshop now...

Title: Re: 13th October....Shepherd's Bush
Post by LouAndNic on Oct 19th, 2006, 6:20am
Hi Vanessa & Lu  :rockin:

It was really lovely to meet you both on Friday... the show was amazing wasn't it?!

How are you both doing?  We're absolutely exhausted! lol

Gonna try and post some piccies now... hope to see you again in the Spring!

Take care


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